Top Ten Worst Anime Characters Pretty Much Ever

I doubt many people will agree with this list, and I say, let the criticism rain forth, it won’t stop me from being right.

If you notice that your most hated character is missing from this list, go ahead and add it. Originally, this was going to be top ten worst main characters, but that would exclude a lot of hated non-main characters (although for the most part, these are mainly main characters anyway.)

*Bonus* (11) Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket

Hello, I'm stupid.

Good evening. My name is Tohru Honda, and I suck.

Personally, I think that Tohru was custom made as a character that I would hate. Granted, Fruits Basket sucked, and almost all of the characters were completely shitty anyway (although I am a guy and this was more of an anime for girls, which is something I found out after I had started watching it (I watched this when I had just gotten into anime, and still knew nothing)). Tohru sucks because:

  1. She’s too fucking polite. I hate people who are overly polite. It pisses me off. When I hold a door open for somebody, I don’t want a “thank you” because that means I have to say “your welcome” or some bullshit like that. I don’t say “your welcome” anyway, but that’s besides the point. She’s so agreeable that you could probably shit on her face and she’d agree.
  2. She pretty much let’s people walk all over her. This isn’t really apparent, but it comes with the agreeable personality.
  3. She’s a fucking moron. She’s so stupid when it comes to school work and common sense that sometimes I think she should be beaten.

Basically, I hated everything about Fruits Basket, except for Kyo, who was actually kind of cool (probably just because he turned into a cat, and thusly he didn’t give a shit about anything).

10. Tsukasa – .hack//SIGN

Just another reason why .hack//SIGN sucked.

Tsukasa is a pussy. That’s what I’m telling you. Like most characters in .hack//SIGN, he doesn’t do anything, nor does he have any real purpose. He’s a piece of shit, and I wish he died after the first episode. Any interaction with any other character, like Bear, who is  equally as shitty, or that girl, and he runs away. He’s like a fucking timid deer or something. He’s also actually a girl in real life. Fag. I never watched the last 4 or 5 episodes, because at that point it didn’t matter how good they were. If you want to have a semi-decent show, you need at least one or two semi-decent characters. all of the characters in .hack//SIGN sucked.

How can you say that? They had such great depth!

You complete dolt! They had zero depth! Bear had family troubles, and that’s all he pretty much talked about. Maybe if you didn’t spend all of your fucking time on the internet  and got a fucking job then your family wouldn’t wish you were dead as much as I did. And the other characters- ha, don’t get me started. You know what, I don’t even want to get into this. I’ve moved on from .hack//SIGN’s shittiness, and I’m moving on from this character.

9. Kouta Oyamada – Kanokon

Do you ever want to get laid?

Basically, Kouta is more like a shy girl than a guy. Even with girls coming on to him left and right, he always tries to refuse sex. Fuck you Kouta. You know, not every person is blessed by having a hot girl all over him, wanting to fuck every second of the day. What the fuck are you doing? Kouta is like someone who wins the lottery, and then, instead of spending it on things, he just gives it all away to church or something. If someone did that, it would piss me off, because church sucks.

Kouta is a fucking pussy, and an embarrassment to men everywhere.

8. Raki – Claymore

Are you saying prayers? I used to say prayers, then I grew a set.

Does anyone actually like Raki? We know that Baka-Raptor doesn’t, and even beat his ass, and for good reason. Raki is one of the biggest, most use-less characters ever made in the world of entertainment. Not only is he a huge pussy, but he’s also a huge liar. How many times does it look like his balls are finally going to drop, when he just pussies out and pisses his pants? Granted, in the manga, Raki gets eventually becomes sort of bad ass, and can kill most yuki with his huge ass sword, but that’s the manga, and you don’t see manga anywhere in the title here, do you? Raki sucks.

7. Shinji Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Why don't you go cut your wrists you emo fag?

Okay, so he’s an anti-hero, and is meant to be the way that he is. It’s necessary for the story. I don’t give a shit, Shinji sucks as a character. He’s so depressed and pussy that I wanted an Angel to beat him down the entire series. I’m still not entirely sure if I like this series or not. It was pretty good I guess. But Shinji is a fuck-tard piece of emo shit.

Wah wah I’m Shinji and my dad doesn’t love me boo hoo. I’m depressed and I can’t do anyt- SHUT UP AND CUT YOURSELF YOU FAGGOT! I mean, I like MCR, but I’m not an emo fag like you are. Please, just die. I’ve never seen a more lame main character before. There’s still 5 more places to go, and even though I hate those characters more than you, you’re still the most lame.

6. Watanuki – XXX HOLiC

We all wish you the worst.

You are so fucking annoying, Watanuki. Sure, sure, you look cool with the eye patch (who doesn’t look cool with an eye patch?), but honestly, nobody likes you. Do you know why? Do you know why nobody likes you? I bet you’d like to know, but I’m not going to fucking tell you.

