Clannad: Kyou Chapter > Actual Clannad Series

Recently, I watched the Clannad Kyou Chapter special thingy. Now, I think that Clannad was pretty damn awesome, but personally, I think that the Kyou chapter was better, for one simple reason:

Kyou > Every Other Character in Clannad

Kyou > Every Other Character in Clannad

Kyou is so much better as a character then Nagisa

I think that it’s fairly obvious that the pairing of Kyou and Tomoya works much better than the combo of Nagisa and Tomoya. It just seems more natural. Tomoya and Nagisa are weird. The only couple that was more awkward then them was my sister when she dated some dude whose name rhymes with Nike ONien. I mean, they [Nagisa x Tomoya] seem so careful and boring it’s just…..blechhh. However, Kyou is actually fun. She actually has a personality that isn’t boring, therefore the whole thing is just better. As for the episode, it might have been a bit rushed, but it was good none the less.

On a side note, I finally…..FINALLY finished Sengoku Basara, and the ending kicked some serious ass. I’m not going to review it, but in case you were curious, I gave it a final grade of a 4.

9 thoughts on “Clannad: Kyou Chapter > Actual Clannad Series

  1. I.. kinda agree.
    In the original Clannad series, I didnt cry bitch tears, but with Kyou Chapter, I ALMOST cried bitch tears.

    Conclusion: Kyou Chapter is more touching than Clannad.

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  3. Even after watching after story how can you say Nagisa and Tomoya are bleh? Did you not understand all they went through? And why Nagisa and Tomoya are much more better for each other? I respect your opinion though.

  4. Tomoyo makes a beter mate for the guy. it its shown crearly in the Tomoyo chapter. That chapter alone was beter than the entire season 1. Kotomi have a voice that I love so much, but even if she a genius shes not as good as Tomoyo or Kyou. We conclude Tomoyo>Kyou>Kotomi>Ryou>Nagisa, you cuould add any other chick in the series betwen Ryou and Nagisa all the time also. I think Tomoyo and Kyou are fairly similar but Tomoyo is beter (no-brainer). as abonus you can arrange the series and ovas like this: 2nd season > tomoyo capter > kyou capter > 1st season.

    • I was ready to completely disagree with you. But then I remembered who Tomoyo was, and I have to say, I love Tomoyo. I think the only reason why I don’t want to ship her with Tomoya is because I like Kyou’s tsundere attitude. tsundere all the way!

      I don’t think I saw the Tomoyo chapter!!!! I gotta watch that shit.

      • thats explains why you went straigth to kyou. I love tomoyo badassness a lot, i mean she can kick ass, she goes to your bedroom to wake you up, shes the school president, shes of course beutiful and has a perfectly long silver hair. Despite Kyou being modern tsundere (instead of the clasic tsundere: short, flat, lots of complexes) i stil put Tomoyo avobe her. The only way i couldnt think they arent the perfect match is if you aknowlege the fact than Tomoyo is in a far superior league than Tomoya (look they even have [u]identical[/u] similar names [end with a = male; end with o = female; wtf?]).
        So my advise is keep open minded and enjoy the Tomoyo capter, if its worth it, review it.

      • “she goes to your bedroom to wake you up”

        EXCUSE ME. DONE. WINNER. I really need to watch this. too bad I’m shitfaced right now ad can barely type straigt.

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