A Movie So Bad….

…..that it’s funny. You hear this a lot, but this phrase can’t be more true that this piece of shit movie from Asylum, which you may have heard me and oballer talking about.

This show seems genious after seeing just the highlights of MS vs GO.

This show seems genious after seeing just the highlights of MS vs GO.

How shitty is it? Just look at the title:

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

Wow. What a title. Such ingenuity and thought must have gone into creating such a fabulously unique title. I mean, really. Look at the trailer:

Lol. Let’s look at some of the more brilliant parts of that trailer. For instance, the scene where the “Mega Shark” attacks a plane. Yes, a plane. You know, the things that flyin the FUCKING CLOUDS.

Okay, I recognize that this is a “Mega Shark” as opposed to a normal one, but that’s just stupid. Here’s a few more highlights:

Did you here when the pilot yells? Horrible. Needless to say, this movie looks like it could be the worst movie ever, up there with Mammoth. What do you think is the worst movie ever?

EDIT: For the record, I’ve seen this movie twice. It actually kicks ass, because it’s so bad, unlike something like K-On, which is so shitty that it just sucks.


12 thoughts on “A Movie So Bad….

  1. Ever here of the movie Pocket Ninjas? Rated worst movie of all time on IMBD, I also own a copy. This movie is worse that they made it out to be, that is all.

  2. Yeah, but is it so bad its good?

    G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra was realllly bad… but COMPLETELY awesome. Same goes for Snakes on a Plane.

  3. this movie is downright awful… although its not as funny as mammoth…

    @mr black: shoot em up was bad… but what was wrong with saw V??? i thought it was sick… and the end of the movie was awesome

    random information: my rankings of the saw movies

    Saw: Awesome
    Saw II: Good
    Saw III: Pile of shit
    Saw IV: Ok, better than III
    Saw V: Awesome

  4. Shoot Em Up is a great movie. I actually love that movie.

    And in case you derfs couldn’t figure it out, this movie was MADE to be bad. Spend 1 second looking it up and the company that made it purposely makes bad movies that are so bad people want to watch them and somehow make money of it. ALSO, they make money of REALLY DUMB PEOPLE because like the day before a big movie comes out they make one that sounds just like it and dumb people get confused.

    Transformers comes out —-> They made “Transmorphers”
    Snakes On A Plane comes out —-> They made “Snakes On A Train”

    • i know… but this movie is one of those so bad its funny/good movies… which i like.. hence when i made my top 10 worst movies lists i didn put movies like mammoth or anything like this on it…. cuz syfy movies are awesome

  5. @ kode-dekka: I have never heard of Pocket Ninjas, but now I want to see it.


    Snakes on a Plane was specifically made so that Samuel L Jackson could yell, and that’s why it was awesome.

    @ kadian1634: Remember “Mosquito”?

    @ Mr. Black: I loved Shoot Em Up. It was totally unrealistic, but once you get that it’s supposed to be completely unrealistic, it’s just awesome.

    @ kluxorious: I think Asylum deals mainly with comedies.

    @ oballer: lol, MAMMOTH.

    @ Refuse to Come Wack: What’s a derf? Also, yea, their movies are purposely made bad. I think most syfy movies are.

    @ TJ: Hahahahaha. That’s hilarious.

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