Search Post Episode 5 – What Can Eye Sedso Teach You About Rug Burn?

Well it’s been a while since I got any funny search results, but with Queen’s Blade back in action, I’m sure to get some funny results:

Search Post 5

It amazes me how many different things can be found on the penis. I’ve seen everything from small bumps to hair, but rug burn? How did you manage that? Did you jerk off with a carpet sample from Home Depot or something? Did you have sex with a women whose vagina was hairier than a 40 year old Serbian? Ouch. I can’t even imagine the pain you’re going through, so I’ll just choose to laugh at your misery. Put some ice on it or something.

How many people have bumps on their penile shafts? Jesus Christ.

Skinny Penis: Haha.

Boy Penis: Wrong.

Until next time……uh……bye?

8 thoughts on “Search Post Episode 5 – What Can Eye Sedso Teach You About Rug Burn?

  1. No problem there, I suppose the Boy Penis one was in case you had Girl Penis posts and they didn’t want to get them mixed up.

    You should be a little more bothered by Pandora Hearts dress up…

  2. Hey, remember all the searches on cripple fucking that were reaching me? >_<

    But yeah, I don't really wanna know the details about that rug burn either…

  3. Oh cmon! Bump on penile shaft, rug burn… all things that have to do with anime. Anyway, someone is not sure about their sexuality or smtg, but I’m sure glothelegend has all the needed answers for them 😀

  4. @ oballer: I’m the best.

    @ Yi: I wonder what’s next…Penis on the penis? I hope not.

    @ Mr. Black: Hahaha I didn’t even see that one.

    @ Snark: Yea those cripple ones were pretty far out there.

    @ TJ: I almost feel bad for him.

    @ Andrei: I am the best.

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