Nyan Koi to Phantom to Everything in Between

I’ll probably be the only one who thinks this post is brilliant. If you read it, you might get free beer!


Now that I’ve got your attention with the empty gesture of free beer, here are some things I would like to say:

Nyan Koi!

I was only going to watch 2 shows week to week:

  1. InuYasha: The Final Act
  2. Natsu no Arashi 2

Well, so much for that. I couldn’t hold back…on….Nyan Koi!? Really!? Nyan Koi was the show that I couldn’t not watch? Well whatever, the show kicks ass.

Premise: From all the fall preview posts and shit like that, you should know the God damn premise already, if not, the internet is a vast source for information, you can find out the general plot somewhere I’m sure.

Basically, after two episodes of this show, I have learned that it actually has some pretty good humor. I like cats, or as the Mexicans call them “Los Gatos de Diablos”, so talking cats and a show with similar episodes doesn’t bother me at all. So far the best character is:

Style baby

This girl loves cats, but what’s more, she’s got some style. I like the hair, I like the makeup, she looks cool. If a girl looked like this in real life, I would probably date her maybe depending on how the transition of makeup on an anime girl to makeup on a real life girl went. I mean, things in anime tend to look a lot cooler looking than things in real life. Cosplay comes to mind, although I no longer have any problem with cosplay (I’ll still never do it).

So Kanoko looks cool, but she only wore her makeup for one fucking episode. That’s fucking gay. It looks like she won’t be wearing any anymore either, which is even more gay. However, she’s still the best character due to these factors:

  • Tomboy
  • Controlling
  • Cool Personality

Honestly, the only reason I like her as a character is the makeup and the tomboy persona. Whatever. This show is good so far.


Fucking Check

Speaking of cool looking characters….

The Top Cool Looking Characters Ever List

I don’t know if anyone remembers that I was making a “list” of cool looking characters, but I was. I still am, but there’s a lot of writing and picture finding and unfortunately I’m very lazy. Maybe I’ll put out one more to round it off. Speaking of lists…

Longest Post in the History of Eye Sedso

What's this post going to be about? You'll find out if I ever finish it.

What's this post going to be about? You'll find out if I ever finish it.

I am currently writing a very long post. It was going to be cool, but unfortunately, I’m very lazy, and it’s taken me weeks just to get to the D’s, and since I have started this post, there have been a lot of similar posts coming out (which I won’t link to because it will give away what this post will be about), so now my idea isn’t going to seem original, which actually doesn’t effect me at all. I’m still writing it, and maybe I’ll finish it (it get’s longer by the day though. (you might be able to guess what it is, although that’s a large “might”.) Speaking of lists…

Worst Characters Ever List

That’s right, I’m devising a top ten worst characters list, and here’s what I know about it so far:

  • Reina will be on it.
  • Shippo will be on it.

Speaking of Shippo…

InuYasha: The Final Act – Episode 2+3

Have I mentioned that I'm really happy about InuYasha returning?

No, Kagura, you're going to die.

Fuckin Kagura died (again, since I already saw her die in the manga). Fuck that. Kagura is like, awesome. If she were a girl in real life, I would probably date her. Not maybe. It’s a sealed deal. However, I am yet to meet a girl with red eyes that isn’t an albino, so that’s not going to happen ever.

Episode 3? I’m not sure I even want to watch it (I do), because it’s about fucking Shippo. No I don’t mean that some one is going to penetrate Shippo, say, with a penis. I mean that the episode is about Shippo, and Shippo is fucking stupid. No, I don’t mean to say that Shippo is having sex with someone named stupid, I mean that Shippo is one of the worst characters ever.

Alphabet of Manliness: Extended Version

Longer, Harder

Buy this now.

Buy this now.

When I went to buy this today (a task which I should have done earlier). I became enraged because Borders didn’t have it. Therefore I traveled from Westfarms Mall in New Britain (or Newington or where ever) to Westfield Mall in Meriden, where Borders books doesn’t blow hard, and purchased this book for $16.50. It contains 30+ pages of material compared to the original, including the Numbers of Manliness. It’s funny, and since some ass hole still have my copy of the original, because he’s too cheap to buy his own, I enjoy my purchase.

Other Stupid Shit

Having a stack of burger wrapped in paper and sitting right in front of me as I help myself to their tasty goodness is one of my actual goals in life. The sad thing is, I could do it whenever I want, and haven't. I actually hate this girl because she's getting to do it. She stole my fucking dream.

