Gantz 302/303: Yea, I Only Just Read Them

And what did I get from it? A whole bunch of wtf awesome. Even a direct remark regarding the Matrix!

This image was placed here just to satisfy ex-anime viewer/blogger Oballer.

Ding Ding! I know the answer! The movie that you are thinking of is The Matrix. I used to have every single line from that movie memorized (sadly, I’m not lying). So yea, that was nice, but who the fuck is this weird looking dude? I should say, what is he, as his name is apparently Sebastian.

Now Sebby (as I will call him) really has some issues. Deep routed issues that need professional attention. First he magically kills an old lady. Then he makes two cars crash into each other. And then, just for funzies, he makes a plane crash into a building. Then he leaves. But he doesn’t just walk away, oh no. No he instead confuses the shit out of me and peaces out Gantz style:

Oh no he didn't! He did! He did!

A little side note: Right when I read that last line “No Way!?”, one of those pop ups with the smiley faces came up and said, “No Way!” Is that weird or what? Anyway, so yea, what is this guy, opposite Gantz or something. Wtf!? This is awesome! On to the next, and final chapter before Gantz’s gay fucking hiatus.

Gantz 303

So yea, the sky turned Red. That’s pretty weird. Everybody thinks that the word is going to end, and the chapter starts by showing what each of the main characters are thinking. Most of them are talking to their babes, and thinking something like:

Oh baby, I’ll protect you no matter what!


As long as I’m with you…

What a bunch of fucking pussies. At least one dude is ready to fuckin go:

Oh hell yea, fuck em up kid!

Wow, now there’s a real man for you. Had I been in this situation, I’d be exactly like this Nishi. Mind you, I don’t have a girl, so this is pretty much the only option left other than cowering in the corner like a bitch. But yea, let’s get to the killing (I’m weird).

So then things get out of hand, as America is completely destroyed. Not just a city, the whole fucking country. Whatever, we’re raising a generation of pussies right now, so this doesn’t come as a surprise to me. So apparently, the world is going to end. But I think I have the conclusion of this manga figured out:

I think that the world will be destroyed, but Kei will get 1000 points, and be able to bring the world back to life. here’s something I found funny from this chapter:

Come to think of it.....what is in his bag?

And in case you’re retarded, my “solution” was complete sarcasm. Since I’ll be waiting for the next chapter, I’ll probably forget about Gantz (best manga ever) and just wait for it to end. Maybe I’ll pick up Claymore again, its got to be a lot higher than chapter 85 by now, I haven’t read it in over a year and a half.

4 thoughts on “Gantz 302/303: Yea, I Only Just Read Them

  1. Looking forward some Kurono tag team action. And you gotta love Nishi’s nutjob reactions lol.

    You should pick up Claymore again. It’s getting really epic these days. It’s only at chapter 93 though.

  2. Why does Tae look so cute now? Isn’t she supposed to be the weird-looking outcast girl in class?

    Also, Claymore: definitely pick it up again.

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