Anime Films vs Anime Series

A post inspired by the poll on Cello’s blog, which is awesome in case you’ve never been there. Basically, this poll made me think about what I like more, Anime Films, or Anime Series. Personally, I think that the answer is pretty clear, as anime movies tend to always be superior to anime series.

Anime Movies

When I was at a party in Brooklyn this past weekend, they were playing this movie on a projector. Not only was I very surprised to see anime at a party, but I also busted in my pants, and then ignored it, because hey, I was at a party, and there was a fucking live DJ, so you know I was grinding with Asians (one asian....once) We mainly just made up retarded dance moves that kick ass.

When I was at a party in Brooklyn this past weekend, they were playing this movie on a projector. Not only was I very surprised to see anime at a party, but I also busted in my pants, and then ignored it, because hey, I was at a party, and there was a fucking live DJ, so you know I was grinding with Asians (one asian....once) We mainly just made up retarded dance moves that kick ass.

Anime movies win here because rarely do I see an anime movie that disappoints me to the point where I don’t want to keep watching it. The worst movie that I ever saw was probably A Kite, well, statistically, that’s the worst, but I also look at all of the Naruto movies and One Piece movies for being pretty shitty. Still, those movies aren’t half as bad as many of the shows that I’ve seen. For a full list of my movies you can look at “The List” page up at the top.

So, what makes anime movies so great? I’ll list and explain with bullets today:

  • Plot

For one thing, movies are able to incorporate an entire plot, beginning, middle, climax, and end, into a short, 1-2 hour time period, which usually yields better results for those who want to take in an entire story, but don’t want to spend a day or so doing it. This also rings true for anime movies that are based off of a series, as the movie usually contains the same characters, albeit a different and usually unrelated story line. In case you didn’t understand the point I was trying to say, here’s an example:

InuYasha is an awesome show, we all I know this. Likewise, InuYasha movies are awesome too, in accordance with Glo’s Law. They never have any real correlation to the plot in the manga/visual novel/video game/anime series/pachinko game/etc, but that’s what makes them great.

Doesn’t that make them like…..giant fillers?

No you giant fuck-head! A movie such as InuYasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass is not just a long filler. It’s an entertaining side story with a cool plot, bad guys, etc. I mean, if you look at it that way, isn’t any non-main plot related episode or side-story just a filler? I mean, what’s the difference between some anime series related movies and regular anime series filler arcs (notice I said filler arcs. This will come into play again later in this post). Wow, I got way off track.

Basically: Anime Movies have great plots.

  • Animation

Name me an anime movie with horrible animation, and I’ll tell you that I probably haven’t seen it. The movie with the best animation that I’ve seen was probably definitely one of the films by the great Hayao Miyazaki. Although I don’t know which one. I liked Ponyo because it was all hand-drawn animation, although Spirited Away was simply amazing. You know, I bet Miyazaki ends up dying in 2012, because that’s when the Apocalypse is supposed to happen, and I can’t imagine any other reason for an Apocalypse. I still hold on to my belief that Miyazaki is immortal.

Anime Series

Welcome to the N.H.K.

This show was fucking awesome and probably won't ever come off of my top ten....unless it does.

Now, when I say that I think anime movies are better than series, I obviously don’t mean that anime series are by any means bad. I mean, right now, I can’t get enough anime. All I want to do lately is watch anime (or play soccer, which I CAN’T FUCKIN DO BECAUSE INTRAMURALS AT CCSU ARE RETARDED AND SHITTY!). But there are certainly differences between them, the major difference being:

  • Time

Obviously, an anime series is going to be longer, and take longer to watch, than pretty much any anime movie. I mean, sure some anime are short (FLCL), but for the most part, you’re going to find it more difficult watching an entire series in one sitting than a movie. Of course, one good aspect of this is:

  • Progression and Character Development

Usually, due to the amount of time we spend watching an anime series in comparison to a movie, we end up seeing more character depth and development in series (except K-ON, which is just stupid). A good example of this is a show which I just completed, Touch (I’ve been saying a lot about this show of late…I also just watched Daisuke shut down the Angels, and was comparing him to Tatsuya as he pitched). The character development in Touch was phenomenal, as it should be, seeing as it’s 101 episodes (and two movies I have yet to  see……5 if you want to get technical). The plot can also be more intricate, of course, with that being said, lengthy anime (even some non lengthly anime) can also have drawbacks, and I think you know what I’m  talking about here….