Having a stack of burger wrapped in paper and sitting right in front of me as I help myself to their tasty goodness is one of my actual goals in life. The sad thing is, I could do it whenever I want, and haven't. I actually hate this girl because she's getting to do it. She stole my fucking dream.

Yes, I will have a review of Phantom down below, this way the title makes sense, because everything “in between” is literally “in between” Nyan Koi and Phantom. I rule.

Let’s see here. Here are some things that I still haven’t finished but probably should have finished by now, if not for the fact that, believe it or not, my life does not revolve around anime. I had a busy weekend getting hammered [delete] My whole life is one big doubt. What the fuck was I even- oh yea:

I should have finished by now:

  • Basquash! – good show, not watching for some reason EDIT: I have restarted watching it, and it’s still awesome.
  • Pandora Hearts – good show, not watching for some reason, started to yesterday though.
  • Bleach: Whatever that new movie is that I was going to watch tonight until I started writing this bullshit update/filler/juicy fruit post.
  • Tenchi Muyo – Wtf, I started it and was flying through. Then I stopped.
  • Ranma 1/2 – Honestly, it’s been about 7 years now since I started this.
  • Spice and Wolf II -good show, could finish in a day no problem.
  • Umi Monogatari – good show (from what I saw).

I should have started:

  • Natsu no Arashi 2 – Under-rated.
  • Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – This show kicks ass. Why the fuck have I only watched one episode?
  • Onani Master Kurosawa – This looks like it’s right up my alley, Wtf?
  • Bakemonogatari – I space out my Shinbo.

I have only just started:

  • Aria – got through half of the first episode, then Megavideo said “Ah Ah Ah! You didn’t say the magic word! Ah Ah Ah!” Then Samuel L Jackson got his arm bit off by a raptor. In fact, it was Baka-Raptor (I guess I might as well say that).

The New York Giants

Are the most disgusting team I have ever seen. If they get anything less than a Super Bowl victory this year I will be sadly disappointed. Although they have been playing teams like the Raiders (who they DESTROYED with their back up players).

The Boston Red Sox

I didn’t even watch the first game. I tortured myself into watching some of the second game. To tell you the truth I didn’t care about the playoffs at all this year. Usually it’s my favorite time of the year. Today I watched the game with general excitment. Then they put in Papelbon, and I almost just shut the tv off. I had been saying ALL YEAR. Trade Papelbon. He gets worse every year. He can’t control his fastball, everything is over the plate. You know what? Here are a list of things that I CALLED.

  • In game 2 Yanks vs Twins, I actually said, “Texiera is going to get to first somehow, and then A-Rod is going to hit a home run.” I have witnisses. Naturally it happened, andI wasn’t surprised in the least.
  • The Red Sox brought Rameriz in the relieve. I said, “he’s going to load the bases, and probably not get a single out.” Needless, to say, it happened.
  • The Red Sox Brought in Papelbon in the 8th [today] and I said, “Well, that’s the game, Papelbon SUCKS.’ Needless to say he allowed about 3 or 4 runs. I don’t know WHY Francona didn’t just leave Wagner in. He gave up a hit and a walk and then settled down. STUPID, BONEHEAD MANAGER.
  • “Carl Pavano will pitch good tonight. (I actually said this about the one game playoff as well). As usual, I was correct.

I can predict anything. I think that the Yankees will probably win everything, but the Angles have a fierce lineup. So anything can happen.

The Denver Nuggets

Are fucking awesome, and this year is the year that they beat the Lakers (even though the Lakers are even better than last year….somehow).

Speaking of Nuggets….

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Shit, I used the only screen shot of this show that I took. I need a picture below the title though, so I’ll just pick a random one that I have lying around.

There's a reason I have this saved. I plan to use it. (aka, you'll see this again.)

There's a reason I have this saved. I plan to use it. (aka, you'll see this again.)

Yea, that works. Okay, review. Phantom, in my opinion, was…….PHANTastic! (*crickets*). What’s wrong with that? It’s a good pu- okay fine then.

Premise: Again, the internet is vast. I will tell you that it’s about assassins.

I almost dropped this show. Then I just let it sit and pile up interest (episodes) over time. Good thing I did. I was able to avoid a recession and didn’t end up laying this show off. Nor did I give it a bailout. It was a good show though.

