Kyokai no RINNE: It’s All InuYasha’s Fault

You know, I wasn’t going to read this. Ever. If I ever was going to read this, it wouldn’t be until it was close to finishing, and considering that Rumiko Takahashi’s manga usually run pretty long, I wasn’t expecting to start this for another, oh say, 50 years. However, with the recent great news that InuYasha will be coming back for a concluding season (which I hope will be 3 years in length), I just had to get me some Rumiko. I figured:

Maybe I’ll check out her new work.

I did, and unfortunately, I will be following this pretty closely, and will not be able to wait years for it to finish.

Kyokai no RINNE

I like this shit.

This is doing to me the same thing that InuYasha did. It’s being awesome. I love the two main characters, and the whole Shinigami thing. I mean, it’s kind of similar to Bleach, and by “kinda” I of course mean, “exactly” (so far anyway).

Basically it’s about a girl who can see ghosts (Sakura), and who one day sees a kid who happens to be a shinigami. Hmmmm. Almost the exact same thing as the beginning of Bleach, except in Bleach, Ichigo (Equivelent of Sakura) becomes a substitute shinigami, while in Kyokai no RINNE, Sakura just helps Rinne (equilvelent of Rukia) with his job but does’t become anything official.

So yea, I love it after one chapter, a chapter, I might add, which was nice and long. I hope that they’re all a good 40 pages in length. This seems to be a great manga. Of course, I will also say that I thought the same things about Urusei Yatsura, and Ranma 1/2 (okay I never actually read the manga, but I thought this about the anime), and it turns out that I got really bored of the repetition after a while. Hopefully Kyokai no RINNE won’t be too repetitive, and will have a continuous plot like InuYasha, which was easily Rumiko’s best work.

Now, I will end with a picture of those who have scantilated said manga. Arigato amigos (that’s right, I’m TRI-LINGUAL MUTHA FUCKAS!).