Okay fine. Since you won’t stop FUCKING WHINING, I guess I have no choice but to let you know. It’s because you NEVER STOP COMPLAINING! You complain about big things. You complain about small, meaningless things. You complain when Domeki talks. For your information, Domeki is voiced by Kazuyu Nakai, and he could kick your fucking ass. No, I don’t care if your seiyu voiced Lelouch, a genius of strategy, no strategy will help you from Domeki simply pounding your ass. I wish that they would make another season, and for at least one or two episodes, you would completely lose your voice. Fuck you, Watanuki.

5. Reina – Queen’s Blade

You're a fucking retard.

Why? You're on this list because you suck.

I try to make it apparent with every review of Queen’s Blade that I do, that Reina sucks, and I hate her.

  • Her hair looks like shit. In fact, her whole character design makes me want to cut down a tree, slowly whittle it into a thin pole, snap the pole in half over my knee so that it has two sharp edges where it was snapped,  and ram it through my skull.
  • Her general personality pisses me off. I should say, lack there of. There is not one thing interesting about her. She’s just….there. And she’s the main character? Really? She’s fucking BORING. She’s like an opposite of Mio (K-On….you’ll see what I mean in a bit). Reina is the most bland, uninteresting character I’ve ever seen.
  • I hate how she’s the main character, when every single other character in the show is better. Cattleya sucks too though.
  • I’ve hated her from day one, and refuse to change my opinion no matter what.
  • She’s really stupid.
  • Not dependable.
  • Not inspiring.
  • Not unique.
  • Not cool.
  • Not good at fighting (until she randomly got good overnight somehow…gay).
  • She pissed herself in the first episode.

4. Yuka Nitta – Touch


I already said in my review of Touch that Yuka sucked. Hey Yuka! Take a fucking hint! He’s not. That. Into you. It’s obvious on several occasions that he isn’t into you at all, and that he’s completely head over heals for Minami. The dude in the picture with you, however, would eat shit if you asked him, so why not fuck him or something? YOU ARE FUCKING ANNOYING AND YOU CAN’T COOK! DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING EASY IT IS TO COOK? FOLLOW THE FUCKING DIRECTIONS! GOD WHY IS SUCH A SHITTY CHARACTER IN SUCH A GOOD SHOW!? FUCK!

3. Shippo – InuYasha

Shippo, I hate you. You serve no purpose.

Speaking of shitty characters in good shows, Shippo, what the fuck? What is your purpose in this show? Do you help in fights? No, you’re a pussy. Are you like….the cute character? No, you look like a shitty old rag that I use for dusting things. What is you’re point? Comic relief? No, you are never funny. I just watched an entire episode based on you, and it’s clear as ever to me that you suck. YOU HAVE NO PURPOSE! GO DIE!

2. Mio – K-ON

Fuck you, bitch.

Everybody loves Mio.

“Mio is moe. Mio is cool. I love Mio. Mio is so ~kawaii~ . Mio and flowers and ponies and Myspace!”

WELL FUCK THAT! Mio sucks! Everyone on this planet must be fuckin brainwashed to not be able to tell that Mio isn’t even a real character, she’s just a blob that absorbed every single personality and attempted to use all of them. She tried to be tsundere-moe-scared-tough-aggressive-cool-hotheaded-embarrassed-controlling-passive-passive/aggressive piece of shit character. Instead, I read through all of this bullshit, and saw her for what she was:

A poor attempt by writers to try and give the target audience everything that they like in one character.

People simply accepted and praised her because they thought that it was what they were supposed to do. Another reason why I hate people.

In comparison, Mio was like Dead Pool from the recent Wolverine movie (which I recently saw, and thought it was cool, but full of cliché). Do you remember what happened to Dead Pool? He got his fuckin head sliced off by Wolverine, who saw through all of his bullshit.

Fuck you Mio. I hated you, and I’m glad you died in that car crash that I just pretended happened.

1. Happosai – Ranma 1/2


I was JUST getting back into Ranma 1/2, when they suddenly gave me an episode about Happosai. Fuck me, right? If Happosai wasn’t a character in Ranma 1/2, then i can say with confidence that i would have finished the series, and probably given it high marks. He has single handedly ruined this show for me.

Whenever he shows up in an episode or anything, it’s going to be the same fucking thing that it always is. He’s going to steal underwear and act like a spoiled brat. I want to hit him with a sledgehammer 2 or 2 hundred times. He’s fucking annoying (he reminds me of a mosquito that keeps buzzing in your ear and no matter what, you can’t kill it), and takes the top spot by a LANDSLIDE. Honestly, a couple Rumiko Takahashi manga has one short, pointless character in it.

InuYasha – Shippo

Urusei Yatsura – Ten

Ranma 1/2 – Happosai

Fuck you Happosai, you ruin Ranma 1/2, because all of ther other characters kick ass, and when ever you aren’t in an episode, it sucks. Well, Kuno sucks too, and he probably should have made this list as well, but then again, so should have Cattleya.