I’d say the thing that stood out most for me was the story progression. Something was always happening that moved the story in a different direction, and even though there were a lot of corny moments, they really weren’t that bad. I really on;y had a few things that I didn’t like about it:

  1. Reiji died at the end. Now, I don’t mind the fact that he died. I expected one of them to die. But the way that they killed him off was so stupid and pointless that as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive and having sex with Eren (not Elen….Elen  isn’t as cool looking or sounding  as Eren, so her name, as far as I’m concerned, is Eren). I mean, I guy in a wagon randomly kills him in the last second of the last episode, after the entire plot is basically over. They just kind of did it to say that they did it. Retarded. Marks off for that.
  2. The soundtrack was repetitive to say the least. In one episode, it seemed like they played the song that was supposed to be for “building suspense” for what seemed like the entire 24 minutes. It became very stupid, and slightly annoying, to say the least. Incorrect answer, Phantom, Marks off.

Best Character?

Cal, because she somehow went from being the girl in the above burger picture, to being a girl with huge tits who kills people in only 2 years. probably physically impossible in real life. I mean, one day she’s like, 12, then next day she’s like 18.

Also, she was easily the best of the assassins. I mean, she had the watch, and when it stopped playing she would shoot the other person. Wasn’t that in a Clint Eastwood movie or something? If you know (Mike) then feel free to tell me.

Too bad she died too.

Overall, though, I thought that it was pretty cool. I liked how they incorporated the Phantom of the Opera (which I have never seen, and don’t plan to see any time soon) into the show with a similar name. Overall, I’d give it a

FINAL GRADE = 5 (I had it at a 5*, but after a few days, a 5 is better)

Bill used to be a Phantom, so he fought on an even keel with Phantom. They later had drinks.

Bill used to be a Phantom, so he fought on an even keel with Phantom. They later went out for drinks.

Wow this became a long ass post.


13 thoughts on “Nyan Koi to Phantom to Everything in Between

  1. shit. reading this freaking long post reminds me that there’s so many anime that I need to pick up again. Feels fucking retarded that I like those shows but ended up putting it on hold because life fuck me hard in the ass. Anyway, thanks to you, I’m gonna watch Nyan-Koi although I was about to drop it.

  2. I’m really disappointed in the Red Sox. As a Yankees fan, I’m so desensitized to seeing my team win the World Series that it’s no longer exciting unless we beat the Red Sox in the process.

  3. @ Seinime: Speaking of Search results, I’m posting a search post tonight….who on God’s green Earth would look for Shippo porn? Or Shippo anything for that matter?

    @ kluxorious: My influence knows no boundaries.

    @ Baka-Raptor: The Red Sox went into a diismal slump right before the playoffs, so I wasn’t really expecting anything. Also they’re going to be worse next year, as they will most likely lose Bay to the Yankees, who will spend 50 zillion dollars and get Bay, Holliday, and Joe Mauer. The Red Sox could do the same, but they only spend lots of money on shitty playerslike JD Drew and Julio Lugo. The Red Sox need to hire me as the GM, I would easily overspend for Mauer, resign Bay, and trade Lowell for a prospect or something. I would also deal Papelbon (to an NL team) for either prospects or a pitcher of some sort. Maybe include Drew and get someone good, because everyone except Red Sox and Dogers fans seem to over value Drew, who sucks.

    At least the Giants are fucking disgusting and will never lose. And NBA starts soon. Fuck life.

    @ Snark: My influence knows no boundaries.

    @ blur: Baseball? It’s NFL season. God this post was long.

    • Potato vodka is better than grain vodka (for women at least) because the hangovers are not as bad. Just a little fun fact about vodka. Personally, I prefer rum to vodka, even though I’ve been drinking mainly vodka of late. (until last weekend)…..of late meaning, in the summer.

  4. Ok, now I actually read your post.

    Your assertion about Papelbon? Blatantly false – a 1.85 ERA is decidedly not a bad ERA. Additionally, his WHIP was 1.15 for the season, which isn’t at all bad either. I’ll point out that his ERA actually went down from last year to this (he was in the 2’s last year, and the opponent’s batting average was higher too). Using his performance in game three is a bad hermeneutic, because its so severely limited, not to mention aberrational – those runs were the first he’s given up in post-season play in 25 innings of work. So, yeah, I’m pissed about the way it turned out, but I have to admit that Papelbon doesn’t suck. And if Francona didn’t put him in, who the hell would they have put in? Ramirez? Thanks, think I’ll stick with stabbing myself in the face. Wagner had given up two runs, that doesn’t really say ‘good choice’ to me.

    Anyway, worst ALCS ever coming up. The Evil Empire vs. the team that dumps beer all over the jersey of a guy who got killed by a drunk driver. I wish there was a way they could just all fall into a gigantic sinkhole. But then the world would implode because a national league team would win the World Series, and everyone knows they suck epically.

