Code-E Needs A Re-Write. I Am Up For The Task.

Code-E. I remember I found this anime way back, read the premise, and thought, “Hey now, this could be a damn good show!” Recently, I finally watched it. Biggest. Disappointment. Ever. Therefore, it seems that I have no choice but to re-write it, which I have done in this post, the series review of…


Code-E? Only if the E stands for BORING (which doesn't even start with an E)

Code-E? Only if the E stands for BORING (which doesn't even start with an E)

Before I get to the re-write, let me first get some generalities out of the way. There were two good episodes in this lame ass series. first, here’s the premise:

A seemingly normal high school girl has a strange power. Whenever she feels some type of emotion, she lets off electro magnetivity, which makes all electrical/battery operated appliances to stop working (or explode, depending on how much emotion she is feeling). Basically, she gets embarrassed, shit goes haywire. Seems like it could be good, right? Here are three screenshots, from the show, that summarize how I felt about the show:

"Finally! I've been waiting a long time to watch this show! It's been on my hold list forever!"

"Finally! I've been waiting a long time to watch this show! It's been on my hold list forever!"

"Sweet, first episode, and an AWESOME OP!"

"Sweet, first episode, and an AWESOME OP!"

"Eh? is fucking boring! Wha.....what the fuck is this bullshit!?"

"Eh? This is fucking boring! What the fuck is this bullshit!?"

This fucking show was so God damn boring that I found myself paying less attention to the show, and more attention to, say, cutting my nails. I would stop every episode many times and go do other stuff (such as watch TV, make food, take a nap, clean my room, sit around and do nothing). This show was a cluster fuck of bore. First, before I really dig into this show, let me inform you, the readers, of all of the possible good things I can:

  1. The animation was pretty cool. Even though none of the characters had noses, and I actually didn’t like the animation style at first, I’ll admit, it grew on me. The “no-nose” animation here was better than other “visible-nose” animation seen in another show (which I have had no interest in watching after the second episode). But yea, cool animation.
  2. The voice acting and actressing was good. It usually is though, so that’s not really saying much of anything.
  3. Episode 9-10. They were pretty cool because Chinami loses it. Almost looks psychotic in one scene.

Well, those are pretty much the only good parts. Oh yea, there is this:

I’ve already talked about this before, but this OP is pretty sick. Easily the most exciting thing in the entire series. Let me now talk about how shitty this show was.

I’ve already said boring, how about stupid in general? How about dumb character designs (that’s different from animation)? Fuck it, here’s my re-write (not an entire fucking re-write, but more of a guideline).


The re-write of celebrated script-writer, Glo the Legend

The plot will be kept basically the same, except that Chinami has slightly better control of her powers, until she gets comfortable with a place, and forgets to control them. (except when she gets really emotional) (see premise above).

1) Chinami Ebihara

She looks good in this picture, but that's only because the wind is blowing, her midriff is showing (making her look more skinny), and everything is a lot more detailed than in the anime. This is the on'y picture I can find where she doesn't look dumb.

She looks good in this picture, but that's only because the wind is blowing, her midriff is showing (making her look more skinny), and everything is a lot more detailed than in the anime. This is the on'y picture I can find where she doesn't look dumb.

She needs a make-over, and fast. She’s in high school, correct? Then why does she look older than her mother? Personally, I wouldn’t do much. Maybe just cut her hair to shoulder length, her hair is just too bushy for me to handle.

Also, make her a little less boring. She basically forces her family to move whenever her powers get in the way of life and become noticable, so why not make her hardened from her past, kind of like Haruhi before she met Kyon in the beginning of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu? (before she became eccentric, you know, in the first episode when she was a moody, serious, bitch). However, this hardened appearance is simply a front, when actually she’s a petty nice person, with lots of emotions. (think Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh). Now there’s a winning character.
2) Sonomi Kujo:

Fucking bushy ass hair. Give her a different hair style and I’m better. And maybe make her a bit taller, with bigger tits (think, Siesta from Zero no Tsukaima, but a stuck up snob).

3) Yuma Saihashi: Her eyes are fucking buggin’. She’s a miko, so why does she look like she wants to kill me.

But hold on there, now we have two tsundere type characters, don’t we?

