Code-E: First Impressions


I love anything with that type of guitar in it. It reminded me of Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time.

Ahh the sounds of Gerudo Valley. Such great memories. Gerudo Valley was definitely the best thing about that game. I mean, you could rescue the guys, play the arrow shooting game, get the Ice Arrow. There was just so much to do there.

Oh yeah, Code-E sucks so far, it’s fucking boring. I also hate the character designs. Given the premise, I could have made it 20 times better.


7 thoughts on “Code-E: First Impressions

  1. I’ve wanted to watch this show but I could never get the codecs to work for it or something. I liked how the character designs look pretty old school 90s animation. Also the glasses girl heroine is real cute.

    Of course I’m writing this after reading your entry and I now notice you hate the character designs. 😦

  2. @ All: I guess I forgot to reply to you all. My bad.

    @ 2DT: Yea it’s boring as fuck. Except that fucking is not boring.

    @ kluxorious: It’s a struggle for me, especially since I just started CANAAN, the best show ever.

    @ Seinime: Zelda RULES. I finished CANAAN.

    @ YI: The OP raised my expectations even higher.

    @ oballer: Gerudo Valley is my home.

    @ Koji Oe: I’m actually getting used to the character designs and don’t mind them as much. Still haven’t seen much in terms of noses though.

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