Video Games With The Best Soundtracks – Part 1

I’m not going in order. But here’s one of my favorites:

Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive (From Mirror’s Edge)

I would suggest that you watch in HD if you actually care about the video. I don’t, so I didn’t. This song is amazing all over the place, and Mirror’s Edge wins simply because of this song. As for the rest of the soundtrack? Well, the in game music was phenominal, and Mirror’s Edge is one of my top 5 video games of ALL TIME EVER, so yea, the soundtrack rules. And oh yea, Benny Benassi did a remix to this? Forget about it. Supreme awesome.

Also, someone who posts a comment soon could be Eye Sedso’s 1000th comment.


8 thoughts on “Video Games With The Best Soundtracks – Part 1

  1. Not a bad pick, though it’ll be interesting to see where your other preferences lie. It’d be awesome if a Hamauzu-composed soundtrack gets some recognition. Same goes for Keiki Kobayashi and if none of these composers land on your list, I’ll have to rectify that if I can.

  2. i highly doubt youve played enough video games to make an accurate list…. i haven’t either but im just saying i bet there are others out there better than what you pick just cuz you havent played the games

  3. Waste of a post. You just posted that so you could garner attention for your 1000th comment. Who makes a “list” of the best songs and only names one song? I know you too well.

    I hope this isn’t the 1000th comment.

  4. @Seinime: That song should be in the list too.

    I’m making a note here:
    It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction…

  5. @ simplybill: No.

    @ zzeroparticle: You may be disappointed by my choices, but feel free to enlighten a poor man with your choices. That’s what it’s all about.

    @ oballer: This may be true, but I was listing to this song and just had to make a post about it, because it’s so awesome, and because Mirror’s Edge is so awesome.

    @ Baka-Raptor: you were 997. This gives away number 1000.

    @ hiphoprob: Who ever said that this was a list? There will be more to come, but this is just one part. You just wanted an excuse to submit your own attempt for comment 1000. That comment was so stupid, that I should edit it to make you sound dumb, of course, I won’t stoop to your level, and also, I have no need to, since I always have a comeback. If you really didn’t want your comment to be 1000, you would have stayed quiet.

    @ Seinime: Portal looks fucking sick, but that “Still Alive” sucks.

    @ korosora: So you’re a pretty new person to my ISSS. Take pride in the fact that you are comment number 1000! Go have a beer!

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