Hayte no Gotoku!! 24: Facial Expressions Are Awesome

This is going to be pretty lazy in terms of actual content, but look at all of these awesome facial expressions from episode 24!

Those eyes!

Isumi looks great with that eye that shines as if she has a cunning plan of some sort.

More circle eyes.

No that's not all. Here are some more!


I threw in the eye drop darkened eyes expression.

More Circle! More Power!

I know, you probably thought I was actually going to analyze this episode, right? Well fuck that, I have an ISSS so I can do whatever I want without any reprecussions, and you have to like it.

Pissed off Dragon Eyes!

You mean waste a post on nothing but screen shots? Me!

So anyway, those are all awesome, but I actually do have one thing to say regarding the content of this episode:

Wait......SAY WHAT!?

Hayate has an older brother? Did I miss something, or is this news new? Oh wowy! One more episode to go.