I Need More Clay…..More…..Claymore.

I do not really want more of this. nor moar of this. A bore this is...

No, no, no...I want Claymore, not more clay!

Yup so the first series was a kick-ass series of awesome and sweetness. And the manga is pretty much at the same degree of awesomeness, (even more so, Eye say), and so Eye say, (and have Sed), why not follow in the footsteps of other anime, recently being InuYasha, and in, say, a year or two, start up the anime again, nay, create a new series that follows the manga. Eye would be pleased. Maybe Eye am just a greedy guy, because they’re making a Fate/Stay Night movie, which I am excited about, and I have my InuYasha and my FMA, not to mention I got another season of Hayate (with more to come most likely), but it’s just not enough. Bring back more anime from my past! I demand it!

Yay more Claymore!

And while we’re bringing back anime from years past, why not more Gantz? The manga is past the halfway mark (I’d assume), so why not just bring it back. I’ve said before, a filler arc would be easy to make for Gantz, and still not have it suck (just create more missions!). I mean, filler or not, an arc like the following would kick ass:

Gantz Arc by Glo

You can see her pubes if you look. The curtains do not match the carpet.

You can see her pubes if you look. The curtains do not match the carpet.

Basically, all of the people from the past mission (and new ones for anyone who died) come back to the room and have to fight alien(s) X. Boobs are shown on several occasions. The new people all die, while anyone who remains in the manga does not die. More boobs are shown. Kei defeats the alien(s) in some bad-ass way by himself.

Okay, so I didn’t really write jack shit. But you can re-use this plot outline (which has been used for pretty much all missions) over again, making some tweaks and twists, and create some sick arcs that are anime original. Maybe even kill off a main character, but have someone gain 100 points and bring them back. There’s plenty of options. I hope that with the Gantz live action movie expected to come out, people suddenly demand Gantz, and some studio decided to remake the series.

And remember, if it ever happens, it’s because Eye Sedso. (I can’t believe I actually turned this into a post).


12 thoughts on “I Need More Clay…..More…..Claymore.

  1. He’s returned from the dead. Also, my fantasy team? Fuck. It’s so awesome that I might have to bench half of my team on the daily day, just to keep it fair for the rest of you.

  2. I thought Claymore (the anime) expended its goodwill towards the end. The whole War in the North arc was completely awful and ruined the otherwise excellent character building that it had done. So basically, I’m viewing that series with some disappointment since it could have been so much better. Heard the manga was pretty awesome though.

  3. Claymore is my favorite anything, ever.* Except for the whole Raki thing. If you watch the anime ending like it’s filler and work your way into the manga, it’s all good.

    *Higurashi may overtake it once I play the visual novels.

  4. Claymore rocked and could have been THE anime if it didn’t end with an open ending. Unless they were continuing on with Season 2. Which they didn’t obviously. -.-“

  5. Claymore is pure awesomeness. Not reading the manga had its advantages, so I could enjoy the anime without judging if they went on another story line and such. I remember watching it in the same time with Heroic Age. That was a stunning anime season.

  6. Claymore is EPIC… probably the most epic manga I’m reading. I think the series deserves an anime remake once the manga gets near the end (unless they somehow retcon the ending from the first anime series), but no one except the author knows when that’s gonna happen. Given that there are only 12 chapters per year, probably not for a while 😦

  7. Claymore was one of the few titles where I read the manga before touching the anime, and boy was I disappoint. I’ve not touched it for over a year now, but only because I want it to accumulate before I have a go at it. Maybe once I’m in the retirement home, I’d pick Claymore up again.

  8. @ zzeroparticle: Yea the end of Claymore was meh, but the manga is a lot better.

    @ kluxorious: That ending really wasn’t great, but I watched the anime before I read the manga (at this point I did not read manga at all), so for me, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as bad as I would think it was now.

    @ Baka-Raptor: I just read the manga right from the beginning. Higurashi is awesome as well, although the OVAs were slightly disappointing. There was pretty much no blood.

    @ blur: I think they could continue it with a season two, and still make it able to follow the manga. Although it’s been a while since I watched the anime so who knows.

    @ Andrei: I watched Claymore around the same time as Full Metal Alchemist, Blood +, and a lot of other shows that I thought were really good. It was a good time.

    @ Snark: Me.

    @ TJ: I HATE having 12 chapters per year. HATE it. It SUCKS. HATE HATE HATE.

    @ Shin: I too am waiting for it to accumulate. I stopped when I was on chapter 84 I think. After about 2 years, it’s still only in the 90’s. I wonder what will happen first: The manga ends or Norihiro Yagi dies of old age. Sometimes I wonder. God I want to start reading this again. I have a feeling that I’ll have to re read the whole thing by the time I pick it up again because by the time it’s finished I’ll have forgotten a lot of parts of the manga.

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