Strike Witches: Only One Thing Missing

I want to talk about first impressions to the anime Strike Witches. And I have only one thing to say:

Where the fuck are your pants?

This is normal I guess.

I agree, tell that Stike Bitch to throw on some pants.

The fanservice isn’t even imaginative. They just took away pants! I mean, there seems to be no reason for any girls in this anime to put on a pair of pants (save the grandma and mother in the first episode). Really, is the no pants dance necessary at all times here? These girls are in like middle school, so why would you make them pants less in the first place? PUT ON SOME GOD DAMN PANTS!

Am I the only one baffled as to why they don’t wear pants? I guess in an ideal world, no girls would wear pants, huh? Fat chicks and small children would just walk around pants-less. Does that sound good to you? Yeah? Well not to me! I mean think of all of the pick up lines you wouldn’t be able to use!

  • Is that a mirror in your pocket, because I can see myself in your pants!
  • There’s a party in my pants, and your invited!

This show’s pretty good despite the no pants.

EDIT: The lesbian and the goth wear pants (pantyhose, close enough for this show):

You can pick out the which is which I think.

You can pick out the which is which I think.