  • Fillers

I already talked about fillers. To me, a filler isn’t a couple episodes that have nothing to do with the main plot. To me, a filler is one or maybe two episodes that by themselves have nothing to do with the main plot….well….sort of. I’m more defining bad fillers, because there could be good fillers. I already talked about the Bleach Bount arc (which I didn’t even know was a filler until weeks after it ended….I don’t read the manga…in fact I’ve stopped watching the show). This is an entire arc, and entire arcs can be entertaining. A good example of a shitty filler (which is the usual type of filler) would be this shit. Or this shit. Or any of this shit. Get it? If there’s a whole arc, with a bad guy, premise, etc, then I don’t really tend to get annoyed, just don’t make a shitload of Naruto fillers that are all one episode and all similar in some way (I still watched them all, just like a champ).

Fucking End

So yea, This was a filler. Good filler or bad filler? All in all I just like the way that movies are put together. I’m sort of running out of good ones to watch, so if you see any that aren’t on my list, feel free to give me some good ones. This leaves me with a question:

What do you like more, movies or series?


19 thoughts on “Anime Films vs Anime Series

  1. i prefer series, just because my attention span is about 30 minutes. but i agree with you the animation quality of movies is often far better.

  2. Anime Movies can be better regarding the animation and plot, but sometimes, We like it so much that We want more…Thats where Anime series enter into the scene…It does not happen all the time because due to the fact that Anime Series requires a larger budget, it can look bad in the animation department and takes out the enchantment…I really liked Silent Mobius the movie but when the series arrived, it was terrible.

    On the other hand, X the movie was pretty bad, even when the animation was superb…There was no character development, thats when the series makes up for the movie…X the TV series is just great.

    Only a few anime movies and series comes into balance like Card Captor Sakura the series and the movies. Both formats are just great and the 2nd movie is the icing of the cake because it wrap things up.

    It is just a mixed bag, depending on the approach they take.

  3. “The film has also invited controversy for its graphic sexual violence. In one controversial scene, She hits His testicles with a wooden plank so hard that it is implied they are crushed. While He is unconscious, she masturbates him until he ejaculates blood on her chest and face.”

    this may sound fucked up… but i REALLY want to see this movie… it won a shit load of awards at the Cannes Film Festival…. Watch the trailer on imdb… its called Antichrist. Looks awesome in a completely fucked up way

  4. Quality is quality, regardless of source, but I do know that it’s easier to sit down and watch a movie rather than to sit through a whole series to judge it. I think my only bad movie experience was in watching Grave of the Fireflies, but that’s because I really dislike having to watch people make poor decisions and repeatedly screw themselves over.

  5. I normally go for series, but I try to catch movies every once in a while. Though one of my main problems with movies is that my favourite genre (super robots) generally doesn’t fit the movie format very well.

  6. I guess the simple question to answering everything here would be first to pick your favorite anime movie then pick your favorite series. Then compare the 2. Which do you prefer?
    “Normally” everyone will have a tough time making a decision. Each will have it’s own individual traits which you enjoy.

    But let’s say both movies and series are equally good. I mean reeaally KICK ARSE! Then I would definitely have to say series. Since 24 ass kicking episodes > 1 ass kicking movie… time wise that is.

    But let’s come back down to earth, when was the last time you saw 24 episodes of ARSE KICKING back to back?!

