Okay, I like baseball. I love baseball. Not only that, but “Baka-Raptor” usually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to anime. So when “Baka-Raptor” said that “Touch” was good (I actually heard this from him in a comment, but I’m not gonna go looking for that), and was a baseball anime, I naturally thought, “Hey, this could be good.” I was clearly underestimating the series, as it ended up completely blowing my head apart.


This picture kicks ass and is awesome.

Now, I have never played actual baseball on a team, but after watching Touch, I feel like I played for a high school in Japan. That’s how good the writing is in Touch.

Premise: Let’s see, how to explain the plot. Well, there’s two twins: The older twin, Tatsuya, who is a slacking slacker who slacks. And Kazuya, who works hard and is the ace of the baseball team. I should also point out that they’ve pretty much lived with this one girl they’re whole life, so you could see where that might be going.

Wow. To think that that’s how the anime started out really amazes me. Basically, if you like characters with really deep personalities, who actually learn and change through the course of the anime, then this is an anime for you. Honestly, this show does it so good that it seems like you’re just an onlook–   Okay I’m not going to finish that sentence because I would sound corny and gay……you know what, I’m not going to be able to do a good job explaining this show, so here’s a graph, based on level of awesome:

Ummm........get it?

Ummm........get it?

Okay, so except for a small lull in the middle, this series pretty much kicked ass. The last 25 or so episodes are probably the most intense episodes of anything that I’ve ever watched ever. I mean, the games in this are done with so much drama and intensity that I was literally on the edge of my seat with anxiety. This anime is not like most, where you already know that the main character is going to win and persevere. I honestly didn’t know how the end was going to turn out, and to be honest it wasn’t what I expected. Let me make a Harry Potter reference (yea, I know).

What was the best part of the Harry Potter books? Obviously the Quidditch. The best part of Touch was the games. Of course, there were a LOTTTTTT of different things and emotions that went into the games, and the characters playing in the games, and that’s what I feel really made this anime awesome. Let’s hand out some awards for a second, so I can stop sucking this anime’s cock.

Best Character: Haruda

Haruda? Really?

Fuck yea.

Fuck yea.

He is the fuckin MAN. I mean, let’s look at the facts, he seems to already know everything that’s going to happen and that is happening. I mean, he seems to have been put there as a literary device in the form of a huge ass boxer who can kick everyone’s ass. He rules. Do I think he should have gotten more screen time? No. Also, he reminds me of Rocky.

Worst/Most Annoying Character: Yuka



Take a hint you fucking whore. And learn how to cook, no one is really so stupid that they can’t cook a meal after practicing for weeks on end. You’re a failure. Also, what’s with this weird black line on my screen shots?

Unintentional Laugh: The Fireworks

Handing out dildos

Think of the firework as a dildo. I you don't laugh then you're more mature then I.

I’m probably the only one who finds humor in that, and that makes me proud.

Anyway, I’ll give it a grade, and  then spoilers….if you haven’t realized what grade I’m going to give it by now then you should probably shoot yourself:

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (no top ten…..maybe…..I need to go back and revise that so we’ll see)

I should mention here that I have not yet watched the movies. To tell the truth, I have two of them, one is the second one, and one is called MLY. I don’t know if that’s the first one or what, but I also don’t know if I should watch them, for fear of ruining a great series.


You shit head! These are spoilers! Okay, just so you know….

Basically, the biggest surprise was when Kazuya FUCKING DIED. HOLY SHIT. I thought that, “Okay, maybe he broke his arm and won’t play baseball again.” But nope, he died instead. Blew. My. Mind.

The games toward the end made me feel as though I was watching the most exciting World Series ever. This was literally like watching a World Series (unless the Red Sox were in the World Series, which nothing except sex can compare to…I probably set myself up for something there, but I don’t know what.) Basically the end was the most exciting, anxious, nerve-rackingly exciting episode of anything that I ever watched. I honestly though that Tatsuya would lose the game, on several occasions. And that last pitch was fucking AWESOME:


Oh, and one other guy that annoyed me a LOT:

This brown noser would not SHUT THE FUCK UP. I was happy when the coach finally told him to zip it at the end.

This brown noser would not SHUT THE FUCK UP. I was happy when the coach finally told him to zip it at the end.

That brings me to another point. Coach Kashiwaba was one of the best characters I’ve seen. I mean, that last game……okay I can’t talk anymore…this is my review.



6 thoughts on “Touch: BAAAAAMMMMMMM

  1. Harada’s the best character, totally. Nailed it. And yes, Yuka the worst, though the evil coach’s cutesy dog might come close…

    And yes, exactly – watch Ookiku Furikabutte! It’s different – watch Cross Game if you want more of the same – but Oofuri is for real the good.

  2. @ kluxorious: The animation’s fine. I have not seen Ookiku Furikabutte but I am interested now.

    @ ojisan: I’m always right. Stick with me, you”ll go places. I do want to watch Cross Game, it looks similar.

    @ Baka-Raptor: That’s what I thought I’ll watch those. I doubt they’ll be as good as the series.

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