Top Coolest Looking Anime Characters

Coolest LOOKING. This is going to be extensive, and chances are that I will miss out on a lot of them, but I feel like doing a huge Top Something List, and I love cool looking characters, so here we are. The names will be displayed like this:

Character Name – Anime

Here are the rules:

  1. Personality plays no role what so ever.
  2. All appearances are based on whether I like them or not, but please feel free to state your top ten, top five, top 3, top, whatever. The more opinions the better.
  3. Characters should be kind of unique. This pretty much eliminates Zaraki Kenpachi or any other Bleach captain, as they all have a similar uniform (they do look cool though). There are very few characters left if you obey this rule.
  4. If someone has big tits or something like that, they don’t count. Fanservice plays no part, although that’s not to say that if a girl has huge knockers then she’s out, it just means that big knockers or a big caboose won’t guarantee a spot.
  5. My list is only based on characters from shows that I’ve watched. Again, feel free to chime in with your favorite characters. Or don’t. Whatever, I don’t really care.

These will be in as close to the best order as possible, but I’m not going to number them until the TOP TEN post. Off we go with the first one, who is surprisingly going to be:

Pochi – He is My Master

Pochi is cool looking.

Not much to say other then if you don’t like Pochi’s appearance, then you’re gay. I mean, he takes hours preparing his look everyday, and is very  fashionable with his green skin and minimal detail. What works for Domo-kun works the same way for Pochi.

Urd – Ah! My Goddess!

Urd is a cool looking slut.

Yes she’s a slut, but she looks cool and it isn’t just because of the tits. Silver hair is a win, and so are facial markings, which score high points in my book (usually).

Yoh Asakura – Shaman King

Yoh is cool looking.

Headphones + Katana = Cool. Personally, I like his white shirt get up more, but I’m using this picture instead.

Train Heartnet – Black Cat

Train Heartnet

Okay, what’s not cool about a dude with yellow eyes that wields a gun? I should have put him higher, but instead, I didn’t.

Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bebop

Yes cool.

One word, “Bang.”

Nabeshin – Excel Saga/Other

More hair

He’s kind of got the same look as Spike, albeit (I’ve been loving this word lately) different colors. Actually, switch him and Spike, Spike is cooler looking. Actually, put him last, because he really doesn’t look as cool as anyone else on this list. Also, these characters don’t really look that cool yet, but that’s because it’s in the early part of the countdown. This list will get better.

Kenshin Himura – Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin has a sick scar....speaking of Scar, he better be on this list.

So what’s the deal with Kenshin? Well, first of all, he’s got that sick reverse-blade Katana going on, and that bad ass cross scar, and that makes him cool in my book.

Gintoki – Gintama

Gintoki is cool looking.

The silver hair, the fact that he only utilizes one sleeve of his kimono, the wooden sword…’s just…..he just looks cool. Those boots are kind of gay though, I always thought that he had sandles….

Mugen – Samurai Champloo

Why is he so low on the list?

First of all, everyone from Samurai Champloo looks fuckin awesome. But out of all of them, Mugen is definitely the best looking. I mean, he doesn’t sheath his sword, he just carries it on his back….and that hair is bad ass.

Onizuka – Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

The blond hair with the black eye brows equals success for Onizuka. Not only that, but what look doesn’t this guy have? He’s been dressed as everything from a nice, white suit to a monkey.

Those are my first ten cool looking characters. I kind of put them in order, but I really didn’t try to hard. As I add more parts to this list, the characters will begin to look cooler. Some posts will be dedicated to entire shows (some shows have a lot of cool looking characters). Look for them with eyes wide open. Also, to keep up my views:

Boobs, boob, breast, boobs, tits.

You can expect to see characters from a wide array of shows, but I will tell you that there is only one Rie Kugimiya character that looks cool. Which one will it be? Stick around, folks.