Pretty much. We would have Chinami, which is sort of tsundere, except she does accept her feelings, she just doesn’t share them. And Sonomi is just a rich snob, so basically these two will be going at it all show, instead of just getting depressed when they see the other with Kotaro (who, by the way, needs no changes….maybe give him some more humor). And the rest of the characters can be dropped (except, like, her school friends). Pretty much any other antagonists, like the twins with blonde hair. I hate them). Anyway, here is the new general premise revision:

In the old series, the “bad guys” wanted to use Chinami for power or something. That’s gay. Here’s my idea (I’m writing this as I go).

Episode One: Chinami is introduced as a character. She get’s to school, and introduces her self. As the class progresses, she acts indifferent to the teacher and classmates. Nothing too much out of the ordinary happens, as she has learned by now to control her powers a little bit. The other classmates are a bit intimidated, but some still try to become her friend, and do after about 3 episodes of trying.

Episode Two: The first incident in the classroom happens when Chinami slips and hits her head, when she hits her head, the lights flicker or some shit like that happens. Chinami says sorry, which confuses most of the students (because she never says sorry, and in this case especially, she doesn’t need to). From this, Yuma takes notice of her.

Episode Three: Chinami, who does have a soft side and is nice out of class, begins to get comfortable in class and with her classmates and as she does, she begins to open up slightly, which means that the indifferent, mean front that she puts up (which is sort of her way of controlling her power), begins also to deteriorate. Kotaru begins to notice.

Episode Four: About 1/3rd of the way into the episode, Kotaru tells her that he “wants her body”, and she goes nuts (just like in the actual anime) and runs away. The next day, she avoids him, ironically, the more she tries to avoid him, the more he pops up randomly around town or at school.

Episode Five: Kotaru chases her around town, just like the anime, trying to get her to let him study her. She then breaks down and tells him about everything about how her powers force her to move, and how she has developed a “mean” personality to combat the uncontrollably of her powers. Then she runs away.

Episode Six: On the bus the next day, Chinami and Kotaru meet up, and Kotaru explains that he thinks that he can help her gain better control of her powers. Over the course of the day, she and Kotaru perform tests. At one point, Chinami slips and falls on Kotaru, creating the obligatory “awkward moment that leads toward romance.” Later, Yuma confronts Chinami, telling her that she has the same powers, but on a lesser scale. She asks her to come to the shrine the next day, which she does. Sonomi is also introduced, and from the get go it is clear that she and Chinami do not get along. When she angers Chinami, Chinami loses control of her powers, and Sonomi must be filled in about her powers, and is told to be kept quiet by Kotaru (she obeys because Kotaru is the one asking).

Episode Seven: Yuma and Chinami spend the day after school at the shrine. Yuma tells her that she needs to learn how to control her powers soon, because if she doesn’t get them under control, then they can become unruly to the point of causing harm to everyone around her. Yuma helps try and give her lessons of how to train her. Later, in the “obligatory bath thinking scene”, she debates leaving everyone so that they don’t get hurt. She mainly thinks of Kotaru’s well-being. These thoughts send her into depression.

Episode Eight: Obligatory School Festival episode. Chinami realizes her feelings for Kotaru when Yumi calls him her boy-friend. She vows to control her powers more. This festival only lasts half of the episode, and the next half is dedicated to Chinami and Kotaru training and observing with more “awkward moments that lead toward romance.”

Episode Nine: Sonomi gets really jealous and crying and upset and confronts Kotaru (just like in the anime) and Kotaru tells her that he doesn’t need Chinami for anything besides scientific data. Chinami hears is and pretty much loses it. She runs away, causing mayhem and such (pretty much, this is exactly like episode 9 in the anime). She doesn’t return home, and instead sleeps at Yuma’s. Yuma can tell that something is wrong, but Chinami won’t tell her, and puts up a front of “oh, nothings wrong.” At this point, she decided that she is going to leave and try and live on her own.

Episode Ten: The next day, Chinami is shown walking through the city, and everything electronic near her are blowing their circuits. At school Kotaru is depressed about Chinami, and stays locked up in his science room. Sonomi sees that he is depressed, and takes him out to the box social…or whatever it is kids do these days. While they’re roaming around town, Kotaru is being an emo fag, and Sonomi can’t break him out of his funk. At one point, everything in the shopping district where Kotaru and Sonomi are shuts down and blows fuses. Kotaru runs  randomly down the road, thinking that Chinami is around.

Episode Eleven: The next day in school, Yuma tells Kotaru and Sonomi that she thinks Chinami has run away, and if they don’t do something, her powers might put the entire city in jeopardy. Alex Trebek comes in and makes a funny cameo/pun. They leave school, to look for her all over the city, following the power outages as a path to where Chinami might be. At the end of the episode, they find her at the outskirts of the city, and she looks like a crazy bitch, with all sorts of electricity coming  out of her and shit.