EDIT: I forgot about Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess! She SUCKS. plug her in at number 8 and move everyone else up.

Actual Number 8 – Belldandy – Ah! My Goddess!

You might be why I don't like people.

Belldandy deserves a spot on this list, for most of the same reasons as Tohru (although she doesn’t let people walk all over her), in that she’s a polite fuck. “Hello, I’m Belldandy! Not only does my name remind you of a dandy bell, but I’m so nice it’s really just obnoxious!” My problem with nice characters is that they have one emotion: Nice. That’s all there is to their character. Boring.

In fact, that’s the reason why I dumped my last girlfriend (back when I could get a girlfriend). She agreed with everything I said and did. There’s no passion in that. Toward the end of our relationship, I did things to try and get a rise out of her, and see if she could display any emotion other than nice-ness (I do a LOT of social experiments, but nobody who knows me knows this. Pretty much anything I do has something to do with observing people and their behavior, habits, and actions…I could write a book, easy). In the end, I decided to break it off early (we were only going out for a month), before she became too attached to me (I didn’t want to hurt the poor girl). Of course, a month is more than enough time to fall in love with me, and she was naturally crushed when I broke the news that I no longer wanted to be with her. While she was crying in her dorm room, I left to go back to my dorm, and I was simply laughing my ass off because I was finally out of the relationship. Later that night I had sex with a random girl. It was decent.

Honestly I was an asshole to her, I obviously didn’t know how to treat a women back then.

SIDENOTE: I have started wathcing Kanememo. It looks stupid, but Rie Kugimiya is in it, so I have to watch it.

SIDENOTE EDIT SIDENOTE THING: Wow that paragraph up there makes me look like a huge douchebag, especially with the link.

147 thoughts on “Top Ten Worst Anime Characters Pretty Much Ever

  1. Yeah I totally agree about Mio. I love Mio but even I recognize she is such a flat character.

    Other than that I really don’t know many of the other characters you mentioned except…
    Tohru, Tsukasa, and Shinji.

  2. Happosai is the only character on your list I would say I agree with. I disagree with three (Tohru, Shippo, and Mio), am neutral to two (Shinji and Raki), and don’t know the rest.

    I know you read my commentary on Tohru so I don’t need to say it here…just a difference of opinion I guess.

    I agree that Mio is overrated but I feel she has some interesting qualities.

    And I know Shippo isn’t as powerful or as integral to the plot as other Inuyasha characters, but I personally think he’s a sweet little guy.

    There aren’t very many anime characters I passionately hate. If you’re familiar with Soul Eater, I can’t stand Black Star.

  3. Solid list. I beat up Raki and Watanuki, put Shippo in my short-lived Useless Character Hall of Shame, almost wrote a post about how much Kota sucks compared to a dinosaur toy with the same name, bashed Mio in my K=ON post, expressed general dislike for Shinji in my Evangelion posts, and ignore Happosai (and every other Ranma characters) because I’m in constant pain unless I pretend he doesn’t exist.

    Reina sucks, but I like her from the neck down, when she’s naked.

    Yuka Nitta is a filthy slut.

    Tohru Honda sucks but not as much as other many characters deserving of my wrath.

    Never saw .hack//SIGN. Seems that’s a good thing.

  4. This list is dead-on accurate. That said, I reckon only people that agree with it are going to be commenting so you’ll never know the hordes of fans who hate you for it…Mio hordes…

  5. Never watched K-ON, but somehow I find myself agreeing with that one.

    Also yes, Raki sucks so big-time it is impossible why he even exists. Reina is somewhat agreeable on this list, even if I dislike admitting it.

  6. You just said “fuck-tard”, so it appears to be YOU who are the biggest worthless piece of shit character in the TV show called my life.

  7. lol I’m just glad that my fav character is not in that list and I think generally you got this list right. I don’t have much problem with Mio though (Ritsu FTW!)

    want to add one: Inoue Orihime because she’s like Tohru only worst. At least Tohru didn’t seek help from a dead guy when she obviously has the power to block an attack *facepalm*

  8. Tohru Honda needs to be higher (or lower?). I fucking hate polite characters. That’s why i hate most yuri anime. It’s like watching an army of Tohru Hondas

  9. @ Koji Oe: At least not everyone is brainwashed.

    @ Kabitzin: Her boobs merely serve as a place to store all of her absorbed personalities.

    @ Yumeka: As long as you agree with Happosai….if you don’t agree with him then there’s something wrong with you.

    @ Baka-Raptor: You either think that .hack//SIGN sucks or that it’s awesome. It’s way to slow moving and stupid for me though.

    @ animekririk: Mio hordes are all brainwashed. I think I’ve been over this. I would’ve loved to get one huge Mio fan here, I would have smashed them.

    @ oballer: Unless Tsukasa suddenly had a complete character reversal in the last few episodes (which I never watched, due to being fed up more than I can take) I will take this comment as sarcasm, because Tsukasa didn’t kill a single character. Sure in the beginning, his golden ball killed people, but he didn’t know what that thing even was, and even he was afraid of it. Tsukasa was a pussy.

