Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 9: Wtf? Really?

Wow. Creating this episode was literally the biggest waste of money anyone could ever accomplish. I’m not making any screenshots. I’m not even going to say anything about the content of the episode. But don’t feel gypped. If you want to know more about the actual plot of this episode, then just read posts about episode 3, because it was literally no different. Everything was exactly the same. The only difference was that it was the 15532th time that the time recursion happened instead of the 15527th. That’s the only way that I could tell that this episode was new.

This episode gets a zero, and wa—-wait…..wait a minute…….it’s different. They. they completed it! No, I’m not talking about the Endless Eight arc at all! In fact, I’m talking about Kyon’s Homework.


No shit, you've said that what, 15,532 times?

Wow….how anti-climactic was that? I don’t know about you, but I knew that homework was the catalyst from the 3rd episode.

Of course, I didn’t state on this ISSS, because I copied the the arc and just recycled my posts, and didn’t want to break the chain (I actually followed it exactly, I mean, I recycled the first part of this post and then added new material, just like the last episode). I mean, every single episode they had him say, “I didn’t do my homework, and I’m not going to.”

Dear God, I waited 8 episodes for this? I mean, I’ll admit that I actually LIKED the idea of repeating the episode over and over, but not eight fucking times! Four times would have been perfect. 8???? I realize that it’s the Endless Eight and not the Endless Four, but still…..fuck.

Well, anyway, it’s over and done with now. Let the people rejoice in the streets. As for me, I’m going to return a piece of shit super soaker rip off that never worked. Fuck you Namco, you might have just cost me 100 dollars in the Assasins Contest. Here’s some fanservice:

happy now?

Extreme close-up of Haruhi's left side-boob.