Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid > A Lot

This will be short…I hope. I thought that the first season of FMP was pretty good. I mean, it didn’t really blow me away or anything, but it was deserving of a solid 5. The second season, 2nd Raid, was absolutely astounding, and one of the best seasons of anything that I’ve season (dare I say, top 20?).

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid

Characters were awesomeer.

First of all, if they make a live action adaptation, I will explode with hatred. After Dragonball, I don’t think any anime should be attempted Live Action by any US studio. And if they do make an adaptation, and use ZAC “THE FAG” EFRON, I will literally shoot myself in the head, because at this point, the world will have become a place filled with too much stupidity to live (doesn’t look like it will happen though, which is the reason I made a threat of shooting myself in the head). A third season would be amazing though.

I said before that the first season was good, but I felt like it was  missing something. After watching the second season, it was clear to me just what that something was:

Character Depth

The characters were okay in the first one, but Sousuke was the only one who had any form of real depth, but this was mainly due to the fact that we actually learned about his past. I’m not going to get to detailed, because I need to sleep, and that required an hour of laying in bed (for me…eventually I’ll just get bored and pass out).

  • Chinami: We get to see her adapt to being left without Sousuke. This was one of my favorite parts of the season, because she’s kicking ass and using tools/methods that she picked up from Sousuke. She was fucking awesome.
  • Tessa: She has to deal with growing up and learning how to take responsibility for her soldiers, and also make tough decisions.
  • Sousuke: Well toward the end, he had a bottle of scotch with him in a room with a prostitute that looked siimilar to Chinami. What does that tell you?

Character Depth was certainly improved, but that isn’t enough to bring it up from a 5 to a 5^^. This season seemed like it had zero bullshit (I guess they put that in Fumoffu, which I am going to watch when I finish Aria, which I will now pick up), more action, and sick new characters:

  • Gates: This dude is fucking OUT OF HIS MIND. Like, he is literally crazy. He reminds me of the Joker a little bit. I love it.
  • The Xia Yu Twins (Fan and Lan): Awesome, incestual twins that are cold and awesome. Here’s a picture:
Lesbian incest, it's a Japanese tradition.

Lesbian incest, it's a Japanese tradition.

Okay, they have red eyes. People, helllooooo? Red fucking eyes! That’s the next best thing to heterochomian! And they each have a beauty mark on opposite sides of they’re faces, which are awesome.

Basically, this second season surpassed both the first season and my expectations. I couldn’t stop watching it. I should have been studying for a test, but fuck, it’s only college (I through priorities out the window long ago). So yea, as I’ve already said:


Bill wishes that he were in MITHRL.

Bill wishes that he were in MITHRIL.

When I’m old, that’s my Halloween Costume (Captain Planet this year…spandex baby, hope my man lump doesn’t mind).


7 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid > A Lot

  1. I am still waiting for a third season. Hope We can see it soon. If they make a live action movie before a possible third season, I will really “panic” and slam my head in the desk.

  2. Yes! Gates was basically the reason to be watching this show. How could anyone hate a warmonger who beats off to kittens. I loved the way they played up his psychotic tendencies.

  3. @ Baka-Raptor: I have yet to see another show with said lesbian twins, which makes me think that there is something seriously wrong with the world.

    @ toonleap: AWESOME PUN. 60 points.

    @ zzeroparticle: He was one in a million. God knows how anything could beat off to kittens.

    @ Cello: I would watch the first season. The first season is still good. It’s just that this season is spectacular. I don’t think that this season would be as good if it weren’t for the first one, because the second season builds on the first one.

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