It’s Almost October….You Know What That Means

Well it’s almost halfway through the month of September, which means most of us have gone back to college or high school for the younger crowd. This means that there is about half of a month until October (no shit durrr), which, in turn means that there is now less than one month until the epic super awesome mega cool mutha fuckin’ return of the awesomest super mega cool show ever:


*Sigh* Glo, we all already know that there’s going to be a new season, nobody except you really gives a shit.

Fuck you cock-suckers, this shit’s gonna be fucking awesome, and if you don’t like it, well then fuck you. I, for one, am amazingly excited for this more than anything else. I mean, sure the anime was kind of long, and not much really ever happened in terms of plot changes, and sure, InuYasha contains Shippo, who is probably one of the most annoying characters in anime history, but so did Touch (Yuka) and that was a good anime. Look at it this way, the first anime series was 167 episodes, and covered roughly half of the manga, while the rest of the manga is going to be squeezed into 26 episodes of awesome fuck. That means that there will be zero filler bullshit, unlike the first season, which contained probably 40% filler bullshit. Of course, I enjoyed the filler bullshit, and think that they should make 20 more movies that all have nothing to do with the anime, but hey, that’s just me.

Frankly, I don’t know how they’re going to fit all of this shit into 26 episodes, and not cut stuff out. I don’t want anything cut out, in fact, I’d like them to add fillers, mainly ones that either involve Sesshomaru, or have InuYasha turn into a demon and start killing people, because that is why I like this show. Also, bring back the band of seven, arguably the coolest characters from any show ever. Too bad that they’re dead for good.

I am rambling, and chances are by now that you stopped reading this, so here is a picture, and some last words:

InuYasha Demon

October 10th baby. October 10th….I’m excited, even if you aren’t. I’m going to write a review on a video game for a change (guess which one…hint, it’s related to this post and is the only anime related anything that I have ever bought probably).


5 thoughts on “It’s Almost October….You Know What That Means

  1. The thorough raping the fillers gave my eyes was permanent, and i wont be watching this unless Adult Swim gives us the dub again (still not a guarantee)

    My young eyes were sensitive to rape.

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