On Franken Fran

Back a while ago, a fine blogger indeed wrote some kind of awe inspiring piece about some manga. I thought, “Hey, this looks like something I’d like.” And so today (long since the original post was posted) I actually read the first chapter, and friends (or non-friends, whatever), I urg you all to read:

Franken Fran

Under pressure situations, Fran tends to fall apart (PUN)

What do I think of Franken Fran? I think that it’s Franken Frantastic! (bad pun, 600 points). I’ve only read one chapter (so far), but it’s so  great that I’ll probably catch up to it in no time, which sucks for future me, but is fine for present me.

Here are two reasons to read this:

  • It has an awesome main character.
  • It contains a lot of irony (that reminds me, I was gonna write a post on irony….damn).

This post was short. But probably one of the more informative posts I’ve written.

EDIT: This is one odd manga….might be a bit too much gore for me, idk.

DOUBLE EDIT: You do learn a lot of medical terms though (considering most of the gore is during “operations”. Of course, almost all of the medical stuff is complete bullshi (I’d imagine anyway), but still.