    But, hey, its okay, because next year Tazawa is going to lead us to the Golden Land! Right after he skewers some of the Yankees roster. It’ll be awesome.

    And I didn’t notice any hockey stuff on here – what the fuck is wrong with you? Hockey is one of the best sports ever!

    P.S. Giants suck and Eli Manning sucks harder.

    • Papelbon’s stats are pretty consistant, but this year, he’s been giving up a lot of hard hit balls. I’ve noticed that his control seems to be off, and frankly, I think he’s trying to throw too hard. I think he should cut back slightly.

      Ramirez sucks. He’s only good for half a season. I already knew this before this season began when I saw that last year, during the first half of the season his era was about 3, and during the second half it was around 6.

      I would’ve left Wagner in for one more batter, I feel like Francona panicked. Whatever, we’ll never know, maybe it was just meant for the Angels to win…I mean they were due.

      I forgot about Tazawa! YES! He’s the MAN. And we’ll hopefully have Daisuke pitching good (like at the end of this season). I think out pitching will be good (better as far as starting rotation goes, Lester, Beckett, Buchholz, Matsuzaka, Tazawa (maybe), that’s pretty damn good). But we need another bat.

      Hockey? I’m bitter. I used to love hockey more than you know your first name. I used to go outside with my roller blades and a hockey stick and pretend that I was Geoff Sanderson, aka the best player ever and commentate Geoff Sanderson scoring goals. I would do this all day long, every single day.

      Then, one day, that fucking ass hole jack ass fuck face dipshit cunt sucking back stabbing dick sucking faggot loving baby toucher, Peter Karmanos, who is a known pedofile and loves to rape women and children with his tiny, 1/2 inch pecker, decided to move my beloved Whalers away from Hartford, alllllllll the way down to North Carolina, where they show zero games. They gave us the fucking Wolfpack. And the AHL is fucking boring compared to the NHL. That was the day where I lost my love for hockey, which was the only sport I cared about, and started following the Red Sox and the Giants (Nuggets didn’t come till about 4 years ago).

      In fact, today I saw a lady with a Whalers jacket in a store, and it looked new, I decided to ask her where she got it, so I could buy a similar one, but never did, and I’ve regretted it ever since. I’ve signed so many petitions to get the Whalers back, but for some reason, there is still no team. If I ever become a billionaire, then I would gladly spend my entire amount of money if it means bringing the Whalers back.

      I tried to follow the Hurricanes. Didn’t work.

      I tried to follow the Penguins (back when they actually had cool jerseys). Didn’t work (and now I hate them because of oballer (who quit watching anime) and his gay obsession with Sidney Crosby and everyone else on the team. I hope they all get hurt and lose every game this year.)

      I tried to follow the Bruins. Almost worked. I went to a few games and they were naturally awesome. In fact, whenever I watch Hockey on tv, it’s still awesome, but to me hockey is like this:

      I had a wife who I loved dearly and could not live without (Whalers). She got hit by an out of control steamroller (or something) and died. How am I supposed to love any girl (team) the way I loved her (Whalers)? Impossible. And yes, that was fucking corny and gay, but it’s also fucking true.


      You made me relive a bad time in my child hood. Great. I’m going to see if there’s any Geoff Sanderson jerseys on ebay (again).


      • I actually went to a Bruins @ Hurricanes game and bitched half the time about how they had dared defile the NHL by moving the Whalers to freaking North Carolina. Seriously, no one gives a shit here! They won a freaking Stanley Cup, and still no one gave a shit! I’m a Bruins fan, but I’m mad that they did that. Fucking bitches. The only more egregious sin I can think of in the NHL was stealing a team from freaking Minnesota to give to Texas. Seriously, who decides this shit?

        I will admit that Papelbon was a bit heart-attack at times, but solid closers are a hard find. You’re honestly better at sticking with what you have than tossing the dice on someone else, particularly when you consider how variable relief pitchers are from year to year. But, hey, he’s probably gonna go chase the dollars all the way to fucking New York, so I guess this is a non-issue! Bard might be ready to step up by the spring…

        I notice you left Wakefield out of your rotation… not cool! He had a solid season. Knuckleballers definitely are like wine. I hope he can fully recuperate over the winter, since I don’t think he was entirely healthy even when he did get back from the DL, as evidenced by his losing both of his decisions and the fact that it shot his ERA up.

        I don’t think Tazawa will start the season with the big club; I see him as being called up later on.

        As for relief pitchers I don’t like, I’ve always been biased against Manny Delcarmen. I just feel like he fucks things up at the most inopportune times.

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