Shakugan no Shana no Full Third Season

The new Shakugan no Shana series, which is due to come out this fall, is not going to be a full season (which pisses me off slightly) but will instead be an OVA series, entitled, Shakugan no Shana S. Rie Kugimiya and Satoshi Hino, will be back, which you now know if you clicked that link. While it is disappointing to me that I won’t be able to enjoy a full season, this is probably a good thing, seeing as this way there won’t be crappy “love triangle” or “meaning of love” fillers that ruined last season. As I said before, this author needs to get crackin on those novels (don’t I sound grateful?).  Here’s a slightly but not completely random picture:

It's a picture of Shana looking awesome, in other words, it's any picture of Shana.

Personally, I don’t like OVA’s because the episodes are released months apart from each other. I still haven’t even started the Higurashi OVA yet….(5 months for 5 episodes? I don’t have that kind of patience).


3 thoughts on “Shakugan no Shana no Full Third Season

  1. Actually there WILL be a 3rd TV season, AFTER the OVA finished. The 3rd season is planned to be the finale, and it needs the OVA to flesh out the characters.

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