    And the Bount jiggamabob in Bleach was not fillerz! It was Arc! Lol! *fanboying*
    The same thing happen to me, didn’t even know it was fillers until I read about it online. Sure looked good enough to be included in the main plot. Or rather the quality of the main plot was dropped enough to be considered as side arcs. -.-“

  7. The reason i watch more series than movies is because there are more series and half the movies are just giant fillers… side stories of series that already exist (take a look at all the movies that came out this year)

    Can’t really generalize and say that one or the other is better or worse since they both have good or bad.
    Movies tend to have better art/animation/production;
    Series tend to have a longer more satisfying lifespan

  8. Very awesome stuff. I was always more drawn to movies because I could walk away with a completed story in only 2 hours which is short term more satisfying than watching a 200 episode series with 50 episodes of filler. it wasn’t until a few eyars ago did the 26 episode series start sucking me in and then I realized that where were a lot I could get out of series that I coudln’t out of movies.

    I began my blog jsut reviewing anime movies but the demand to review series was too overwhelming.

    But what can I say, you covered everything that I would have in this great articulated article. However, Bleach has some good filler arcs but for the most part I am more of a movie guy, always have, always will.

  9. I lol’d at the tiny bit about intramurals – we were gonna field an ROTC intramural soccer team, but then we realized we’d all get banned from intramurals forever because in ROTC we play soccer by intentionally running as fast as we can into each other. For some reason, this isn’t allowed in intramural soccer…

  10. @ animekritik: Attention span is actually the reason I like movies. I can’t sit there for more than 5 episodes, but a whole movie is much easier.

    @ Toonleap: X? I’ve never heard of it, but I want to check it out now. I find that anime series related movies are never as good as a film that stands by itself. I mean, the Ghost in the Shell series was okay after the movie, but I still haven’t seen the nd gig.

    @ Jura: Yet. Although I group any OVA with the anime that it’s based off of, unless it’s an OVA by itself.

    @ oballer: You would want to see that you masochist.

    @ zzeroparticle: I still have to watch that. Although based on your short description, I probably won’t like it.

    @ kluxorious: That’s the type of indecisive choice that makes the world stop and people jump out of buildings on fire. I like it.

    @ Snark: I’m not a big fan of the mecha genre, although I do seem to enjoy any mecha genre anime I watch. I don’t understand myself, apparently.

    @ blur: I never looked at it like that…let’s see…InuYasha vs The Girl Who Leapt Through Time…..does the series include movies based on the series? Hmm…I’m too loyal toward InuYasha to ever go against it.

    @ Mr. Black: Maybe I’m a sucker for art and visual design.

    @ Cello: ExACTLY.

    @ A Day Without Me: We were a week lare in handing in our team roster. But they didn”t even set up the schedule yet so that’s bullshit. There’s a team of Jesus freaks that I wanted to insult too. That’s my main complaint…that…and I love soccer and would probably school every lame ass kid out there. More to come on Jesus Freaks I think.

  11. Individual unit wise, I do prefer movies. However, simply because series usually offer a more substantial plot and development, I like series a bit more because overall enjoyment is higher. I also like being able to stop every 30 minutes. However, movies are good in that it usually packs a lot more punch in 2 hours than series in the same amount of time.
    It’s a close call though; movies by Miyazaki Hayao just make it so much harder.

    Also, I cannot stand series that last 50 or 100 episodes… The shorter the better.

    • 26 episode long series are usually good in quality, so I can usually watch them without being bothered by the length. Of course, there are many exceptions to this rule as well.

      The biggest adv that movies have is that you neve have to worry about a plot moving too. slow.

  12. Hey you should also watch Samurai7 only about 26 episodes thats pretty sweet for my lack of time sucks to a lack of free time to fuck off for a while :p

    • Time isn’t really a big factor for me. I’ve stopped myself right in the middle of movies before, went to do something for a few hours, and then came back and finished the movie, and still enjoyed it.

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