InuYasha: The Final Act Episode 1 – Reactions of a Rabid InuYasha Fan

It wasn’t until the OP when I realized just how much I missed this show. With the OP, I was suddenly brought back several years in time, and remembered basically everything about why I loved this show (even the fillers…I could watch fillers of InuYasha all day).

That was fucking amazing. I exploded. As for the ED?

Holy shit that was awesome. I exploded again (when I say I exploded, I mean I literally exploded. Luckily, my heart is in a different location, so I can just rebuild my body after I explode).

Dear God, this is awesome. I remember now why InuYasha is my favorite anime ever, and will most likely always be my favorite anime ever, and I’ll get into that a bit later.

This episode was the PERFECT re-launch episode that one could ask for. Sunrise included all of the characters (even ones from Kagome’s school) and was basically just fucking awesome. I’m not even sure that I can make a coherent response to the episode, because I’m so fucking excited about what I just watched.

Hey, I heard InuYasha was back.

Hey, I heard InuYasha was back.

First of all, I love when the setting is in Kagome’s world. I hope that they, at some point, make another InuYasha movie that takes place fully in Kagome’s world, and all of Kagome’s friends find out that InuYasha is a half-demon. That would be the ideal InuYasha movie for me. Next point>>

After the first run of InuYasha came to a “completion”, I found myself disturbed in the fact that no ending was given, and so I had no choice but to read the manga, (which is fucking awesome by the way) which would be the first manga that I have ever read in my life ever. I finished that, exploded, and now here I am, with the InuYasha continuation out and about, only this time around, I know what’s going to happen. Including this:

I remember this from the manga.

That isn't scary in the least, and I think InuYasha is a huge pussy.

Hello, my name is Sesshomaru, and I rule.

Hello, my name is Sesshomaru, and I rule.

This episode literally contained everyone (even though I only showed like, three), and that made me realize something:

InuYasha has one of the most character diverse line-ups out there.

This is a picture of a calander that is no longer in use as it is 2003.

This is a picture of a calander that is no longer in use as it is 2003.

Anything from demons to humans to everything in between, and every character seems to have their own side stories and ambitions, which all coincide with each other. Don’t believe me? Well first of all, fuck you, second of all, I will now explain ALL OF THEM (with bullets):

  • Kagura wants to get free (like The Vines).
  • Kohaku has to deal with the fact that he killed pretty much his whole family, and seeks revenge on Naraku by himself. He is also being kept alive by a jewel shard, given to him by Naraku.
  • Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kikyo have to deal with their bullshit stupid love triangle (which I actually think was done pretty well by Rumiko, if you think about it)
  • Kikyo has to deal with the fact that she’s actually fucking dead. She also took care of a bandit which eventually became Naraku.
  • Kagome has to deal with the fact that she is Kiyko’s reincarnation, school, learning how to shoot arrows and pretty much a new way of life, and the fact that it’s her fault for this whole mess of the jewel breaking in the first place.
  • Inuyasha and Kikyo have to deal with the fact that Naraku pretty much tricked them into basically hating each other (I mean they never really hated each other), Kikyo dying, Inuyasha getting pinned to a tree, and getting revenge on Naraku for that.
  • Sango wants to get her brother back from Naraku, she also loves Miroku.
  • Miroku has to deal with the whole wind tunnel, and the fact that it will someday swallow him whole, unless he kills Naraku. He also has to feel up young maidens and be leacherous. He also loves Sango.
  • Shippo has to be the most annoying character ever.
  • Sesshomaru has to be fucking awesome, and he just pretty much wants to kill Naraku. Also, he has to deal with the fact that Inuyasha got the Tessaiga and he got the Tensaiga, and he needs to figure out how to work it (and when he does….fuckin forget it). Also, what’s the deal with Rin?
  • Jaken, sucks.
  • Rin: As Baka-Raptor has said, every awesome character has a small child with him, this is kind of the same thing.
  • Naraku has to deal with the fact that he fucked pretty much everyone in the world over. He wants the shard, and to stay alive, has hidden his heart elsewhere, which pretty much makes him immortal.
  • Koga has shards in his legs that make him fast. He wants to kill Naraku for revenge for his clan.
  • Kana: A girl with a mirror.
  • Hakudoshi is a detachment of Naraku, and tries to at one point overthrow him by creating Moryomaru, who I will not explain because he really has nothing much to say.
  • Totosai is a swordsmith who is funny, and whose dubbed voice is really easy and fun to impersonate.

I”m starting to kind of lose myself here, so I’m going to stop with the character bullshit. Basically, the characters are all awesome, and they all have sick back-stories. I don’t even think that I can pick a favorite. I’d say my top three (in no order) are:

  • Sesshomaru
  • Kagura
  • Inuyasha

Next episode is going to be bitter sweet.

Saying this is like saying "He's pitching a perfect game" when a pitcher it pitching a perfect game.

Saying this is like saying "He's pitching a perfect game" when a pitcher it pitching a perfect game.

Sweet because Sesshomaru fights, and is awesome. Bitter because Kagura bites it.

When I was writing this post, I exploded 12 times. I also watched the episode about 3 times.