Umineko no Naku Koro ni 3: I’m a Bit Dissapointed

To be honest, this wasn’t what I expected. I wanted everyone to kill each other. Not be killed by some witch. However, that being said, there is one thing I can not deny:

Maria is a crazy psychopath, and I like it.

Sure, her whine is annoying as hell, but she seems to be enjoying this game of murder, and that makes me enjoy it more too:

Oh hell yes.

Oh my God it's an ALIEN.

This reminds me of Reina from Higurashi so much for some reason. Just this screen shot.


Has anyone else noticed that she has fangs?

To me, I think that it’s painfully obvious that she’s possessed by Beatrice, but I could be wrong, who knows (I’m not fucking wrong, it’s painfully obvious). Here are the reasons why I think know that I’m correct in this assumption:

  • The golden butterfly which was seen the last time that Maria was actually sane. After the shitty UUUuuUUU scene, Maria turned psychotic awesome.
  • Maria is psychotic awesome.

Awesome super. Also, two people who I actually wanted dead died this episode. I suggest that the remaining living people go look for that gold lest they die shortly. I don’t see George making his way much farther in this show for some reason.


11 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro ni 3: I’m a Bit Dissapointed

  1. Well if you’re watching this show for killings, there will be lots to come. But after the first arc, the LOL MAGIC and LOL COMEDY, will turn off a lot of viewers. I mean, how many times do they have the break the 4th wall? -_- Well I got used to it, but just be prepared heh.

  2. Umineko is quite different from Higurashi. If you’re expecting people to go psycho for no reason whatsoever and start nonsensically killing each other, then you’ll most likely be left disappointed.

  3. @ FlameStrike: I didn’t notice any 4th wall breaking, otherwise I would be pumped, because I love 4th wall breakage.

    @ Taiyaki: I love psycho for no reason.

    @ Seinime: Yes she is crazy.

    @ Shounen A: I know the exact one you’re talking about; she was laughing hysterically and then all of a sudden stopped. More proof that she’s psychotic.

  4. Hey, I’m ______ (insert name of any character) and I’m too stupid to point out that something’s wrong with Maria!

    P.S.: I’m going to die in five seconds before my lack of a defined personality shows!

    Yeah. D:<

    • I find this fact so irritating. Absolutely no one seems able to work out the fact that the girl is a fucking psycho – they’re all just like, ‘Oh, look, Maria’s making weird facial contortions and laughing about murder again! How utterly whimsical!’

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