Bakemonogatari: You Win The Award

What award am I referring to? Obviously the only award that Eye Sedso gives out:

The Awesome Award



Well, chalk up yet another win for the brilliance that is the combination of Shaft and Akiyuki Shinbo, who not only is a great director, but has a really cool name (“Akiyuki”).

The animation in this first episode was among some of the best that I’ve seen, and I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately (which is in no way depressing). Do I emit a tremendous bias when it comes to all Shaft/Akiyuki Shinbo projects? Yes, but there’s a reason for that, they all kick ass (Maria + Holic excluded). I’m even enjoying Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase, and I thought that that would suck. Here, just look at a few screen shots that I took early on in this episode (take into account that these images were scaled down, and therefore the real zeal of them is slightly lost):

Simply stunning.

Amazingly awesome.

Wait, am I watching an anime series? I felt more like I was watching an animated theatrical release. I especially enjoyed the characters and the plot so far (although why would you not want to be a vampire? That would be cool, I’d think). Hitagi is the best character, on the count that she fights with writing materials and has a tsundere personality, although this so called tsundere personality seems to be a bit more psychotic than others (which makes it better than others).

Tsundere? More like tundra.

All in all, I though that this was a good episode, and look like a great show. Maybe not top ten, but a great show none the less. Approved!



4 thoughts on “Bakemonogatari: You Win The Award

  1. @ Mr. Black: I still like CANAAN more thus far (although I haven’t seen the new episode). My other two favorites would be Aoi Hana and Spice and Wolf, which I love for some reason. Of course, Umineko is becoming nasty (although I didn’t expect that many people to die in only the second episode, and I was pissed that Shannon was killed). ZSZS is good, as always, and….well, actually the only summer show I don’t really like is Fight Ippatsu! Juden-chan!!

    @ TJ: Overboard with Shaftiness? No such thing my friend.

    @ Seinime: Staplers don’t even hurt that much when you get stapled, and they surly wouldn’t cause the amount of blood displayed in this episode, when it was pulled from the cheek of the main male character, whose name I have not yet remembered.

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