50,000 Hits Doesn’t Mean This Site is Good

So then, I have just returned from my “vacation” to Rhode Island (a place where they don’t even have fast food), and one of the first things that I did was take a peek at my ISSS. I assumed that I would have over 50,000 hits by the time I got back from vacation, and as usual, I was correct in my assumption. So now, allow me to totally wreck any fragment of respectability of this shitty site, as well as spout a series of changes that I will be making regarding Eye Sedso and anime.

First of all, the only reason that I’ve gotten to 50,000 hits or views or whatever, is due to a random 2 and a half week surge that took place a little over a week ago:

Random Views

Anybody care to explain this? For a while, I was getting over 1000 hits a day, which is about 5 times as much as I usually got.

300 x 5 = 1000

I don’t know how this happened, but it gave me hits, so whatever. My theory is that wordpress shit the bed again. Of course, I am “happy” to report that everything is back to normal, as I now average about 300 hits a day (cool).

Let me now look back on some of the post and other bullshit that I slapped haphazardly onto this Information Storage and Sharing Site (not a blog).

It was way back in December, year of our Lord 2008, when I decided, “Hey, maybe I should get a blog?” Of course, I had always spouted my disdain for websites known as blogs, so I came to the conclusion that I would coin a new word, and in doing so, become the first person ever to have an ISSS (Information Storage and Sharing Site). The trend has already caught on, as Refuse to Come Wack
has declared his site and ISSS as well. How can you achieve ISSS status? Just say that your blog is an ISSS.

As for posts, I remember my inaugural post, created on December 6th, in previously said year, entitled: “I Hate Anime”.

Since that time, I have made posts that “made” “fun” “of” “other” “things”
, and some about “great” “seiyu”.

My first comment was from “Jimmy D.” who made fun of my ISSS in a sarcastic comment. Later, he became known as “oballer”, and got a blog. What a hypocrite.

My most popular post was “Fall Anime Report 2008”, which was one of my first posts, and was a piece of shit. I guess I was getting pretty popular back then. I wonder what messed it up? Oh yeah, I remember now! I wrote a post that kind of bashed “cosplayers”. My hits took a hit the very next day, and I remained around 40 hits per day until I joined “Anime Nano”.

Comments? 1118. Not that many considering that only a little less than half of them are most likely by me. This low amount of hits is due most likely to the fact that I post so God damn much.

Posts? 387. That’s 1.42 posts per day. I need to calm the fuck down.

Months active? 9. Man, time flies.

Themes? I have changed my theme many times, but now I am back to my original theme. I don’t know what it’s called, but I’m back to it.

Banners? I have had many, almost all of them were eyes, but now I have settled on this Mugen one, because it looks sick. You can see my original banner in my about page, it is shitty and I made it in paint (I actually like it a lot).

Best Search Term? Boobs. That’s right, boobs is my top search term. By how much you ask? currently, boobs has yielded 7221 views, while the second closest, InuYasha, has yielded 1130. Fact is, I need to get ass more involved. You can’t just think about the tits. Personally, I am all about a nice rear. and as Refuse to Come Wack told me on vacation, “All men are subconsciously ass men, as they are attracted to the proportions of the hip ratio.” or something to that effect.

This is getting too wordy. Here’s a picture of the best character to ever grace the html of this blog:

Bill the Ass-Kicker

Bill the Ass-Kicker. What a great dude. Tragically, he died when he went up again Revy from Black Lagoon, but something tells me that we may soon see a re-emergence of Bill in coming times. Speaking of coming times. Here are the changes I was talking about:

1. I will no longer watch anime week to week.

There are very few exceptions to this, but even with the summer anime (which I am behind on with every episode), I will be waiting for them to finish before I start them. The reason for this is that i have discovered that as I watch more anime week to week more often, The time that I spend watching anime lessens. Here is a graph to explain:

A graph I made on Paint

I will only be watching InuYasha week to week now, because won’t be able to wait for that to finish. This marks a change in Eye Sedso, as episodic reviews will become fewer (of course, I will still watch FMA and Hayate week to week). Some shows I can watch week to week, like Natsu no Arashi…..you know what, I’ve said this many times, I don’t really need to continue.

Another change is that I am going to be going back and fixing up my pages, specifically the Chatmonchy page and the Loo$e Change page (a little). We came out with a new cd so I need to add that in.  I may also be adding a new page, although I won’t tell you what it’s about, and I don’t know if I’ll actually be adding it or not.

In conclusion, this site sucks. Let me now sum up my vacation in a few bullets:

  • I got drunk a couple times, and played lots of drinking games.
  • I sliced my head open and had to get stapled put in. No, it didn’t hurt, but it was annoying because we were eating steak that night, so I had to eat kind of fast so I could go get my head stapled shut.
  • I didn’t get laid at all (not a big surprise there though).
  • I got an okay speedo tan (I only wore it once).
  • I discovered many nice women on the beach, and realized that my favorite swimsuit to look are these:


Katelyn Ansari (whoever that is)

I don’t know why, but girls look damn good in these.

Well, that’s it. I could link to everybody who’s linked to this site or commented, but that would take forever, so I’ll just say thank you to all of those who have wasted time here. Toodles!