Anime and Torrents

First and foremost, I thought that torrents were legal? I (my parents) got an email that complained of illegal downloading of such torrent “Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom Episode so-on-and-so-forth“. which I downloaded via torrent or hotfile/rapidshare/something similar or something. What’s the deal here?

This is my reaction to the warning notice.

The notice basically said that if anything else is detected being downloaded (illegally) then they’ll shut off the internet. Obviously I don’t want that, so what am I to do? I guess I have to go back to streaming videos from now on, which SUCKKKKS because screenshots are going to be low quality and a pain in the ass again.

God knows I’ve downloaded many, many torrents of anime episodes, but I guess all of that is over. I’m too poor to spend money on anime, wtf? Am I jumping the gun here, or should I really stop downloading anime episodes? Meehhhh FUNGUL.


27 thoughts on “Anime and Torrents

  1. Most likely got caught torrenting. They usually don’t get you if you’re using rapidshare or IRC. My suggestion is to keep tabs on which shows BayTSP is covering and obtain episodes through alternative means and you should be good.

  2. “First and foremost, I thought that torrents were legal?”

    Dude – downloading anime is NEVER legal unless you download it from a legal source, ie. official distributor’s site, etc. Fansubs are NEVER legal eiter (that’s why they’re FANsubs, that is, made and distributed by fans). So downloading fansubs by any means is pretty much illegal. Keep this in mind. By the way, if I were you I’d lie low for a while or use IRC as zzeroparticle suggested.

  3. You can still get caught even after downloading the torrent file because once you connect to the tracker, your IP you are connecting to get the file will show up on a list of other IPs because bittorrent publicly shows all the IPs that are connected no matter if you are not connecting to the peer or not…

    Even with IP blocklists and encryption, BayTSP, jerks they are, can still catch you from the list of connected peers. The best alternative is just to download it from IRC, BayTSP will never go on IRC since downloading from IRC isn’t as popular as bittorrent anyways.

  4. You thought torrents were legal? What gave you that idea?
    Just about all sources of [PIRATED] anime are illegal to some degree(or so i heard).

    I pretty much download all of it directly and shamelessly.
    Might start worrying now…

  5. Downloading pirated stuff is illegal. However, no one usually cares, especially for anime. I’m a bit surprised you got an email. I guess it also depends on your internet provider as well.
    My suggestion would be to download anime only from fansub released torrents or direct downloads (Megaupload, rapidshare…etc). Also limit your upload when you’re downloading.

  6. Well, technically, downloading anime/games/series/music is not illegal as long as you have the rights to the content you’re downloading, so if you donwload old anime already released in DVD you should could tell them that you bought the DVD but they got scratched/don’t work on your dvd player. But IRC is the safest way to download anime.

  7. stop seeding your files… i know its “rude” not to but thats the only way they can catch you.. close your client to so your not a peer to anyone.. also some internet providers are nosy and get pissed but some dont.

    also downloading the torrent file itself is not illegal… it holds less than 1 mb of information.. thats not illegal… but just be careful about trackers

    of course some fags (like some ppl who commented on this post) are gonna get pissed cuz they believe you should pay for your anime. but just dont download ffrom popular sites and stop seeding youll be fine.

  8. To All: Some person once told me that torrents are legal because of some loophole. I’m not very smart in the ways of computers (I have no idea what IRC is at all). I’m probably just going to stop downloading stuff for a while, then maybe start up again, but not with torrents. I will look into IRC.

  9. Torrents are form of downloading (peer to peer). This method of download is legal, but the content you download is not always legal.

    I wish ISPs would be more aggressive toward illegal downloaders who don’t really like anime.

  10. If you do this one more time
    I may have to accuse you of a crime
    They’ll probly arrest you for Breach of Peace
    Just like Joey P, now go back to sleep

  11. What country do you live in? Whilst torrenting anime is illegal everywhere, some countries are more lenient then others. If you are in Singapore however, I’d suggest you stop immediately, the fuckers can get heavy handed

  12. @ The rest of you: Yea, Singapore is strict. I’m American, I guess I just thought that they never really checked on torrents and such. By the way, I should mention that this is the second time I’ve gotten an email. I love how my dad told everyone that I got in trouble for downloading anime. Looks like the whole world knows now… (not that I care).

    And I’ve already been arrested for Breach of Peace. I had to sit in a fucking cell all night, it sucked, so those old Loo$e Change lines are pointless.

    • I think it was because I tried to download about 35 episodes of shows at the same time. but who knows. Anyway, it’s not that big of a deal, and it almost fits with what I’m doing:

      I’m returning to the old way that I used to watch anime (marathon) and thusly, I make the return from torrents back to watching streaming.

  13. I think there are ways to hide your identity or IP Address. Try to find some alternatives for that in google…
    As others said, probably IRC and direct downloads can be a good alternative as well. Your call…:)

  14. Using Peer Guardian 2 and remove the anime episode after is downloaded ^^ Now they will say that Animarated supports piracy! No I dont! U know they have a Pirate Party in Sweden?

  15. @ Well, everyone, err….again:

    Everyone is so helpful, and I’d just like to thank everyone for their advice. I, on the other hand, am retarded, and can’t believe that I know how to wake up in the morning. The room is moving in and out of focus now, and that means it’s time for bed.

    NOTE: I just realized that this post has 20 comments, making it the most commented post in Eye Sedso history. Weird.

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