Yui = Awesome, But You Probably Already Knew That.

I first heard Yui when I watched Bleach, which is a show that I really want to start watching again (or at least re-watch the episode where Ichigo saved Rukia, because that was the best one ever). Don’t know what I mean? Fortunately for you, here it is:

Uhhh, Glo? I’ve seen Bleach, and that’s not the OP.

Durrrrrrrr. Obviously not. But I saw this and decided that I’d rather have this than the actual OP, for the lone fact that it included Senna, the greatest Bleach character ever (female). I mean, Senna was awesome…..oh wait, this post is about Yui. First of all, if that OP for Bleach is so old, and I saw it years ago, then why am I posting about this now?

The answer is obvious. I was inspired. That’s right, three links, just to show how inspired I was. Very. Needless to say I downloaded every Yui song ever, and I enjoyed them, so now I wish to buy them (that’s what I do, I download first, and if I feel like the artist deserves my money, I’ll give it to them). Will I ever actually buy Yui albums? Only if I see one in a store, and get my poor ass a job. If it wasn’t of college I’d be a NEET right now.

Yui’s acoustics are just fantastic. I love all of her acoustic songs. Also, I listen to two Japanese musical talents now, Yui and Chatmonchy. Both I got from watching Bleach. Should I read into that? I don’t know. Maybe I should check out Aqua Timez or something.

Babyyyyy never mind never say dieeeee.

NOTE: I wrote this before the whole download thing. I wonder why I only got caught for downloading an episode of Phantom, and not for the entire discography of Yui? Whatever.


13 thoughts on “Yui = Awesome, But You Probably Already Knew That.

  1. That song was pretty good, and I’m gonna let it finish, but Shiina Ringo had one of the best Jpop songs of all time, bro.

    No, but really, Yui is decent I suppose. Never really saw her appeal or much of Jpop artists used in OPs.

  2. Really glad that you liked YUI as well. Rolling Star really is a nice song.
    I’m going to have to look into Chatmonchy.
    Also, thanks a lot for the links.

  3. 1. the SS arc where Ichigo saves Rukia are the best episodes ever. Period
    2. Senna is NOT the best character in Bleach. She’s a filler movie character. Doesn’t count 😛
    3. Yui is freaking made of awesomesauce.
    4. Catmonchy is freaking made of awesomesauce too.
    5. Aqua Timez is freaking made of awesomesauce TIMES THREE!!
    6. All the OP and ED in Bleach are deliciously good.
    7. YOU NEED TO WATCH BLEACH AGAIN! or at least read it!

  4. Try as I might, I can never get hooked on YUI’s stuff. For some reason, the way she sings comes off as unemotional, as in it doesn’t feel like she’s putting a wholehearted amount of effort into her music. My view’s obviously in the minority though I will say that the OP she did for FMA: Brotherhood was decent by her standards =P

  5. @ Metal Fingers: I’ve never heard of Shiina Ringo. What song was it that is the best of all time? Something tells me that I’ll like it.

    @ Yi: Chatmonchy page right up top (It won’t tell you much, sadly). Chatmonchy still crushes Yui in terms of sheer awesomeness. I don’t think anything will replace Chatmonchy among my favorite. In fact, I’m listing to them now.

    @ kluxorious: I have no choice but to agree with every single point you’ve made.

    @ zzeroparticle: I feel like her best song is one on Listless Ink (the one I linked to 3 times) by the name of Never Say Die. However, I don’t have that song, and am too scared to download it…..it anyone has it, wanna do me a favor and email it to animeglo@yahool.com?

    @ Koji Oe: Haha, it’s the same with me and Nas.

  6. I became a huge Yui fan after Rolling Star came out 3 years back. Soon I “acquired” her entire discography, which I neve listened to again after the first time.

    Another great artist I’d suggest is Tommy heavenly6, she’s done OP/ED for Gintama, Gundam and D.Gray man. She recently compiled a Greatest Hits version called “Gothic Melting Ice Cream’s Darkness Nightmare”. Yea, get it NOW!

  7. Heh, well Shiina Ringo is one of those artists who jumps genres like Boris. Don’t really know if you’re gonna like her, honestly. Best I can do is suggest albums like Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana or Shouso Strip.

  8. @ th: Oh my God, Tommy heavenly6 is awesome. I completely forgot about that. That’s one of my top ten favorite OPs ever, and it’s all because of the song.

    @ Metal Fingers: Your name reminds me of MF Doom. Anyway, Shiina Ringo is definitely different, and I happen to like different. Her music is pretty cool…..she’s pretty hot too.

  9. @th
    Having just watch Paradise Kiss and listening to Tommy Heavenly6’s opening there. Can’t help but take your suggestion! Am looking for it now! 🙂

    • Also, she seems like the most uncoordinated and nonathletic person ever (if you’ve seen her video for Pray). This makes me hate her, but her music still kicks ass, as long as you don’t watch the videos.

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