Hayate no Gotoku!! 14: A Bunch of Bull

Right off the bat there was some disappointing news:



Maria clearly deserved first, and ended up losing by over 2000 votes! Bullshit! I’m pretty sure you can guess who won, and even though I like her character, she’s not in the same league as Maria, who is awesome. On to the actual episode, which came out ages ago, which just goes to show how much anime I’ve been watching, since Hayate is usually the first thing on my list of things that I want to watch.

It started out with awesomeness right off the bat:

This is the best kind of comedy.

Let’s skip ahead a bit. During this episode, we’re introduced to Isumi’s family, and we learn one main thing about them:

They are all retarded.

This is probably the most brain dead group of people on the planet:

She isn't talking about Hayate.

She mistakes her own daughter for Hayate.

Dee Dee-Deeeee

That's because you aren't.

Man, I thought Isumi was dumb. I should mention that these characters are, in my opinion, great. I love the dumb-ness that they have. Isumi is one of my favorite characters (what character isn’t good though in Hayate?). Basically, during th episode, Isumi has lost her powers and needs the blood of certain person to get them back. Isumi’s mom explains to Hayate that the peson must be strong, unlucky, must look good when dressed as a girl, and work as a butler (basicaly she gives a detailed description of Hayate).

The rest of this episode is classic Hayate no Gotoku humor, and I loved it. I really, honestly, don’t have much else to say about his episode, other then here is the greatest bit of voice acting I have ever witnessed:

Maria is AWESOME.

I don’t know why, but to me this particular line stood out to me more than others (from al shows), and it was fucking awesome. If you don’t like it, then you can suck my huge cock, which will be covered in grease just for you. Goodbye to you now.

Btw, great-grandmother Isumi? Awesome.

Btw again, this has been the only piece of anime that I’ve watched during the past week. The new episode of Hayate already came out, I’m so far behind, but I really don’t care.


3 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku!! 14: A Bunch of Bull

  1. number of anime episodes i’ve watched in the past 3 weeks: 1

    number of posts in the past 3 weeks: 1 maybe? i think 0 tho and i wont research it

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