CANAAN 2: Baka Neko!

First of all, I find this show to be the best that I’ve watched this summer. And to think, I wasn’t even going to watch it. The action is great, some moments are perfectly cliche, it’s just……I love it. Take the foreshadowing in this episode:


Okay, so remember the white, stuffed, kitty that Canaan shot and then gave to Oowara? Well Maria patched it up with red yarn, and while that may have patched the hole, it still looks like the kitty was shit in the head. This is great foreshadowing for later (I’ll reveal how later in the post, because otherwise it wouldn’t be foreshadowing). On to other stuff:

Other Stuff

So what else made this cool? Well first and foremost was the introduction of Alphard, who is just as awesome as Canaan:

Girls + Tattoos = Never Fails

She, like Canaan, has a bad ass tattoo on her left arm that looks fucking cool. This is another thing that reminds me of Mirror’s Edge. The sick tattoos. I need to get a tattoo soon. Anyway, Alphard was introduced kicking ass in a tremendously acrobatic and eye catching fight scene (all the fight scenes are pretty damn good). I’m still not sure if she’s actually Canaan’s sister or what the whole deal with that is, but I guess she is Liang Xi’s sister (although something tells me it’s not like a blood related sister). Anyway, I think that Liang Xi is a lesbian, and has the hots for Alphard, because of the way that she seeks Alphard’s approval and attention, and then bites her nails when she doesn’t get it. Liang Xi has mental issues (also, is it Liang Xi or Liang Ji?).

Let me get off topic for a one or two sentences and say that Sengoku Basara sucks. I finally watched episode 8 yesterday and I found my self skipping through a lot of it. I wish it was just all fight scenes. The only reason I’m still watching it is because Norio Wakamoto is fucking awesome as some fucking awesome shit. Back to Canaan, which doesn’t even need Norio to be fucking awesome as fucking awesome shit.

So the second thing that I found to be awesome as all hell, the God Damn Taxi Driver:

Best cab driver ever.

So yea, I’ve said that China sucks, and I still believe that, but if they’re taxi drivers are half as cool as this guy, then I might move there.

Oh, and by the way, the awesome mute girl is back (aka best character ever), and this time she’s wearing a neko outfit:

Girls that don't talk rule.

And in case you don’t have the slightest clue as to what “neko” means (aka, you’re a fucking retard), it means cat (durrr). And oh yea, and speaking of cats, it seems perfect to wrap up this post with the previously mentioned foreshadowing. Look at the cat:

Red kitty!

This cat gets bloodier by the second.

Let’s take a look at the life of this stuffed cat:

  1. Hole in head.
  2. Simple hole gets patched, looks like a more bloody hole.
  3. Cat gets covered in blood (or other red substance)

That tied together nicely.