Strike Witches: Final Exposé

I did a play on words there. Take of the accent mark and you’ve got expose. Add a “d” to the end of it and you’ve got exposed, which is exactly what most of the girls in this anime were.

Strike Witches

I still say they need some pants.

Finally done. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was writing up a first impressions post on this show. Oh wait, it was. So what did I think about this series?

Premise: Due to an invasion of forces from God knows where, magic lolis without pants and magic boots fly around and shoot down enemies with huge ass guns. They also have animal ears and tails and shit when they use their magic. There’s a bit of fanservice as well, but not much considering that none of them have pants.

I really could’ve done without the fanservice, which for the most part was:

  • Unimaginative.
  • Pointless (fanservice mostly is pointless (notice I said mostly))
  • Not funny (well, occasionally it may have gotten a chuckle, but that might have been once at most)

Basically, when fanservice isn’t funny, it’s stupid. Therefore, fanservice in this anime was stupid. I’m being very negative about this show so far, but despite it’s bad points of not having pants, as well as a couple stupid moments in some episodes, it actually is a pretty good anime, so I’m going to use a numbering system to tell you about them.

Good Points in Strike Witches

(and similarities to the anime, Simoun)

  1. The voice acting was done pretty damn well. I have no complaints at all on this front. I mean, I actually recognized half of them, which is amazing for me.
  2. The animation quality seemed to be pretty good, even though sometimes the heads on the girls were fuckin huge. I also was able to watch the whole series is MKV without my computer shitting the bed, which was amazing for once. (I have no qualms with AVI though).
  3. I actually liked the theme of girls carrying huge ass guns and shooting other things, and wearing those huge ass boots. But they should have worn pants.
  4. No one had weird colored hair…like green or blue. That’s not really a bad thing, but it is commendable.
  5. It reminded me of Simoun a little bit, in that here are a bunch of young girls who fly around and shoot down enemies. I gave Simoun a high grade, but the more I think about it, the more I think I should’ve just given it a 5 (as opposed to a 5*)
  6. The setting was 1940’s Earth, and they kept everything accurate (except no Hilter and a few other obvious changes). In this sense it’s like Simoun again, in that everything is technologically behind the technology that the Group of Girl Fighters use.
  7. Another way that it’s like Simoun: In Strike Witches, only young girls can pilot the Strikers? In Simoun, only young girls could pilot the Simoun.
  8. ANOTHER Simoun similarity, lesbians. (I mean, there’s yuri all over the place in Strike Witches, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who sees it.
  9. Also, just like Simoun, the group gets disbanded. This is the last thing I will mention in terms of Simoun.
  10. The action scenes were actually awesome (I thought so anyway). The girls are flying, they’re shooting, they’re making cool maneuvers in the air. It’s just pretty cool to watch.
  11. The characters were all different, and each of them had something cool about them (which you know I like). Example: Mio has a cool eye patch and a sweet samurai sword. You know what? Here’s a picture of everyone.

Mio is the best character, as opposed to K-On, where Mio was the worst character. They both look almost exactly the same, except this Mio has a sick sword and a cool eye patch. She's also not fucking retarded.

Mio is the best character, as opposed to K-On, where Mio was the worst character. They both look almost exactly the same, except this Mio has a sick sword and a cool eye patch. She's also not fucking retarded.

It’s strange that even though Miyafuji is the main character, I don’t talk about her at all in this review…except right here of course. Now then, on to highlights.

Oh Shit! Highlights!

I think it was Minna yelling at Erica in this shot. Well she is a fucking hyocrite. Telling her to put on pants when he clearly doesn't wear them.


So then, in this world, girls refer to underwear as pants. Whatever. Fine. Now the above screenshot was taken from what was possibly one of the dumbest episodes I’ve watched in recent history, and was about girls stealing “pants” from other  girls, so that one or two girls were always without “pants”. Meaning they were naked (essentially). As I said, stupid. let’s move on shall we?

Phenominal singing, I must say.

Rie Tanaka can fucking sing. Let me tell you. She can SING.

Best Character?

I was going to make Sanya the best character, but then I remembered that Mio Sakamoto was the best character. Still, I felt like putting this up, because I did like the character. Anyway, apparently those are all the screen shots I took over the course of this show, so no more highlights. I will say that I liked the last few episodes of this anime. I mean, true, they were very very cliché, but what isn’t now a days?

Best Character

Gaawwwwwddd Damn!


  • Eye Patch
  • Samurai Sword
  • Awesome

So ends the series. There is another series apparently confirmed. I’ll probably watch it. As for this first season? Well, despite the no-pants-dance (which I kind of got used to and was able to easily ignore after about 3 episodes), I thought it was pretty good, so I’ll give it a


Bill got his core broken by Mio's slashing.

Bill got his core broken by Mio's slashing.

To conclude, I don’t even know if I used “exposé” correctly in the title, but I really don’t care.

SIDE NOTE: For the past week, I have been working on a post so massive and insane that it might shake the very foundations of the internet. It’s gonna take a while before I actually put it out though…I’m only on the “B’s” (hint?)


9 thoughts on “Strike Witches: Final Exposé

  1. Hehe, nice pun.

    Agreed for the most part. I did not need so much pantsu in my face, although I don’t mind it all that much. The pantsu stealing episode, however, was a bit much and stupid.
    I thought Mio is awesome in both SW and K-On… Sorry but Mio in K-On is just too moe.
    Anyway, agreed with the score. Despite the cliche and fanservice, it was actually good.

    I didn’t realize there was a second season. I’ll be watching that as well.

  2. Thanks for the balanced review. I quite liked Strike Witches, but… it’s hard to tell your friends and family about it, you know what I mean? Never mind the insanity of trying to defend it to other anime fans who can’t get past the no pants thing.

  3. @Glo
    Hah! The way you replied in your last comment about posting up a SW review soon. I KNEW you were gonna say you enjoyed it! But didn’t expect a surprising 5 out of it. o_0!

    Please don’t take this personally, but I just thought of something RoFlcopter.
    “This review is, at the end of the day, coming from a guy whose only picture is him in a speedo.”
    No offense yeah.. :p

    “I quite liked Strike Witches, but… it’s hard to tell your friends and family about it, you know what I mean?” Exactly!
    “Never mind the insanity of trying to defend it to other anime fans who can’t get past the no pants thing.” Pin-Pohn. Headshot again!

    I’d really rather just close my eyes. Lol! The HorrOR! :p

  4. @ 2DT: Me: “Hey, mom, I saw a cool show.”
    Mom: “Oh yea? What about?”
    Me “It had 14 year old girls flying through the air without pants. It also showed them bathing.”
    Mom: “That’s nice dear. Oh, and I your appointment with your psychiatrist is tomorrow at 4.”

    @ blur: hahahahahaha. Touche. But these underage girls were clearly dressed inappropriately, while I am a legal 21 year old.

    (that being said, it raises a point that perhaps these girls are only wearing bathing suit bottoms, and if you look at it that way, it isn’t really that bad?)

    That may be true, but the way that the girls were displayed was obviously for reasons of fanservice, so this point is pointless.

    Also, I never take anything the wrong way, and yes, I just had a debate with myself. Winner = Me.

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