    @ Panther: Reina has big boobs, but I still want her to fall off a cliff. Also, I don’t suggest you watch K-On, if you do watch one episode, and you’ll have watched them all (unless you watch episode 5, which was the only one I admit I enjoyed).

    @ Refuse to Come Wack: Excuse me for expanding my vocabulary when it comes to words and phrases containing “fuck”. Any word with “fuck” in it can’t be a bad word. Learn from the master.

    @ kluxorious: Orihime is completely useless. She also has a really lame power (magic barettes? Are you kidding me?). She would probably make a top 15, but I hate these ten characters more than her.

    @ Scamp: YES. Thank you. Polite characters suck. But not all yuri contains polite characters. I can’t give you examples though….in fact, this statement might not even be true, but I like most yuri I watch for some reason.

    @ instantnoodles: First of all, your name makes me want instant noodles for some reason.

    Second of all, I have not seen Gundam Seed, but I’ll agree that the character sucks, because it’s Gundam Seed, and most Gundam shows have at least one dumb character.

  10. “so you’ll never know the hordes of fans who hate you for it…Mio hordes…” – animekritik

    RawR.. RageZ!!! Mio Fanboy-ing!!! HateZZ! e-thug!! Lol..
    Anyway, I think Mio did her job as a character very well. 🙂 So I strongly disagree there.

    Having watched only Claymore, K-on, Queen’s Blade and Eva.
    I actually don’t think that anyone from the 4 animes deserved to be put in a most hated character list.

    More importantly… I reeeally feel the need to watch Fruits Basket now. Lol! DVD’s been lying around for months.

  11. @glo: You either only watched the first 4 episodes or dont understand plot. because Tsukasa learns how to control is guardian in episode 5… and from then on out he starts killing everyone… then in episode 9 they start looking for the key of the twilight… and then at the end it gets even more nasty… i mean i understand you not liking the beginning because it starts out really slow… but its a good f’in series.

    • no im on episode 7 and i still think its pretty shitty. i guess i was hoping he would be less of a complete douche but guess not.

  12. Arggggghhhhh!!! YES! F.U.C.K MIO! What an obnoxious piece of fake trash! SO CUTE! MOEEEE! I hate MOE even in my sleep. And Shinji…jeez. He ruined the last episodes of Evangelion for me. GET OVER IT MAN! Its your job to save the world! Get over your father, u stupid emo retard! And Raki. OMG, what a plane dumb idiot filler of a character. Ill go hit some MOE walls.

    • By the way, I swear. If Mio was a supporting character, and she had no MOEMOEKYUN kawaii otaku fans, i doubt she’d have this much haters.
      Say again, yes, she’s a flat out normal character, and there’s alot of anime character with her personality, the only difference is the fans she get. It’s like, you’re probably just cussing (placing her to the worst – on top of that she’s a NORMAL character) her out because many people like her, and you don’t. You might as well include Mugi, Yui and nearly all of the k-on cast, but no, because Mio gets the most attention / fans. Just because one character is overrated doesn’t mean its the WORST.

      And whats with calling her a slut? i watched k-on more than 3-4 times over, never see how she is one. If its because of various doujinshi drawn her like a slut, then deal with it because every anime characters will be slutty drawn in hentai doujinshi.

      Lastly, I’m not a huge fan of Mio. Just felt like she’s hated / rated as worst for the most pointless reason; being moe.

      • No, no, no. I hate her because she sucks as a character, has a contradicting personality, and she’s a painfully obvious gimmick. I have to go take a shit now, and I think that my shit will have a more realistic personality than Mio.

        Ritsu was arguably the only good character in the show.

  13. @ blur: Watch Ranma 1/2. I guarantee that you won’t disagree with my number one.

    @ Nyarth: FUK NO!

    @ kluxorious: And Rukia was a much better hostage comparitavly (‘m still on like….175 of Bleach and I don’t read the manga). Orohime is just a piece of cunt.

    @ Cello: HELLLL YEAAAA.

    @ oballer: Tsukasa sucked. If you can find a clip that proves you’re theory on Tsukasa, I will agree (maybe).

    @ Andrei: YESSSSSSS MOE = NO!

  14. Agree with the list mostly. I like Tohru and Mio though.
    Mio may be a moeblob, but I like her because she looks cute. She may not be everyone’s favorite, but I hardly think she’s top 10 worst character. It just seems that in response to her popularity, it is now cool and counter-culture to hate her.

  15. Lol I had a feeling the screenshot of Reina would be used for something like this.

    Out of the list, there’s no question that Shinji sucks, and Tsukasa was bad in a similar way. As for Raki, I just ignored him for the most part since Claymore is about girls with big swords and the monsters.

