Yui = Awesome, But You Probably Already Knew That.

I first heard Yui when I watched Bleach, which is a show that I really want to start watching again (or at least re-watch the episode where Ichigo saved Rukia, because that was the best one ever). Don’t know what I mean? Fortunately for you, here it is:

Uhhh, Glo? I’ve seen Bleach, and that’s not the OP.

Durrrrrrrr. Obviously not. But I saw this and decided that I’d rather have this than the actual OP, for the lone fact that it included Senna, the greatest Bleach character ever (female). I mean, Senna was awesome…..oh wait, this post is about Yui. First of all, if that OP for Bleach is so old, and I saw it years ago, then why am I posting about this now?

The answer is obvious. I was inspired. That’s right, three links, just to show how inspired I was. Very. Needless to say I downloaded every Yui song ever, and I enjoyed them, so now I wish to buy them (that’s what I do, I download first, and if I feel like the artist deserves my money, I’ll give it to them). Will I ever actually buy Yui albums? Only if I see one in a store, and get my poor ass a job. If it wasn’t of college I’d be a NEET right now.

Yui’s acoustics are just fantastic. I love all of her acoustic songs. Also, I listen to two Japanese musical talents now, Yui and Chatmonchy. Both I got from watching Bleach. Should I read into that? I don’t know. Maybe I should check out Aqua Timez or something.

Babyyyyy never mind never say dieeeee.

NOTE: I wrote this before the whole download thing. I wonder why I only got caught for downloading an episode of Phantom, and not for the entire discography of Yui? Whatever.


Anime and Torrents

First and foremost, I thought that torrents were legal? I (my parents) got an email that complained of illegal downloading of such torrent “Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom Episode so-on-and-so-forth“. which I downloaded via torrent or hotfile/rapidshare/something similar or something. What’s the deal here?

This is my reaction to the warning notice.

The notice basically said that if anything else is detected being downloaded (illegally) then they’ll shut off the internet. Obviously I don’t want that, so what am I to do? I guess I have to go back to streaming videos from now on, which SUCKKKKS because screenshots are going to be low quality and a pain in the ass again.

God knows I’ve downloaded many, many torrents of anime episodes, but I guess all of that is over. I’m too poor to spend money on anime, wtf? Am I jumping the gun here, or should I really stop downloading anime episodes? Meehhhh FUNGUL.