Tsukuyomi: MOON PHASE 8: Acid Trip?

I’ve actually been enjoying this anime (it’s not the greatest but it’s pretty good, and the OP is just great). That being said, I just watched episode 8, and it reminded me strongly of and acid trip (like I actually no what an acid trip is like). I should say, it reminded me of other crazy animations that gave me nightmares, albeit on a much lower level. I actually liked it as opposed to the video below, which is the main reason why I HATE Dumbo.

I didn’t watch this video, because I HATE it, I’m just assuming it’s the right one. Dumbo is NOT a movie for kids. It’s SO FUCKED UP. That shit is FUCKED UP.

Wait, time out from this post to bring you awesomness from episode 11:

Hawaiian Pizza is the BEST. Period.

Hawaiian Pizza is the best type of pizza that there is. Period. back to episode whatever I was talking about….8 I think.










Acid. That’s what this episode reminded me of. Shinbo dude, you and Shaft need to chill out a bit, because this shit almost gave me a headache.