Strike Witches: Only One Thing Missing

I want to talk about first impressions to the anime Strike Witches. And I have only one thing to say:

Where the fuck are your pants?

This is normal I guess.

I agree, tell that Stike Bitch to throw on some pants.

The fanservice isn’t even imaginative. They just took away pants! I mean, there seems to be no reason for any girls in this anime to put on a pair of pants (save the grandma and mother in the first episode). Really, is the no pants dance necessary at all times here? These girls are in like middle school, so why would you make them pants less in the first place? PUT ON SOME GOD DAMN PANTS!

Am I the only one baffled as to why they don’t wear pants? I guess in an ideal world, no girls would wear pants, huh? Fat chicks and small children would just walk around pants-less. Does that sound good to you? Yeah? Well not to me! I mean think of all of the pick up lines you wouldn’t be able to use!

  • Is that a mirror in your pocket, because I can see myself in your pants!
  • There’s a party in my pants, and your invited!

This show’s pretty good despite the no pants.

EDIT: The lesbian and the goth wear pants (pantyhose, close enough for this show):

You can pick out the which is which I think.

You can pick out the which is which I think.


20 thoughts on “Strike Witches: Only One Thing Missing

  1. So, Basically SW is the battle of Britain with Loli witches riding mechanical brooms fighting mysterious aliens and carrying huge guns… without pants?? This is automatically going to appeal to a certain group of people, and you probably already know who you are.

  2. Hmm? Thats fanservice? What are you guys talking about?
    Its P E R F E C T L Y N O R M A L for little girls to go around without pants on.
    You want pants? I suppose you want them wearing thick turtleneck sweaters too…

    Sarcasm aside, im sure there isn’t a single male in this [havent seen it]

  3. @ TJ: A likely excuse.

    @ Cello: Yes, those people should be given a swift punch to the groin.

    @ kluxorious: Those God damn mutha fuckas.

    @ Mr. Black: All women under the appropriate age should wear turtlenecks and pants.

    @ Baka-Raptor: I am shocked. Utterly SHOCKED. I can’t believe someone like you, who loves the loli genre especially, would ever drop this show. Oh wait, I’m being sarcastic.

  4. I enjoyed this show. 🙂

    I know this is gonna sound like me giving excuses for enjoying the show. But if you noticed the first few episodes when the lead character was with her mom and granny. They were wearing pants or rather kimono (if memory serves me right). So that kinda rules out SW being set in a world where females don’t wear pants.

    As for why the girls don’t wear pants.(This is an actual official statement from the director or a rep or something a.k.a more excuses) It’s because by allowing or maximizing direct contact with the flight unit, magic efficiency is also maximized. And to be always ready for battle anytime. The girls just remain in shorts. As for the pantyhose, I don’t know.. probably it’s thin enough? :p

    But don’t take my word for it. I’m might very well be an anime-pedo. -.-”

  5. i agree they should wear pants.. and yes you cant say all those things… however they one thing you CAN say is:

    “Do your lips get chapped in the winter??”

  6. @ Snark: It probably went something like this, “We’ve found a way to involve lolis, guns, animal ears, and no pants, as well as fanservice into one production. The perverted Otakus will eat it up!” After this it was a sealed deal.

    @ blur: I finished the show, and wrote a review, I’ll probably post it later. Did I like it? Did I hate it? find out!

    @ oballer: Another line you could use would be, “Put on some pants bitch, you’re underage.”

  7. @ Yi: It’s something that we all must imagine at some point in our lives, whether we like it or not.

    @ TheFuzzy: After about 3 episodes I was able to almost completely ignore the no-pants. However, the 7th episode was fucking stupid.

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