Episode Twelve (Final): Generic ending. They argue back and forth about how she shouldn’t leave (kind of like telling a suicidal person not to kill themselves). But at this point, Chinami has absolutely no control of her emotions or her power. Yuma protects Sonomi and Kotaru (with some kind of electric bullshit I don’t know make something up). Then Kotaru goes up to her and says some gay shit about how he likes her. He kisses her, and then surprisingly, all is well. Sonomi is so depressed that she kills herself. Nobody cares though because she was a bitch. THE END.

Is that a completely cliche and bullshit ending? Yes. In fact, this anime isn’t even that great. but it’s ten times better than the bullshit I had to watch. Don’t believe me? Here are some…


Chinami completely loses control of her emotions and powers (not a lot, just a bit).

Chinami completely loses control of her emotions and powers (not a lot, just a bit).

I’ll say that I actually liked episode 9. Look at Chinami. She looks crazy. Also, she just walks down the street, and doesn’t even care that she’s breaking every electronic device along the way. Too bad she became pretty much cheerful by the next episode. She should have become yandere and killed everyone. I haven’t seen a show with a yandere in a while.

Well, I guess some people can just come right out and say it.

Well, I guess some people can just come right out and say it.

Okay, when Kotaru went running after Chinami, I thought, okay, he’s going to say some words, and eventually he’ll confess his love for Chinami. Instead, they show him running, and then this screenshot just kind of pops up. I just sat there and thought, “Wait, what just happened?” Basically, the whole confessing part was done poorly, and was rushed. And then everything broke, causing Kotaru to fall about 2 feet, and then this happened:



Are you serious buddy? The debris on your feet is like....paper.

Are you serious buddy? The debris on your feet is like....paper.

Okay, so Kotaru gets covered in “debris.” Not only does this “debris” look like it has a combined weight of about 3 pounds, they try to make this scene dramatic by making it seem as though Kotaru is dying or something. Look at the above scene. Is this like….a serious scene? The debris looks like nothing, you’re telling me you can’t wriggle out of there? For you to be stuck like that, the weight of the debris would have to be well over 300 pounds, which I’m sure Chinami would not be able to life (she later moves the debris, debunking the fact that the debris is heavy). It looks like paper, or crushed sheet metal, which is still pretty light. When I saw this scene, the first thought that popped into my head was Hot Shots and Hot Shots:Part Deux (awesome movies, especially the second one). I could not take this ending seriously. You know what? this review is over. Code-E sucks.


Bill is uneffected by electric current. He beat Code-E into the ground.

Bill is uneffected by electric current. He beat Code-E into the ground.

There is a second season, and there is also no way I’m going to watch it (although I might).


5 thoughts on “Code-E Needs A Re-Write. I Am Up For The Task.

  1. I watched like 2 episodes and gave up. But I feel like watching it again after I read how YOUR STORY goes lol. You and I need to sit down and brainstorm for a fanfic or something ^^

  2. One look at that girl and I’m bored. I’m fine with glasses, but those glasses are just fugly. Also, agreed her hair needs reworking. I scroll down to see some screenshots, and I see the generic male lead… He looks boring and most likely has a boring personality.

  3. To be honest, a 3 is better than I expected after all that.

    Code-E’s ending is pretty bad, I have to agree, although I think you’re off-base for a lot of the rest of the show. It’s a very laid-back show despite the sort of sci-fi premise, and I feel you’re expecting a bit too much Exciting!(tm) out of it.

    Similar to Chinami, I suppose, who may look a bit plain, but, y’know, there are girls like that. Different appeals for different people. Code-E is decidedly ‘normal’, I guess, for a show that doesn’t sound anything such.

    The other thing I can say is, yeah, Code-E’s ending sucked, so watch Mission-E. It’s the sequel. It features more action. More badassery. More shiny suits. And Chinami is a lot cooler. You might actually like it. Best of luck~

  4. @ oballer: I have never seen Jake 2.0.

    @ kluxorious: It was very boring. I’m actually debating writing a book, although I don’t have a clue what about.

    @ Yi: I actually fell asleep right after the OP was over in the first episode.

    @ CCY: Sometimes I like a laid-back anime. Actually more often than not. But even most laid-back anime have a better story line than Code-E. I just could never get into it.

    I probably will end up watching the sequel, only because I already downloaded every episode.

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