Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 17: Very Pleased

The whole “Lieutenant Ross” arc thingy is probably one of my favorite parts from the manga. This is where it really starts to get good, as a whole shitload of shit comes flying in the general direction of the fan, and then smashes said fan with such force that said shit flies everywhere. While that might sound gross the way I described it, it’s actually awesome as shit.

This whole arc rules, and I honestly think that had I not read the manga up past this point, it would not have been as enjoyable (of course, the coming episodes will probably be less enjoyable, although I still can’t wait for them). The whole plot leads up to a huge BAM and then incorporates BAMs into the story more frequently. I love BAMs. Anyway, first let us look at Lieutenant Ross, who is on the same level as Lieutenant Hawkeye in terms of coolness.

Suck my dick you fucking whore! Just kidding, you rule.

Well, she is an awesome character. First of all, she looks fucking cool….you know what, I’m not going to bother explaining, because my explanation will probably end up resembling my ramblings of Lieutenant Hawkeye. I honestly think that all FMA characters look awesome, and are awesome, but that’s neither here nor there (or something).

So Lt. Ross is deemed to be the one who killed Hughes, even though we, the audience, know better. However, does the Colonel know what we do?

He's out for blood baby!

Well, apparently, from this picture, he wants to kill her for killing his best friend. I mean, look at how bad-ass he looks right here. Boomshaft! Okay, so we have an innocent Lt. Ross and a vengeful Colonel. Hmmm. What is the result?

You dead bitch!

Apparently, the outcome was not too favorable for Lt. Ross. And dental records/her dog tag showed that these charred remains, courtesy of the Colonel, belonged to Lt. Ross. But wait, things start getting a bit weird at the end. Major Armstrong is taking Ed away to fix his automail, even though Winry is with him and his automail isn’t even broken. But Al and Winry aren’t allowed to come. A  few strange happenings start occurring, and I’ll tell you right now as someone who knows what is happening and what will happen, that this is where the story goes from “alright this is pretty good”fuckin shit this kicks ass like BAM!” to “holy .

I can not WAIT till next episode. Btw, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is a DAMN GOOD album.

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