    • So, the fuck did she do that made her a worst character throughout the anime? She’s a normal girl, she went with the flow of K-on club members, she contributed to the club, she’s kind, etc.
      As far as I can see, all of your few reason to consider her a “worst character” is because she has a certain personality that you don’t like, she’s moe, and she’s popular.
      Please, have some more decent reasons to hate a character.

      • I just don’t like her, and the fact that her entire persona seems like a gimmick (cause it is). The moe shit? Okay, I can deal with that. But then she’s sometimes a bitch. Her personality doesn’t makes sense because it contradicts itself. She’s so unreal it angers me. It’s so obvious that she was created to take advantage of all of the stupid otaku weirdos who love anything moe.

  16. @ Yi: “it is now cool and counter-culture to hate her” Shit…so wait…should I like her now? My big problem with Tohru is that I’m not a fan of the overly polite characters. Belldandy is another character that should have been on the list. I hate her overly polite ass. In fact, She should be in the top ten. What was I thinking. Tohru is now 12, Belldandy takes 8, and everyone, moves up one. I can’t believe I forgot Belldandy.

    @ TJ: I honestly am starting to hate Reina less (probably because I’m getting used to her), and Cattleya more. But I refuse to actually acknowledge the fact that there is anything good about Reina. She’s like an empty shell of a character. At least she showed some urg to fight last episode. Who knows, my opinion could change (she’s going to have to kick serious ass to do that though).

    @ Shin: I have a top ten best list, but it’s almost completely changed. I should update it and make a new one.

    @ Andrei: Why thank you.

    @ Snark: Maybe it’s the fact that I have had to deal with Happosai for 100+ episodes, and Mio for only 13, but Happosai is much more annoying.

  17. Blasphemy for calling out Belldandy!!!
    She’s one of my favorite, I don’t know which rank she is though (I don’t have a list -.-“)

    Heck, I bet Bob Loves Belldandy!xP

    More RawrR! Ragezz! Hatez!! Lol!

    At one point, I wonder if comments like mine which makes people hate her…
    You know, cause it’s “cool and counter-culture”.

    Hate to admit it but it’s true.
    I’m pretty sure that if you done your fair share of blog surfing, you’d notice that one guy might comment on how they hate a character. Yet at another blog, comment that they don’t find that character bad at all. o.0!
    Mainly because the post said so…

    • No, there’s no Sakura (from Naruto), Itou Makoto (School days) and Yuka Minase (11 Eyes). They’re like the anime’s universe worst character ever. Take off Tohru and Mio <- they don't deserve to be called worst just because they have a flat, kind, normal and boring personality, but did nothing wrong at all.

      • Tohru SUCKS. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. There’s EVERYTHING WRONG with having a boring personality. I hate boring personalities, especially when the personality is half boring, half complete airhead.

        Mio is a gimmick, she’s not even a real thing.

    • This is actually a tough question…..

      Kind: Caring person.

      Nice: Polite person.

      These are my definitions of each, so going by these definitions, I’d have to say I hate nice people, because there’s always a chance or higher probability that they’re completely full of shit, and just act kind. Kind people are okay I guess, but in anime, I don’t like kind or nice people as characters.

  18. I agree with every other character although I haven’t watched half of the anime up there, but I will put up a fight for Shippo. You’re right, he is useless,but hes just a kid give him a break. Its mean to say but kids are usually useless when it comes to certain things especially fighting demons.
    PS That paragraph did make you sound like a huge douche

    • This list is pretty old. If I were to do it again, Shippo might not even be on the list. I forget the episodes, but there was one part from InuYasha The Final Act where I actually liked Shippo, and then it was at that point that I decided I didn’t hate him anymore.

      By “that paragraph” I assume you mean the Shippo one? I thought it was a good paragraph, but the GO DIE part at the end could use some revising (or deleting). If anything I think I sounded more like and asshole than a huge douche. But if it did make me sound like a huge douche, at least I went all out and because a huge douche instead of a skimpy douche. Go big or go home I always say!

      A couple revision may include:

      -taking Shippo off the list completely. I don’t even hate him in the least anymore (I wish I knew the episode…it was toward the end of the series).

      -taking Kouta off the list. I don’t really hate him either. He’s not even his own character, he’s more of a character type with no to little unique traits.

      -Moving Belldandy up. She’s so full of shit and flowers and ponies and myspace that it just bugs me.

      -Maybe add another K-On character like Yui in there. I actually hated her, so it makes sense that she should be on a list of hated characters. I don’t like to do that because I already have Mio on my list, but hey.

      There’s probably a lot more I can do, but whatever, the post is old, and top ten lists are ever-changing.

  19. The character reviews are accurate but, you should have used Shugo or Rena instead of tsukasa they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and shugo probably plays due to rectal cancer. There is Karasuma from school rumble for being the most boring piece of garbage ever (Eff that he rides bikes at super speed and knows karate.) Okay, Pretty much everybody from the YGO GX dub should be on this list. and Seto kaiba from the english dub should also be here for being greatful for yugi saving him for all about 5 minues then turning douchebag during the time he throws a tournament.

