Tsukuyomi: MOON PHASE 8: Acid Trip?

I’ve actually been enjoying this anime (it’s not the greatest but it’s pretty good, and the OP is just great). That being said, I just watched episode 8, and it reminded me strongly of and acid trip (like I actually no what an acid trip is like). I should say, it reminded me of other crazy animations that gave me nightmares, albeit on a much lower level. I actually liked it as opposed to the video below, which is the main reason why I HATE Dumbo.

I didn’t watch this video, because I HATE it, I’m just assuming it’s the right one. Dumbo is NOT a movie for kids. It’s SO FUCKED UP. That shit is FUCKED UP.

Wait, time out from this post to bring you awesomness from episode 11:

Hawaiian Pizza is the BEST. Period.

Hawaiian Pizza is the best type of pizza that there is. Period. back to episode whatever I was talking about….8 I think.










Acid. That’s what this episode reminded me of. Shinbo dude, you and Shaft need to chill out a bit, because this shit almost gave me a headache.


3 thoughts on “Tsukuyomi: MOON PHASE 8: Acid Trip?

  1. That was one of the first real “Shaft” trips. Shinbou was just beginning to learn how to harness his vision to commercial anime (as opposed to Portrait of Petit Cosette). Tsukuyomi was one of the shows that made me an anime fan, in the fall of 2004. Thanks for the memory.

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