CANAAN? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

Let’s see, my initial thoughts on this show were as such:

“Premise: A bunch of random ass characters are randomly brought together by a bizarre event. (I’m pretty much copying what I read off of the above picture)
Watch? This could either be incredibly nasty or incredibly stupid. I’ll give it a shot if it gets good reviews from enough people. Maybe.”
Well, judging by the reviews that have been going around, it seems as though it’s the latter (really nasty), so I decided that I should watch it. However, I really don’t feel like picking up another show. I mean, I really don’t have time for that amount of anime anymore. So, how can I solve this? Easy, I won’t watch other shows that I was going to. That art anime? Scrap it. I don’t have any obligations as an Art major, and it looks gay. There’s another show about magic or something that I’m not going to watch either. Actually, maybe I’ll just stop watching anime altogether, I mean, I’m getting sick of it (that’s a blatant lie).
So what was the catalyst for me diving into this show? The OP:

Yes, that looks insane. Especially this part:

This girl is already my favorite character.

So now, I will watch it.

During the time in which you are reading this sentence, about 30 minutes has passed.

HO – LY  SHIT. That OP SUCKS when compared to the actual show. This might be better than anything else out there this summer year. This might even be top ten worthy (I’m not jumping to conclusions anymore, I’m leaping to them). Jesus Mary and Joseph, this anime is LEGIT.

I’m not doing “premises” of shows any more, but I will give you one awesome scene from this show:

During the beginning, Canaan, the main character who is seen in the above picture shooting some guy in the chest, was shooting random shit from on top of a building (including a guy). It showed some of the things that she shot, like balloons, and even a stuffed animal:

Yay the kid won!

Here's your prize little man!

What the fuck? How did this hole get in here? Oh well.

Now at first I just dismissed this to be a scene made to show off Canaan’s shooting skills. But much later in the episode, we go back to this stuffed doll:

In the middle of being chased by dudes with guns, who are shooting at Canaan and her photographer aquantiance, Canaan goes and claims her prize.

In the middle of being chased by dudes with guns, who are shooting at Canaan and her photographer acquaintance, Canaan goes and claims her prize, which she did technically did win, due to the fact that she shot it, and it was a shooting game.

Did this doll help her in anyway? No. It served no purpose in the episode (although it did squeak once, despite being shot through the middle. Wouldn’t the squeaker have broken?). But it was still a fucking cool scene, that added personality and character to Canaan (the character), and to Canaan (the show). Now let me give a run down of the characters, who are insane:

Canaan, one of my top ten favorite characters ever if she keeps it up.

How awesome is Canaan?

  • She’s awesome at shooting.
  • She can scale buildings and jump off of things, Mirror’s Edge style. In fact, I’ve noticed a lot of similarities to Mirror’s Edge, which I will go into in a bit.
  • She looks fucking sick as hell, and has an awesome tattoo.
  • She’s got attitude.
  • She is apparently a Synesthesist, in other words, well, I’ll let this dude explain:

I don't know who this dude is really.

I still don't know who the fuck this dude really is.

I stated in the pictures’ titles that I don’t know who the fuck this dude is, but I have a pretty good idea. Apparently, he’s trying to create Synesthesists. It is my assumption that the three dudes wearing what I believe were raccoon heads over their heads were test subjects, which would explain why they went crazy after their masks came off, and why they were being chased by dudes with guns. And yes, I know I didn’t talk about them at all.

  • She’s got the “awesome factor”, which she shares with Revy from Black Lagoon. Speaking of Black Lagoon, what ever happened to that third season we were supposed to get?

Oowara, a photographer who wants to see everything, and apparently has some connection with Canaan.

Her name is Oowara, and she apparently has met Canaan before, and they are friends. She is really nothing special, although I like her attitude/personality (not much else to say….she’s a pretty important character though).

The fact that she knows Canaan, who was the center of attention during the festival, should be good for the next character, whom she is paired up with.

Mino, the journalist looking for a big scoop

I guess that this dude, Mino, has always gotten the short end of the deal in journalism. He’s always wanted real stories, but has been stuck with these crappy “feel good” ones instead. He’s kind of like Jim Carrey’s character in Bruce Almighty. He’s coming to China in the hopes of getting a big story, needless to say, he’s been dropped right in the middle of one.

Liang Qi, the Director's "secretary" who apparently wants to kill Canaan.

Liang Qi is the Director’s (you know, they guy who wants to make Synesthesists) “secretary”. Although considering that she kicked him in the face, I get the feeling that she kind of owns him. She has some grudge against Canaan, and could it be that she’s Canaan’s sister? I know she kept calling Canaan this while she was taking a bath. She isn’t a Synesthesist (Canaan is), which could explain her pairing with director.

Hakko, the mute.

Hakko, was in this episode for less than a minute, but she still caught my eye, because she doesn’t talk. This is clearly shown in the episode, when she is conversing with her counterpart, or partner in the car. And by conversing, I mean she looked at him, and shook her head, and then gave him a flower and smiled, while he kind of guessed at what she was trying to say. Girl who can’t talk? Sounds like a perfect wife!

This girl, who I'm assuming is also a Synesthesist, is the leader of the Snakes, which is some type of terrorist organization.

I don’t know much about her, other than the fact that she kind of looks like Revy from Black Lagoon (Speaking of Black Lagoon, what ever happened to that third season we were supposed to get?), and that she’s the leader of The Snakes. Also, she’s paired next to Canaan at the end of the OP, so she much be pretty important.

That’s all I’m going to say about the characters. I know there’s more but I don’t care about them. Now let’s talk about Mirror’s Edge, and by talk, I mean screen shots:










Believe it or not, Canaan was in every single one of these pictures, you kind of have to look for her. But either way, the combination of building jumping and shooting reminded me heavily of Mirror’s Edge. God I wish my Xbox wasn’t broke so I could play it. Oh well. I’m about done with this post. Here’s my bottom-line:

This show is absolutely awesome in every way. It kind of reminds me of Black Lagoon, because it has the same type of action and a similar animation. Basically, if you’re not watching this, you’re a dip-shit, and if you are, you’re probably still a dip-shit, but at least you aren’t gay.



5 thoughts on “CANAAN? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

  1. well i guess i dont have to watch ep 1 considering you took screen shots of the whole thing… but that makes me know you love this show.. therefore once i start watching anime ill watch this

  2. that’s a nice review. let’s just hope they keep this up. and be careful, prospective wifes might be upset at your comment on the ideal wife…

  3. This was the most impressive debut I watched for this season. And yeah, Alphard (I think that’s her name) the leader of Snake really looks like Revy with her hair tied up.

  4. @ oballer: The screen shots aren’t even a taste of how great this show is.

    @ animekritik: A nice review? That’s the first time I’ve heard that joke.

    @ Robert: You’re name is too long. I’m just calling you by your real name from now on. Yes, we have been over that, but our eyes don’t change color, and we can’t access every feeling at once.

    @ TJ: Blew me away. And yea, her resemblance to Revy is pretty strong (speaking of Black Lagoon, whatever happened to that third season we were supposed to get?)

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