    Also, you are the biggest douchebag ever, I thought my former friend spencer was bad but you DAMN you are a douchebag

  20. I refuse to be a bigger douchebag than a kid named SPENCER. That’s not even possible. Anyway, I make fun of myself way more than I make fun of other shit.

    Yu Gi Oh sucks cock and I refuse too watch something so stupid (he said as he went back to watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama).

    Hey is your middle name Kelly? How did you guys lose to the Celtics? Assholes. You cost me mad $$$ in my pool.

  21. So basiclly what you’re saying is anime girls aren’t allowed to be kind and nice anymore? that we now need anime girls to have some deep flaw for us the viewers to relate to them because that will boost orignality points for us anime fans because apparently we are all soo sick of seeing the same things over and over again. I do agree with you however on the other characters you mentioned except Tohru.

    • I never said that they aren’t allowed to be kind. We need the kind ones to make the other ones look better. The kind ones are like the control to compare other, better characters to. Personally, I hate almost every nice character. I do like some though Souju in Futakoi Alternative was nice, and she was awesome.

  22. For me Shinji was real easy to forgive…most people forgive this character cause there are more emo characters out there, but I think the real reason is mainly because he had unit 1 and and the robot was fucking cool and that might be why anyone kept watching the anime……but i do draw the line at his depression especailly at the last 2 episodes where his depression engulfs the rest of the series! I blame Kaworu, fuck you kaworu you started what I call anime group therapy!

    • What I don’t get is how anyone could be depressed when they’re piloting something so awesome, and using it to kick ass. Grow a set.

      That being said, I’ve changed my mind about a few characters on this list.

    • I could totally tear this comment apart like I did with rose_darkangel, but it’s honestly such a poor representation of the English language that I’ll just save you the farther embarrassment and reply with:

      Anyone who likes Mio is a sucker. Mio has no personality of her own, proven by the fact that she’s completely inconsistent in the way she acts. She makes me sick.

  23. Ever see Sonic X? If so, Chris would easily make that list. The guy not only steals the spotlight from other more prominent characters like Tails, but is a whiny little jerk (at least in the first two seasons) whose obsession with Sonic is so bad it makes Amy look sane. At least Shinji had some excuse of being a whiny little lame-o.

  24. This was a very amusing read, that’s for sure. And I agree with a lot of these choices and even changed my mind about some of them. I didn’t mind Belldandy and Tohru before, but you bring up a very good point: characters who are nice all the time are boring… unless of course they slowly descend into madness or something, then they’re awesome!

    As for Mio, I’m just glad someone finally said it… that’s all.

    With Tsukasa, you do bring up very good points.

    Agreed with Raki. He was one of the few things I disliked about the series.

    Shinji… too obvious, he belongs here.

    As for Shippo, you have a very good point. I used to consider Kagome/Kikyo tied for worst, but they at least do something. Shippo just sucks.

    And yeah, Happosai is the worst thing to ever happen to Ranma. You should hear what DjClyve on youtube has to say about him, or as he puts it, “it”.

  25. Shippo is basically tantamount to a filler. Yeah hes useless, but hes the only bad character there, and you derive minor humor from his interactions.

    Inoue Orihime was a necessary character in Bleach simply a a damsel in distress, yeah useless, but without her the show’d lose a lot of nuke scenes.

    Rest of which id have to mostly agree with you.

    As long as the protagonist/main characters aren’t wimps, I don’t hate the show.

    You abso-fuckin-lutely have to care a lot about how bad the characters are if your saying fuck so much…

  26. You definitely forgot Sakura from Naruto, that girl pisses me off, I think the mangaka should seriously kill her off, she has no purpose to the plot, she’s annoying and she gets in the way, why would you make a character like her in the first place. HONESTLY

      • Sakura is like the worst character ever written in history.
        Constantly crying and acting stupid because she is in luuuuuv is not what i call bad ass(and also her back stabbing and love confessions are not bad ass)

  27. YOU ARE THE MAN. I agree with almost absolutely everybody on the list, ESPECIALLY Mio and Kouta, The only character I like is Shippo, because he made me crack a few smiles here and there. But, honestly, I really fucking hate K-ON. It’s like a fat man grabbed Lucky Star from behind and started to rape her, then forced her child to grow up as a slut. There you go, K-ON.

    I look forwards to more words from you. That sounded weird.

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  30. Personally, I think it’s stupid that you don’t like people being “overly polite”… you’d rather them be rude? I mainly disagree with you about Belldandy, though. If anything, Tohru is a flawed character for being too perfect; sorry Natsuki Takaya, but being too nice isn’t a good character flaw :/

    I will admit though, that Happosai IS annoying. I hated him when he first appeared when I read Ranma 1/2… I hoped with all my heart that he would be killed off, but sadly, that never happened. Would have been a nice plot twist, though. And of all the characters in anime, Shippo shouldn’t be on there… although if there was a list of “Most Useless Characters Ever”, Shippo probably would be on there. From recent Naruto chapters, Sakura and Sasuke probably should have been on here. …Interestingly enough, I’d probably have a spot that includes every single male protagonist ever in harem anime- they’re all annoying in their blandness.

