Hellsing Ultimate is the Most Bad Ass Shit Ever

Have you ever seen Hellsing, the anime tv series? Pretty good right? Well, Hellsing Ulitmate makes Hellsing the anime tv series look like a pussy. Actually, Hellsing Ultimate makes anything look like a pussy. Even a 15 inch cock covered in veins and hair will look like a delicate set of pussy lips when compared to the brute force of rape that is Hellsing Ultimate.

Do you want fighting? Do you want blood? Do you want to see people beating the fucking shit out of everyone ever? Well look no farther than Hellsing Ultimate, the most bad ass shit ever. Do you like fucking huge ass guns? People getting sliced to pieces? More blood?Do you like vampires? Do you like Nazis? Do you like all sorts of people being slaughtered regardless of race, gender, and religious background? Do you like killers who laugh? Well even if you don’t, then watch Hellsing Ultimate, because it puts hair on your chest.

Most shows that feature the bad ass character only feature one bad ass character, maybe two if you’re lucky. Well Hellsing Ultimate features not one, not two, not even three bad asses.

Alucard – Nakata Jouji


Okay, so he’s a vampire. You can beat him, shoot him, liquify him, melt him, burn him, poison him, throw him down a well, fuck him, eat him, piss on him, bury him, and hit him with a nuke, but he’ll just laugh and kill you.

Anderson – Norio Wakamoto


So yea. Norio Wakamoto. This is his most bad ass character ever. That’s all I need to say.

Integra – Yoshiko Sakakibara


Integra wasn’t much of a bad ass in the anime tv series, but holy fuck does she kick ass in this shit. She calmy talks smack and then, just as calmy will fucking kill you.

Walter – Motomu Kiwakawa


I can’t remember much of what he did in this OVA series, because every episode takes half a fuckin year to come out.

Seras – Fumiko Orikasa

Really B-A

Yea, even fucking Seras is bad ass. In the anime tv series, she was a little bitch. But in the OVA series, she TOTES FUCKING GUNZ. And I’m not talking about something like a pussy-ass magnum or something, I’m talking about fucking literal cannons in each hand. Like the kind of shit that they put on ships.

I didn’t even talk about th bad guys either (although Anderson is sort of a bad guy kind of) Fuck, even the animation is bad ass. Watching Hellsing Ultimate makes your cock bigger. Balls too. It’s a fact.

I got all of these pictures from google search. I’m lazy.