Search Post Epiosde 6

This is going to be long, despite that I cut out about half of the results.

Search Post 6

Top Three:

gigantic penis: I just think that it sounds funny. Who searches, “gigantic penis”? By typing this, it’s understandable how you were led to my site, as it is riddled with my name. Guilty by association I guess.
My Penis: I find it funny that someone is searching for their own penis on the internet. You do realize that the internet doesn’t know you personally, so it doesn’t know who you’re talking about when you say “my”? Yeah. Read a book jackass.

is my penis skinny: First of all, you’re asking the internet. Gay. Second of all, you’re wording gives of the vibe that you do have a skinny ass penis. If you didn’t, you would be asking, “Do I have a thick penis?” which you don’t have. Have fun with your twig cock, asshole.

Search Posts rule.


18 thoughts on “Search Post Epiosde 6

  1. Lol your description of “my penis” reminds me of that Futurama episode where the aliens of Omicron whatever want “human horns” as an aprodisiac. The guy’s penis got sold to the black market lol.

  2. dude search Pennywise the clown on google images and your picture is like the 4th one.. thats why your getting that so much haha

  3. Pennywise the Clown is the clown in Stephen King’s It. I seem to remember you had a post with his image.
    Anyway, my search results are much more mundane and uninteresting.

  4. @ Seinime: Congrats, you might be the only person ever to search glothelegend, besides me.

    @ Panther: Search Posts rule.

    @ Yi: Yea, I searched it. I’ve never seen It, (nor read it), so I didn’t know it’s name. It’s al oballer says, my picture is the fifth image when you google it.

    Midget fucking clown shows just how perverse clowns and people who like clowns really are.

    @ nekosasu: That reminds me of “going up stream” or something, all I picture is a small raft rowing into a vagina hahaha.

    @ Snark: A show about a gay samurai suddenly feels like it could be a really funny movie.

  5. I am just starting to gather this type of data. Nothing as crazy as yours, but will have to see down the road.

    Still trying to understand the search for “my penis” dude, you can not EVERYTHING on the Internet, but sometimes very close

  6. I couldn’t help but notice you had a high concentration of searchers looking for boy penis. That may or may not be telling of your site

  7. @ cello: I had a feeling, but I didn’t want to say anything.

    @ Nyarth: Hahaha! I used that episode in my post about Scar. The titles for every picture where he kicks someone’s ass is, POW! Right in the kisser!.

    I was thinking of the one where he was talking to Cleavland about how his wife was cheating on him, and he said something like, “I walked in and your wife was all, ‘ohhh’ and he was all, BAM BAM BAM BAM….you wanna take it from here Bam Bam?”

    and then the camera moves to Bam Bam and he goes, “BAM BAM BAM wanna take it from here Emril?”

    and then the camera moves to Emril and he goes, “BAM!”

    Family Guy is the funniest show on TV.

    @ bluedrakon: You can find my penis everywhere, because it’s SO BIG (this joke was stupid).

    @ Refuse to Come Wack: I also had about 500 searches for variations of “awesome coolness”, but I cut them out.

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