Search Post Epiosde 6

This is going to be long, despite that I cut out about half of the results.

Search Post 6

Top Three:

gigantic penis: I just think that it sounds funny. Who searches, “gigantic penis”? By typing this, it’s understandable how you were led to my site, as it is riddled with my name. Guilty by association I guess.
My Penis: I find it funny that someone is searching for their own penis on the internet. You do realize that the internet doesn’t know you personally, so it doesn’t know who you’re talking about when you say “my”? Yeah. Read a book jackass.

is my penis skinny: First of all, you’re asking the internet. Gay. Second of all, you’re wording gives of the vibe that you do have a skinny ass penis. If you didn’t, you would be asking, “Do I have a thick penis?” which you don’t have. Have fun with your twig cock, asshole.

Search Posts rule.