Full Metal Panic: First Impressions

Alright, I know that everyone and their mother has seen FMP, but I never did, and so I’m just going to do a short first impressions. After this, no one will here of Full Metal Panic until I have finished all of the seasons and stuff.

Coincidence? That's what I call it too.

I was skeptical at the start of the first episode, but now I like it. Especially the recurring joke of

It’s a coincidence.

I love recurring jokes. Okay that’s it.

8 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic: First Impressions

  1. in a completely unrelated matter…
    just watched this movie on sci fi… mega shark versus giant octopus… most hilarious movie in the history of the world… you HAVE to see it

    • Me and Robert (as you would be able to see from our facebook’s) were obsessed with seeing this shitty fucking movie for the past few monthes/year. My favorite line?

      “It rises..”

      • well even tho i technically have a facebook now i dont check it.. cuz i think its pointless… however…. the best scene is when the shark attacks the airplane hahaha i was on the ground for like 10 minutes

  2. I found out which Family Guy the “Oh God….It’s EVERYWHERE” is from. It’s from the one where they move to the South and he’s in the port-o-potty which gets knocked over, and then he says that followed by “it’s even in my raccoon wounds!” which is pretty funny sometimes.

    I wrote this here and not on your facebook because I don’t want to look like a homo being the only person who ever writes on your wall. Homo.

    Time to make this related again.


  3. your gonna be happy with it… i mean the acting is AWFUL.. plot is terrible.. and special effects are actually hilarious… its awesome.. classic syfy (when did they change scifi to syfy??)

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