    And you are right about Watanuki- he is annoying, and he won’t stop complaining : /

    • Overly polite people piss me off. I dumped my last girlfriend because she was overly polite. I would actually try to start arguments with her to piss her off but she’d always just agree with me and shit. It’s stupid I hate people like that they seem fake and probably are just bottling their anger up for years until one day when they die of a tumor or explode and kill everyone (which would make me like them).

      Using manners is fine, but someone like Belldandy pisses me off. She has NO FUCKING EMOTION. But not in a good way like Yuki from Haruhi, in a bad way like some plastic fuck doll. She has no emotion other than please and thank you.

      Am I saying I don’t like nice people? No. I’m a pretty nice guy if you ask me. But being someone who puts all their effort into being polite and nice and socially acceptable is just unrealistic, making the person unrealistic, making them fake, and I hate fake people.

      I would probably take Shippo off of the list if I redid it.

      Don’t be so quick to knock all harem leads. Clearly you haven’t seen Asu no Yoichi.

      Fuck them for not making another season. Is there even a manga? I need to start researching things before I write them. And also, my post back then sucked even if they were accurate.

    • I can’t see anyone from DBZ being worse than any of the aforementioned. Even the shitty characters were better than anyone up here. Vegeta kicks ass. Dragonball Z was the fucking shit man it got me into anime.

  31. I feel like your entire description of Mio falls neatly into the tsundere archetype, except at a more realistic level and directed at friends rather than a lover.

    I understand what you may have against her character, but Mio is one of those few anime characters that, if I met her in real life, I’d probably be attracted to for real.

  32. LOL epic comments on the characters. FKN HALIRIOUS. BTW I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOUR LIST, However, i know characters even worse (Kaori from City Hunter), you will probably shoot yourself if you were forced to watch an episode of her.

  33. If I could only recommend one character for this list, it would be Takashi Komuro from High School of the Dead. The guy has about two character traits: sexist and violent. He bursts into the room to announce that there’s a zombie apocalypse raging outside, and then slaps his love interest in the face right in front of her friends and current boyfriend just because her reaction is, “What are you talking about?” I understand having to shock someone into listening to you, but this guy resorts to it WAY earlier than he should, often for stupid reasons. And everyone just goes along with it and treats him like he’s the heroic role model. Fuck that, fuck this guy, and while I’m at it, fuck this anime.

    • Cuz he’s got that BIG DICK! Hoes be FIENDIN’ FOR THAT DICK!

      I loved High School of the Dead those girls are soooooooo badass. In fact, the reason he hits the girls is because the girls are soooooooo badass that the only way for them to take someone seriously is if you beat them, and when you do, it just makes them want violence:


  34. Oh good lord can’t stop agree-ing to those rants about Reina, Kouta and Happosai. It’s like just exactly my thoughts when I watched them. Needs more useless-wimpy-i-don’t-kn0w-wat-to-do main characters on the list though. …Actually no, since that basically means all those typical male harem lead should be on list. XD. Absolutely can’t stand them. 😐

    The others are tolerable. Though tohru’s close enough to drive me crazy.
    You’re missing Tohru 2.0, Sawako from Kimi ni todoke, cept for the being overboard-optimistic. :[ Sure, kind, innocent, aa-kawaiiiiican’tstandit, but is a huge airhead w/o the simplest bit of common sense, misunderstanding every most simple things and crying over every simple shits. /end rant /o/

    • I hate all of these characters, but to be honest, Happosai is on a completely different level than any of the other characters. I really really really really hate him. He ruins the show for me. I actually enjoy watching Ranma 1/2, but once he shows up in an episode, I completely hate it.

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    • this: “Her hair looks like shit. In fact, her whole character design makes me want to cut down a tree, slowly whittle it into a thin pole, snap the pole in half over my knee so that it has two sharp edges where it was snapped, and ram it through my skull.”

      made me laugh uncontrollably

    • @ sango: Sango is awesome. I LOVE InuYasha and Sango is probably in my top five favorite InuYasha characters list, if I had one, which I do (in my head).

      @ Lordmarcus: One of my greatest bits of literary genius I must admit.

  36. If that’s your opinion, then it isn’t the truth, you useless piece of overly critical shit. Are you perfect then?

    • If my opinions are false, then to answer your last question I’ll simply say that in my opinion, I do not consider myself perfect.

      Let the paradox consume your mind.

      • a girl once posted ‘to know what a girl meant, you have to understand it as the opposite of what she said’ on FB (9gag), i replied ‘what out, we got a paradox over here!’ and the likes are still raining on that comment :S

    • I never bombed anyone. I dumped her though. I see it like this, “Once you realize that you don’t care if you cheat on a girl, then that means you will not have a future.”

