Asura Cryin’: For Cryin’ Out Loud

Get it? “Asura Cryin’?” For cryin’ out lo- okay forget it.

Asura Cryin’

Ohh Ahh, Just a Little Bit.

Another good title for this anime could have been, Asura Cryin’: A Tale of Two Anime, because my thoughts and opinions on the first several episodes differed a LOT when compared to the final few episodes. I wish J.C. Staff did this anime, they could have given it a Shakugan no Shana/To Aru Majutsu no Index kind of feel that would’ve fit perfectly with this particular anime.

Premise: Uhh…..well it was about ghosts and machines and stuff…..and Azuma. There was something about that in there too. They honestly lost me with the plot. I’m going to break this review into two halves.

First Half (episodes 1 – 7):

The first half kicked so much ass that it wasn’t even funny. I loved it. The action was great, the characters were cool, and the animation didn’t suck, and was actually pretty good (well….most of the time, there were still instances of crappy animation). Of course, one drawback was that I had no idea what the plot was about, maybe I just didn’t pay any attention to it, I don’t fucking….oh, wait……fuckin’ know (see what I did there?). This was fine, because I was enjoyin’ the show, but it came back to hurt me, as I had no idea what was goin’ on from episode 8 onward.

Second Half (episodes 8 – end):

Okay so as I am writin’ this, I still have to watch episodes 10 on, and I think that the plot is that there is this Asura Cryin’ dude, who is really strong because he not only has a contract with a ghost (or whatever their called), but also has one with an Azuma. And Tomo is the only dude who kind of has a chance, because he has the same sort of situation. However, it is VERY hard to watch these episodes because the animation is SO GOD DAMN AWFUL THAT I MIGHT FUCKIN’ DIE. I seriously can’t take it. This is the worst animation ever. I almost dropped this show because of the God damn animation. I mean, usually I don’t get pestered by the animation much. If it’s bad, then it’s fine as long as the plot/characters are good. But for Asura Cryin’ out loud there’s a limit!

Okay I will now watch the rest of the series (I am not doing this review in the correct order at all….but if you don’t like it, then you can suck my shiney red balls…..that’s right, they’re shiny and red. Fuck you…here’s a picture some pictures of some of the shitty Asura Cryin’ animation):

The poses are amusing to say the least.

The poses are amusing to say the least....and why does it look like Tomo has breasts?

And let me pause to ask, Why do a lot of the characters have the shitty string of hair hangin’ down from their head?

I want to cut that gay shit so bad.

Even this guy's got the damn one-sided hair-hang.

I don't even know who this dude is. But he looks gay.

Even this dude has the hair shit.

This counts because it's hanging on one side.

Don’t get me started on the eyes.

What the fuck is this shit?

The characters all literally look like fuckheads. The artists can not draw eyes to save their lives (rhyme). The eyes are always lopsided and skewed. The same goes for all of the other shit. The proportions suck, and they have no linear perspective at all. What the fuck? Did the artists take a vacation from episodes 7 and on? This is a big let down….I bet the last few episodes will be good, and Asura Cryin’ will try to sneak one past me by feeding me an anime with a strong beginning and strong end, but a shitty middle section. Kind of like an apple with a rotten core…..well guess what? The core is still rotten and I’m not going to forget that worm in there anytime soon. However, I will say that for all of the bad animation, there were a lot of funny, immature moments that I laughed pretty hard at, mainly that statue form episodes 11-12.


And then the statue broke, and it was revealed that the Golden Trophey’s Penis was actually an Asura Machina plug in! The plug in proceeded to fly through the air and titty-fuck Kanade’s breasts.

Hahahaha, TF'd by a Asura Machina plug in.

I think she likes it.

I would....

Let’s get a full, overall rundown of this show, with the use of some trusty bullets:


  • The Characters were actually pretty damn good. I am of course referrin’ to the personalities, and not their appearances. Misao, Kanade, and Tomo make a good threesome (lol).
  • The special effects were good. Now, this is different from the animation. The special effects basically mean the fight scenes. I thought that the fights were very well done. Because they used computers, so the animation didn’t suck at these points.


  • No surprise here, but the animation was absolutely atrocious. That’s all I can, and want to say.
  • The plot was laid out quite stupidly. I mean, every episode a new character comes out of nowhere, and just appears. Then they’re never heard from again. JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS GOIN’ ON?
  • Besides the fact that characters and events were planned stupidly, the plot sucked overall. I still don’t know what it was really about, and by the final episode, I had already predetermined that this anime had no chance of receivin’ anythin’g higher than a 4.
  • This show sucked.

So what’s goin’ on? During the first 6 or 7 episodes, I was continuously saying how this show was awesome, and how it was underrated. I wasn’t lyin’, that’s what I thought. Then I watched the rest, and shit, you talk about a show really shittin’ the bed, this was almost like the opposite of Shakugan no Shana II, but at least the first half, despite bein’ completely borin’ and useless, was semi-almost bearable. I mean, this shit just sucked. I stopped doing episodic posts on it for a reason. Basically, this anime took cool characters, animated them poorly, and threw them into a shitty anime, which deserves a


Yea, a 3. That means that I thought K-ON was better (although I almost gave that a 3 too). That’s shitty. Considering that the characters were so cool, it’s a cryin’ shame that this show ended up with a 3, but that’s what happens when you piss me off with bullshit.


Sorry, I had forgot about:

But other than that…..God this sucked.


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