Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 19: Best Episode of Anything Ever!?

With this episode, FMA: Brotherhood has surpassed the original FMA series. This was intense. Like. this ENTIRE EPISODE was a gigantic BAM. I mean, I’ve read the manga up through this part, so I know what was going to happen, but even with this knowledge, this episode still amazed me, and punched me in the face with a mallet (in a good way). First, let’s start and awesome post about an awesome episode of an awesome show in an equally awesome way. With a certain

Lieutenant Hawkeye

You know, there’s a reason why if you type in Lieutenant Hawkeye in google, two of the images on the first page are from my site. Now, I know there are still naysayers out there, who don’t think that Hawkeye is the best character in FMA, and to you I say:


So, are you an idiot? I submit that you are. Here are a slim few examples of why she’s awesome.


Look at those eyes. Just look at them.


I don't know why I like this line so much, but I do.

This made me feel bad all over.

This made me feel bad all over.

I’d have to say that the best scene was when Lust said something silly, about how she “killed” the colonel. Riza then proceeds to go ape shit.

Wrong thing to say



After that, she absolutely and literally UNLOADS on Lust. I mean, sure, Lust doesn’t die, but it was still pretty sick to watch. Of course, the colonel shortly makes this look silly, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Anyway, enough about Riza (the coolest character in FMA), What about the actual episode? Before I get to that Bad Ass-ness, here is the first EVER MOTIVATIONAL POSTER made by me:

This is a piece of shit, but I like it, because I made it.

I’m going to do this for every episode review if I can, because, even though they suck, I like making motivational posters.

So here’s what I thought:

I came........I mean became excited.

I came........over myself in excitement.

I love the laboratory part. I thought that they should have maybe stretched this into two episodes, but now I realize that one episode is better because, well, this episode was greatness. Pure greatness. And a great ending too.

So to summarize, Colonel Mustang and Havoc run into Lust (aka Havoc’s girlfriend…well, ex girlfriend now). They then learn that Homunculi are humans created around a philosophers stone, which explains the re-generation. A fucking AWESOME fight takes place, in which Havoc and the colonel are stabbed pretty badly, and left in a room to die. Lust then goes and sees Hawkeye, who unloads three clips into Lust’s face and torso (which does nothing at all). Al steps in to defend Riza, looking very B-A.


But even he seems doomed by Lust’s awesome claw things. I mean, those things look sweet. You know what? Let’s get a look at them now:


I would take those fucking things over a sword or gun any day. I mean, they look fucking awesome as something that isn’t not fucking awesome. Anyway. With Havoc and the Colonel apparently coming very close to a reunion with their departed friend Lieutenant — excuse me — Brigadier General Hughes, who’s going to save Hawkeye and Al??? Well, I mentioned bad ass-ness already before in this post, and one attribute of bad ass-ness is the ability to come back from seemingly fatal wounds. Colonel Mustang suceeds in this aspect.

Line: "I burned the wound to stop the bleeding."

Line: "I burned the wound to stop the bleeding."

So not only does he come back from a fatal wound, but he looks bad ass, he used his blood to make a alchemy circle on his hand, he used fire to burn the wound closed, and he also says what I think could be one of the coolest lines I’ve heard:


Why is this line so awesome? Truthfully, it’s not really bad ass at all, so much as it is stupid. I like it because it reminds me of a line from Hot Shots! Part Deux, where Saddam Hussein says “I will kill you until you die from it!” I say that line whenever I get the chance, and it’s one of my favorite movie lines ever. Actually, here’s the clip:

It’s 2 minutes in, but it’s such a great scene/movie, that I suggest you watch the whole thing. Anyway, The colonel decides to live up to his words and:




And so ends Lust. But wait, there’s more, guess who shows up at the end?

Wait, is that-!

Honhenheim! (Ed and Al's dad)

God this show rules. By the way, I officially declare myself a Muslim (I have been for the past week). Take care now. Bye-bye then.


5 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 19: Best Episode of Anything Ever!?

  1. Also, every time I read this site you claim to “say something every chance you get”.


    ALSO, send me my diss with explosions in it or I will sell you out in Assassins

  2. Riza was awesome, Al was Gundam, Lust was freaky, and Mustang was overflowing with GAR.

    Like you I knew it was coming, but it was still that damned great.

  3. OK I’ve only seen the episode now and FFFFFFUUUU

    Ah the glories of only watching the anime, I had no idea this was coming and FUCK was it awesome. But I have to disagree with you on one thing

    Mustang > Hawkeye

    That was the single most GAR scene of the year.

  4. @ Refuse to COme Wack: How often does an opportunity to say: “I will kill you until you die from it” come up? Not much.

    @ TJ: I might re-pick up the manga. I don’t know.

    @ Scamp: In this episode, Mustang is the best character. But I still think that overall, Riza is on top.

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