  37. You are so fucking ignorant people say your welcome cause it shows you have manners asshole. The fact that you would even write something like that is just disrespectful.Thats why I bet your parents hate you. They should have whooped your ass when you were younger so won’t become the little fucking prick you are today.

    • People say “you’re welcome” not “your welcome.”

      When did I ever say that saying “you’re” welcome was a bad thing? I just said that I hate overly nice people. They’re boring as fuck.

      It works both ways though. I also hate people who are overly mean, you know, like people who recommend child abuse to others (you).

      • I know this blog and these posts are old, but I just needed to point this out: You used the wrong form of “you’re” in your rant about Tohru. So for future reference, chill with the grammar nazi shit.

    • The only show listed above that I didn’t finish was Hack Sign, because the entire show and all of it’s characters were boring and shitty. I never watched the second season of K-On either, but that’s because the show sucks and there shouldn’t really be any argument against that.

  38. This list was hilarious!! Haha, another character you need to add to this list is that motherfucker from Aki Sora. (Dont ask why I was watching it). I mean I dont even have to explain why he may very well be the worst character in Anime history. Ughhhh…

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  40. Tohru Honda DOES NOT SUCK! shes pretty nice funny and sooo sweet! soooooo i do agree that happosai sucks though… bra stealer

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  42. This is one of the greatest things that I’ve ever read (minus the whole being an asshole to your ex). I’m glad that these characters (especially Tohru and Shippo haha) were recognized for their shittyness. I was kind of surprised by the lack of Naruto characters though…Anyways, I think a shout-out to Sailor Moon and her offspring is deserved too. Both are annoying as hell but I think Rini takes the cake for having the added bonus of father-daughter incestuous desires

    • Yeah….I regret being an asshole. Hey, I was in college. Looking back, I kinda wish I didn’t dump her and lately have been going through a period where maybe nice girls are better (still though….they need SOME fire ya know? All Nice All Day is too bland for me.) Naruto doesn’t really have shitty characters, they’re all just characters who are kinda just there. They have no good merits but don’t do much in terms of being shitty….they’re like characters who could die and you’d say, “huh, they died huh?” and you wouldn’t really care.

      You lost me on the last part (don’t watch Sailor Moon or what not), but incest is bad, so that’s probably something there.

  43. THANK YOU for noticing that about overrated Mio. I agree COMPLETELY about what you said. Everybody loves Mio, but the creators just made her everything that everyone loves, with no real personality. People think she’s cool but she’s just a shy scaredy-cat “moe” girl. She’s like a Mary-Sue.

    miO ROX!!
    How could you even make fun of an epic k on character like her??
    ur just jealous that she has fans more than you!!!
    U suck!!!
    Instead of adding Orihime and Sakura, you put Mio and Tohru Honda!!!!
    you are the meanest BITCH in this world
    and PLUS its nice if people are polite, it makes you feel respected!
    Please DON”T share your ugly thoughts and opinions.

  45. Have you read Fruits Basket The manga? It’s WAY better than the anime, there are deep and dark plots, and way more character development and good back stories! And Tohru is WAY better in there. I personally love Tohru, although I can see why some people don’t like her. But she IS genuine. And in the manga you see who her mom was before she was all nice and Mom-ish.

  46. Godddamn dude you need to get laid or do some heavy drugs or SOMETHING! You are nothing but bitter hatred and you seem to have an obsession with fags… sure you aren’t one yourself?

    • I somehow have a girlfriend. Unbelievable I know.

      I wrote this a long time ago and have since, unfortunately, matured a bit and don’t use the word fag anymore, even though the name has been warped so much that people use it and don’t even relate it to homosexuality anymore, which is really how most hurtful words end up.

      If words hurt then you’re a fucking pussy though. I don’t care if people call me the most offensive thing on the planet, it doesn’t affect me because I’m not a pussy.

      And reading this, I’d say that I’m more obsessed with “pussy” then “faggot.” Maybe I’m actually a huge pussy?

  47. I agree Sakura Haruno have become better in Shippuden, but I hate her because of her bad attitudes towards Naruto. But I also hate Sasuke. Another character I hate so much is Kiba Inuzuka, he’s an idiot whose jealousy for Naruto annoys me. WTF doesn’t he admit that Naruto is better than him?

    Greetings from Brazil.

    • Lot of hate for Naruto characters! Guess that might have something to do with why I don’t follow that show/manga/whatever anymore.

      I can’t believe this post still gets comments pretty regularly.

  48. Well…Belldandy sure is but she’s right when she says

    “I’m the worst kind of selfish”

    Yes Bell…on this you make the most selfish person on the world turn and say

    “Hey, you’re going so far girl! There are limits, you know!”


    You discover Keiichi has been brainwashed by Heaven…yeah…she have no answer on deal

    The problem is when you go with that…just to be close to the person you love…and accepts him being brainwashed…gladly…

    Her Evil (and darkest) Side is well hidden…

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