Katte ni Kaizou + Subs = WIN x795896

I become sullen and depressed years back, after I learned that subs for chapters 17 and on were no where to be found anywhere on earth for Katte ni Kaizou, which I believe to be the funniest manga ever made (that I have read, which is like, 3 mangas).

Then today, I read the last few released chapters of My Balls, which is a really funny manga about a dude who has a devil sealed away in his balls. Basically, if he ejaculates during a months time, she will escape and destroy the world. Basically, hilarious (but not as funny as Katte ni Kaizou). But here’s a clip from My Balls:

Good advice demon girl.

Damn this is great shit.

In a nutshell, I remembered Katte ni Kaizou (because it’s right under My Balls in my List), and decided to search google to try and find whether any new chapters have been subbed.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Katte ni Kaizou is about a kid who thinks he’s a cyborg after he get’s smashed in the head. He’s kind of nuts, and I actually already know the end, and that’s one of the reasons I want to read this shit. However, every chapter contains a full ensamble of the funniest, best  humor ever, and this is 3rd best manga ever (Gantz with an obvious first, InuYasha with an obvious 2nd).

So anyway, I went to search it, and I was extremely pessimistic, but where their was skepticism, there was also an array of hope, and that hope was rewarded with:

A Messiah

Oh thank the heavens! Finally, after years of waiting, someone has subbed this God damn fucking manga, and I can actually read the next fucking chapter. Thank. Fucking. God.

Keep up the insanely awesome work. You are truly great. (if I could, I would’ve subbed it myself, but I can’t translate any languages….I mean, I’m sure I could translate Japanese, but it would take about a year for each chapter to be released, an– who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have actually done it).


9 thoughts on “Katte ni Kaizou + Subs = WIN x795896

  1. Must read now. My scanlation group still scanlates My Balls…although I’m ashamed to name it as one of the only notable titles I’ve scanlated.

  2. Katteni Kaizo is awesome. Koji (author of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) and Hata (author of Hayate the combat butler) are both amazing in making this manga awesome

  3. @ korosora: Oh yes. Yes it is. Btw thanks for raping my entire site (lol). I’ve done it to many sites, and I wish more people did it here.

    @ TJ: I know and okay.

    @ Seinime: Who cares. Anyone who translates manga or anime rules. And considering that My Balls is awesome, so are you.

    @ simplybill: I knew that Koji was involved with this manga, but not Hata. They’re both really great. Speaking of Zetsubou Sensei, I watched the 1st ep of the new season and seemed to have forgotten a few characters somehow. Shitty (me not the show).

  4. Anyone who says “win” and or “fail” deserves to be shot in the back of the head and thrown into the ocean.

    • HA! I used the word “WIN” for the sole purpose of seeing what you’d say. That was literally the only reason I used it. The former title was:

      Katte ni Kaizou + Subs = I AM VERY HAPPY

      But then I changed it for the sole purpose of seeing your reaction. They use it at Sloper a lot.

      • Well then quit your job.

        And how are you home? Don’t you have that campout thing tonight?

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