Detroit Metal City: Review From Hell

I was going to write a first impressions post, but then I discovered that I had already finished the entire anime, so here is a review. What should I write about this?


I think that the above picture sums up my feelings of this show, which I was reminded into watching by Baka-Raptor (who also reminded me or convinced me into watching Touch, The Rapeman, and more).

Do I really need to review? This anime is full of awesome in pretty much every category. I mean, it’s full of rape, hilarity, rape, Engrish swearing,  more hilarity, more rape, and even rape. Even Tokyo Tower can’t withstand the epic rape that she gets.

Sorry, I should have metioned that all images might not be suitable for work.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that all images might not be suitable for work.

And I mentioned awesome hilarious Engrish (I fucking LOVE Engrish):

Oh my God she is awesomly great with her Engrish

The President just adds the F-word on to the end of any sentence. In fact, the F-word plays a key part in this show.

In all honesty, this is probably the funniest fucking show that I’ve ever seen (except Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, which will never be replaced). If you haven’t seen DMC, then you’re a fuck.

Premise: This fucking huge ass pussy of a kid, named Negishi, moved to Tokyo in hopes of being in a Swedish Pop Group or some gay kind of music group like that. Instead, he somehow became the lead singer in a death metal band called Detroit Metal City, where his name is Johannes Krauser II and he sings about rape, murder, and all that good fun stuff. Krauser is pretty much the opposite of Negishi, and is fucking awesome as opposed to being a little bitch.

What makes this anime awesome is that anything that Krauser does, whether on purpose or by accident, is somehow turned into something bad ass and awesome by all of the fans. You know what, fuck this review, you should watch the show and make your own assumptions.


Well, you could tell that Bill liked it.

After being raped ten times in one second by Krauser, Bill decided, "Why fight it?"

EDIT: The manga isn’t bad either:

This is fucking hilarious to me.

This is fucking hilarious to me.

17 thoughts on “Detroit Metal City: Review From Hell

  1. This show parodies pretty much every aspect of the metal genre and does an awesome job of it. I can’t remember all the times I’ve laughed at the sheer ridiculous moments from Negishi’s epic tractor driving skills to just about everything that comes out of the director’s mouth. How anyone could describe femal arousal in so many different ways is a wonder to behold.

  2. I fucking love this show. I quoted the President in every day life, which warrant some queer look from people but who the fuck cares, they don’t watch DMC! Some people I recommended it too thinks it deteriorate their mental health. They are the faggot of community so whatever, right? But most of the people I recommended it to was addicted to DMC like me addicted to tea (yeah tea. fuck you). The meeting with them is awesome especially when we started to quote the president and talked about Krauser raping the Tokyo Tower.

  3. This review made me want to watch this show. Well it wasn’t really the review considering you didn’t really do anything…it was more that second screenshot. Where should I watch it and how long is it.

  4. @ zzeroparticle: I was going to put the tractor scene in this review, but I was too lazy to screenshot it. That whole scene reminded me of family guy, when Marylin Manson visits Chris and tells him to do good in school or whatever. It was really funny.

    @ kluxorious: It’s very addicting. I have since started reading the manga. I’m almost done. I think that the anime is better though for obvious reasons like being able to hear the music and the Engrish. God the President is hilarious.

    @ Refuse to Come Wack: I actually think that Joe would LOVE this show. I watched it here:

    However, a lot of that is megavideo, which you have to stop after 72 minutes, unless you have firefox and have illimitux installed. You could watch it here:

    It’s only 13 episodes long, and the episodes are really short.

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  6. omg this show is FUCKING AWESOME…. im pretty sure ill finish this whole thing in one night (im on 8 now) hahahahaha thank god you guys suggested this to me

    and the funniest dude is def their drummer hahahaha

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