Hayate no Gotoku!! 15: Pissed Me Off!

Because it ended! I wanted to keep watching, but it ended, and the ED came on, and I listened to it, but the episode was still over, and now I have to wait! GRRRR!

This episode was so good, so awesomely superb, so stellar in every way, that I might have pooped my pants, had I not been potty trained from birth. Hold on a second, let me check something…..

…Checks something…

Double-yu Tee-Ef!!?!?!? I guess I took Hayate off of my Top Ten? Wtf is up with that!? It’s gotta go up there somewhere, I mean, I love every single episode, which is the reason as to why I have no problem reviewing every single episode, I always have something to say. (I have now changed it to how it should be).

First and foremost:

Untrue, I've done this plenty of times.

I jump out of trains all the time. I’ve never been hurt. Even Hayate landed perfectly. I mean, sure, he got hit by a truck right after, but that’s just poor planning on his part.

Now, from here, I could recap all of the funny scenes and shit, but that would suck ultimately large horse cock, and cause my post to crumble into a steaming pile of shit, so instead I’ll describe, in words, what really made this episode great:

A perfect blend of slapstick, 4th wall breakage, surprising confrontations, as well as a perfect assortment of characters led to the success of this episode.

I haven’t used bullets in a while (because I haven’t really posted much in a while, until today yesterday, when I issued a mind blowing 2 posts!), so let me use them to describe what this episode contained in detail, after which, I’ll throw some random picture from the episode and talk about it, because a post without pictures is poor indeed.

  • Breaking the 4th wall. Everyone and their mom knows that breaking the 4th wall is some of the best shit to include in any episode of any show ever. Yea, enough said.
  • A bunch of characters (Hinagiku, Isumi, Ayumu, Nagi) all want to go to the hot springs for a different reason (breasts, HP Restore (lol), smarts, and growth respectively), but they don’t realize that each person is going. Needless to say there will be plenty of surprising confrontations, which will happen at perfect times.
  • Hitmen. Awesome. Just when ou started thinking “Well, it looks like everything will be fine.” Out pop some hit-men from literally nowhere (as if you couldn’t see it coming from a mile away) and start shit with Nagi, who had just hitched a ride with Ayumu. The timing of events is always good in Hayate no Gotoku!
  • Random Ramen Guy. This dude was awesome. Now, I’ve never seen Maid Guy,  but when I saw the ramen dude, who was a huge, muscular guy in an apron, the first thing I thought of was Maid Guy, who is a huge, muscular guy in an apron. I need to watch that shit, I know, so don’t leave any comments telling me to watch it. I’ll kill you, you know.
  • The plot is just awesome. You start out by thinking, “Oh, this will be a typical hot springs episode.” But then somewhere along the line, Hayate no Gotoku shows you why it isn’t shitty, and smashed you with some shit that fucks you up. Ballin.
  • Maria is the best character ever. You suck.
  • Nagi finally shows up in an episode.

Random Ass Picture, that was Totally Random:

Look at this giant Picasso-looking mutha fucka!

Holy shit! Is this what the springs do to you!? This bitch is not only around 7 feet tall, but her face resembles something that Pablo Picasso painted. What the fuck is this bitch thinking? Paper bag that shit.

Here’s an unrelated question, “What’s the deal with the sudden boost in views? I went from averaging around 270 views a day, which is pretty shitty, to averaging around 800 a day including yesterday and today. Why? I know I’m not the only person this has happened to, so I’m a bit curious. Maybe it was just a very active anime weekend, who knows.

This post will not abruptly en-


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