Important Questions and Why Did I Waste My Time Writing This Post?

Before I get into this post, I have a SERIOUS QUESTION:

When you have the red ring of death on your X-Box 360…is there anyway to fix it yourself???

My guess is no, but I’d like to try and fix it myself, and if I can’t then I’ll just send it back to Microsoft and pay them to do it. Okay, now before I get into this, I warn you, “This post is retarded.” There, now you can’t sue me. On to the nonsense:

Yea so for some reason, whenever I try to play an mkv file on my computer (which is a complete piece of crap) the video lags and can’t seem to keep up with the audio. This is most likely because my computer is, as previously stated, the largest piece of shit on the face of the planet. In case you aren’t aware, I have a HP Pavilion laptop, dv5000, which is back from when I was a freshmen in college, or I should say the summer before that. Personally,  I don’t think that 3 and a half years or so is that old, although all of the hardware is working pretty shittily. I don’t have any problems with viruses, it’s just the shitty old parts. If only I had more money, then I could get…

MD-7330u....a much better non piece of crap computer.

I want this shit on my cock (lap).

Here’s another SERIOUS QUESTION:

Okay, so I’ve heard that the keyboard kind of sticks… this true? If so, is it really that bad? I suck at typing (I would bet that this post is riddled with errorz and rong spelling), so going back and fixing mistakes wouldn’t really be anything new to me. Of course, I never proof read posts I make on this ISSS.

For a poor piece of shit like me, the MD series is pretty cheap. I’ve seen it as low as $499. This would only take one pay check, and I could probably still sell my old computer (this shitty one that I’m typing on right now) for parts. If you have any interest in buying the parts to an old dv5000 Pavilion laptop, which has just recently had a brand new screen (that’s right, the whole screen) and inverter installed, feel free to contact me with a price (no, 20 dollars is not enough, I’m looking for something more along the line of a hundo or anything higher). Here, this isn’t personally my laptop, but this is the model. Like, this is what my computer looks like button for button (Oh and by the way, I’m not selling the hard drive….is it because I have a shitload of anime that I spent good time downloading legally? Yes).

hp_dv5000 - I hate mine

Also, if you have an MD series Gateway laptop, how does it run? Is it fast? Good with video? Wait, why do I want an MD Series computer (which has HD)? Is it to watch MKV files? That might be one of the many reasons why, but it also had good specs, in that I rated high in most categories…second only to the newer HP Pavilion. At least according to the reviews I’ve read. But I do need it for school too. Can you type out a document (assuming you have a printer)? Speaking of printers…anyone want one? I have a never before used HP printer that I will accept around 45 bucks for (it doesn’t have a chord attachment…’ll have to buy that separate apparently…..yes….that’s why I’ve never used it).

Holy shit. I started this post expecting to write a quick and pointless rant, and now I’m having a tag sale. Hey, anybody want a pretty much flawless Joker costume? It looks almost exactly like the one used by Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight. We’re talking purple trench coat, purple button down, green vest (not a shitty one either, it looks like the movie). this is a premium costume, and I don’t really want to sell it, but I really want a new computer. Anyway, I would sell that for around $200, because it cost me more to buy it, and it’s really good quality shit. Let’s see….

Anyone want a desk? It’s fucking big and metal and you’d have to come pick it up, but hey, that means that you’d have the privilege of meeting me! You should want to pay…ohhh sayyy…..$250 (I looked it up, and normally a desk like this is around $500) for this great desk. It will never break, and is actually not a piece of shit in the least. It’s like a teacher’s desk (assuming that the teachers in your school use the same desks as the ones did in mine). And while you’re at my house….take the couch that I have in my room. It’s a love seat, and is also in pretty good shape. God knows why I wanted a couch in m room in the first place…I’m completely douching my room out by the way. I’m throwing away/selling everything.

In case you were wondering, this is a mirror image of my desk (like, literally a mirror other words, reversed).

In case you were wondering, this is a mirror image of my desk (literally).

What else can I sell….I have a samurai sword in my room….yea, an actual samurai sword. I bought it impulsively one day for $80 bucks from some Asian guy. It’s pretty fucking cool, so I’m not going to sell it. I just wanted to let you know that I have one.

I have a mirror that you can buy. Holy shit…I could just put this on ebay. But then I’d have to do actual work. Actually, I will put this stuff on ebay sooner or later (except the joker costume, which I will wait until October rolls around for obvious reasons).

So wait, where am I going with this post? Basically, I’m a poor fuck and I want a new computer. Buy my shit that I don’t need. Why did I bother with this? I don’t know. I’m sorry for this post, I should delete it, but I spent time writing it, so it’s going up, regardless. I didn’t do all of this typing for nothing. I just feel the real need to type right now. Perhaps I’ll write a novel based on experiances in my life, and sell that. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself.