Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: 5^^ Without a Second Thought

Yup, I just gave you my final grade in the title, which is something I never do. I thought that this anime was the best anime that I’ve seen since Toradora ended, and that was in my Top Ten for a few days (is it now? I have no idea). The reason I do this is because I’m not really sure what to say here, all I know is that this anime was something special.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Damn. Just....damn.

Premise: Mirai and Yuuki are helped by a stranger (Mari) to get back to their families, who live across Tokyo, after an earthquake destroys the city.

Where to start? I could say that the OP and ED were good, because they really were, but that has no impact at all on how I felt about this show. The OP and ED could have been the shittiest pieces of shit ever, and this anime would be equally as good.

I wish I had some screen shots, but I have a bad habit of deleting every episode after I finish watching it. I still have the last episode saved, but that won’t do much. I’m just going to tell you that marathoning this anime almost emotionally drains you, despite being only 11 episodes. What kind of emotions?

  • Happiness
  • Suspense
  • Anticipation
  • Sadness (all over the place)
  • Anxiety
  • Surprise

I honestly am not quite sure what to write. This series puts me at a loss for words. However, one thing is certain:

This Felt Real

It was pretty real.

As far as disasters go, this one was pretty damn accurate to me. Everything, from the destruction, to deaths, to went through the characters minds seemed real. I felt like I was in a disaster. Now the poster (first picture) makes it seem as though this anime is one where people are running for their lives, and everything is in chaos. This is not really true. In fact, there is a lot of walking, and there are rescue squads, shelters, etc, that make it more much more realistic than your basic disaster movie that contains action at all times (I’m thinking The Day After Tomorrow or something like that). The best way to describe this was surreal. TM8.0 gave me the same feeling that 9-11 did (obviously 9-11 was a bit more powerful, considering that it was fucking 9-11 and this was an anime). And that’s all good and dandy, but does that really give Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 such as high grade? Yes, because that ending was something.

This part contains spoilers:

To start off. The old couple whose grandchildren died? That was fucking sad. I have a habit of putting myself in every characters shoes, and if my grandchildren…BOTH of my grandchildren, died on the ONE DAY that they decided to come visit me, well fuck I’d be sad (I think that’s a given, and this sentence does nothing more than kind of lead you in the direction I’m taking here).

The creators of TM8.0 tryed to pull a fast one by Glo the Legend. They said, hey, let’s try and trick them. Well, it almost worked. Remember when Mirai and Yuuki left the hospital to travel home by themselves? Afterward, Mari ran outside, carrying Yuuki’s backpack. Now for some reason, I noticed it. I thought, “Oh, Yuuki forgot his bag, I bet that Mira will come back to give it to him in the last episode or something.” Later, Mirai reaches the school and see’s a friend of hers. It was here that you learn that Mirai and Yuuki’s parents are okay, and I thought, “Nice! Everyone’s fine….but wait, there’s still two episodes left? Are they going to have two episodes of aftermath or what the fuck?”

Now, to this point, I realized that Yuuki was acting weird since they left the hospital, but I didn’t put two and two together until I saw him, a scene later, with his backpack on. My first thought? “Ohhhhh fuckkkkk. He’s dead.” I must say, that made me feel bad for Mirai, and this scene? Fuckin forget about it:

Yuukiiiiii! Noooooooo!

Yuuki died from.....a cold? Wait....did he really die from a cold? Wtf?


Are you serious? A fucking reunion/departing forever scene? Even I can’t handle that shit. I mean, what the fuck Yuuki? You fucking died! I even got chocked up! ME! I haven’t been choked up since I saw The Perfect Storm (for anime, Fate/Stay Night, got me choked up slightly, but that’s the only one). I didn’t even get choked up from Clannad! But this shit…….fuck. You got me, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. You fuckin got me.

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (it’s in the title durrr)

Bill the Ass Kicker got a little choked up from Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

Bill the Ass Kicker got a little choked up from Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

God damn MKV torrents are such good quality (I wish my computer could fucking handle them).


15 thoughts on “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: 5^^ Without a Second Thought

  1. Also, you know what would have made this better? (Not that I watched it or anything). If there were roving street gangs and they had to make it to their home turf after the leader who wanted to unite the street gangs against the police was shot and they were unjustly accused, so now all of the gangs are out to get them. And one of the guys in their gang is a huge pussy who can’t do anything right and they always need to get him out of trouble…and another guy is really horny and he tries to have sex with this lady in the park but she turns out to be an undercover anti-gang cop and she handcuffs him to a bench. They should make a movie about that someday.

    • If only a movie like that existed….I have the perfect name for it too. I’d call it (and this is just my opinion) Warriors. You know? Because they would kind of be like warriors? I only wish something like that existed…

  2. Yep, the word Toradora is a Blasphemy per se, sorry to make you read such crap of a name (meh, it belongs to such a crap of anime coincidentally)

    • I love how not one comment is actually about TM8, but whatever. Yeah, Toradora was an awesome show and Rie Kugimiya’s greatest role. I loved it. And if you didn’t like it. Well that’s fine I don’t really care. The only complaint about Toradora that I have is that they congested the end of it a little bit.

  3. Yuuki most likely died of that one Crush Syndrome that was mentioned in the “preview” of episode 9 or 10. Remember when he got buried in rubble and shit in that shopping mall… I can imagine it could be that.

    It was indeed great, the end was pushing the emotions a little too much towards cliché, and what the hell Toradora, it’s out of league against TM8.0 since they messed up the ending D:<

  4. He didn’t die from a cold.

    From what I’ve heard it was because of crush syndrome. Maybe when Tokyo Tower fell, I’m not sure. But not because of a cold.

  5. whoa that was close. I almost spoiled myself with the spoilers!! I have 2 episodes to go and from what I’ve seen so far this one easily gets 5 out of 5 stars. It is that awesome without having to rely on tits and lame jokes.

    Best anime of the season.

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  7. Yuki didn’t die of Crush Syndrome – in that scene in episode 2, all that was on top of him and the girl was a convenience store shelving unit, and she was covering his body with hers anyway.

    Apparently the paperwork shown on screen while they were at the hospital lists Yuki’s cause of death as brain hemorrhage, which makes sense because when Tokyo Tower fell he did appear to take a blow to the head, even though he didn’t break the skin.

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