Hayate no Gotoku!! 17: Signs of Things to Come?

I hope so:






I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Hinagiku needs to be a lesbian. That would kick so much ass that it’s not even funny. Oh, and by the way, here’s a FUCKING AWESOME POLL. If you’ve read this far, then vote, or else you’re a fucking fuck-head.

Let’s see, what else can I say? I could say that Hayate no Gotoku kicks ass, or that Maria is the best character, but I always fucking say that, so instead I’ll take a completely random screen shot and say something about it:


Wow. Congratulations dipshit, you just got abducted by aliens. Except that instead of aliens, you somehow abducted yourself. Give me another screen shot.


Gibson Jr. will send you anywhere. Give me another one.


HOLY SHIT. BEST SCENE. Yukiji is awesome as fuck. In fact, let me finish this post, and explain why I like her so much:

Hinagiku is what I like to call, a “Golden Child”. Ie, she is the main focus of the parents and peers. Pretty much, everyone loves her, while she gets pushed to the side and becomes what I call the “Brown Child”. The brown child is the shitty one. I am the brown child, so this is awesome. Oh, and by the way, smooth move Miki:

That's a great boob grab if I ever saw one.


6 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku!! 17: Signs of Things to Come?

  1. i was listening to cruel angels thesis.. then i stumbled upon this post and realized that i have to add hayate to my list of shows to continue watching even tho i gave up anime… so now my list is

    DB Kai
    One Piece
    Soul Eater

    one may say.. it looks like you havent given up anime at all… and i have an odd feeling that when the school year starts ill be back watching… but as of now i still havent watched any in a while… this is just my list of shows i have to watch no matter what

    hina DEFF needs to be a lesbian

  2. @ Bill: I guess you are no longer a simple Bill. But yea, that would be awesome, although Hayate is still great awesomeness (I really need to stop using the word “awesome”, but shit…I love it so much!).

    @ oballer: I know you’ll be back. You can try to hide from anime, but then one day, you’ll be sitting and something will click, and you’ll really really really want to watch some. This has happened to me. I suggest you stop watching shows week to week (I’m doing that).

    • A) I thought you had quit.

      B) You quit.

      C) You don’t care about your “blog”(it’s not as good as an ISSS).

      I can add you back though, and the next time you make a post I will….It’ not like you get hits from me anyway…

  3. Hmm… girl with tied-back purple hair and girl with flowing pink hair having yuri-ish vibes? Smells like an Utena meme to me!

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