Aoi Hana 2-3: Fumi’s Magic Glasses Rule, and So Does Aoi Hana.

Honestly, I wish my glasses were magic:

I'm amazed.

Look at them! There’s no connecting piece in between the lens and the ear notch (you know, the part that goes behind your ear…..I dubbed it an “ear notch” wanna fight about it?). How do the lens stay up? How does the ear notch stay up? Okay, so hey obviously just took it out so that it wouldn’t block her eye, I get it. But here, let me explain why Aoi Hana is amazing me so far:

First of all, J.C. Staff rules. I have heard a few people make claims such as “J.C. Staff sucks”. These are all false claims. I honestly can’t remember a bad J.C. Staff anime. I mean, sure there’s definitely been a few. If every production company were free of bad anime then every show would be good. But man, they get it done (I state this fact because I only learned that Aoi Hana was produced by J.C. Staff today, and it made me think, “Hmmm J.C. Staff rules.” Of course, I already knew this anyway).

Wow, look at all the lesbians:

OMG This picture is just....I don't know I love it.

OMG: The Sequel

OMG.....well not really.

I’m not really sure witch way Akira swings, although I might be tempted to put my money on lesbian:

Ambiguously Gay?

And if a surplus of lesbians wasn’t enough, we also have a brother that loves his sister, and wants to have sex with her!

Dude, you're weird.


So with all of these people lined up, it seems to me that the best solution would be to have Akira and Fumi both go out with those other lesbians, then break up and go out with each other in the end. This is what I hope happens, although I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t. Btw, if you know, don’t tell me, or I might be forced to kill you by poisoning your food. I know where you all live.

And in case you were wondering, the whole reason behind this post was to bring to light how good this show is, and how great it’s characters are, to point out the magic glasses, and to post that one picture of Ikumi.

And by the way, Fumi’s glasses really are magic:


By the other way, the end of episode 3 is awesome. Every episode ends with some kind of banger.


4 thoughts on “Aoi Hana 2-3: Fumi’s Magic Glasses Rule, and So Does Aoi Hana.

  1. Akira’s brother is much weirder in the anime than he was in the manga; he seems way more like a siscon. Overall, though, I think JC Staff is doing a decent job with this.

  2. Akira probably doesn’t swing that way right now, but she eventually will. That sporty whore Fumi is with now will eventually trigger her yuri jealousy hormones.

    And her bro is obviously a siscon, it was already crystal clear during the first episode. I bet he also has a imouto pantsu collection. And he faps to it. AKIRAAAA

  3. >>bad J.C. Staff anime.

    The “J.C. Staff anime are bad” controversy only started because a certain person bashed J.C. Staff for a crappy adaptation called Nodame Cantabile 2… Slayers Revolution is bad also. Well, many of J.C. Staff’s bad anime came from 2008 like the 3rd Season of Zero no Tsukaima and the aforementioned two. 2009 is j.C. Staff’s retribution.

    Hmm.. I forgot the name of that person.

  4. @ adaywithoutme: I agree J.C. Staff is doing a good job here. And I just watched episode 4 and it just keeps getting better.

    @ nekosasu: Her brother wants her, and this is a common theme found in anime. Just look at Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka.

    @ simplybill: This year is definitely a great year for J.C. Staff. I can’t wait for fall too.

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