Umm….Again? Sigh, of Glo the Legend

This post started off as a short quick, pointless post, but as usual, it got out of control, and I went off on several tangents. I love to write, what can I say.

I don’t know how, but I always get obsessed with this freakin song. I honestly, have not stopped listing to it at all. Instead of doing homework, or more importantly, watching anime, I find myself replaying this video over and over again. However, this has given me an idea that I think only I will like.

Here’s what should be done:

  • Create a new season of Haruhi, somehow…I don’t know how far along the manga or visual novels or whatever is, but who cares, do it anyway.
  • For the new season, which will have no gay shit like Endless Eight or what is better known in the streets as, Bullshit Cunt, use the opening and ending from the first season, and have one episode where you just repeat the opening and ending over and over. This will be another way that KyoAni can be different with it’s Haruhi franchise.
  • For this new series, don’t make Mikuru as overly moe. I was almost disgusted with her last…err…..season? Half season? I’ll just say OVA, because I only count half of the Bullshit Cunt arc, and I can’t remember how long the next arc (which I actually really liked) was, but I doubt that the two of them counted for 11 episodes, and if it’s not at least 11 episodes, it’s not a real series. Honestly, 11 episodes aren’t even a real series. It’s just short bullshit.

Okay, so my idea was completely stupid. But all I’m trying to really say is that I’m obsessed with Haruhi for some weird ass reason (literally nothing sparked this random sudden interest). When’s that movie supposed to come out? Never mind, I’ll look it up (it’ll still take a while to come out on dvd, get subs, etc). Speaking of which, here are some notable anime movies coming up.

Trigun – 2009? 2010? Now Playing?

Err…wait a minute…that can’t be right…..for the record, Army of Darkness is a good movie, and falls into the genre of “fucking awesome shit”. If you haven’t seen it, kick yourself. Here’s the real trailor (although whoever made the fake one has mad skills).

Obviously I’m confused as to when this movie actually comes out. Sorry I don’t live in fucking Japan. This movie looks badass and great. I even liked the English commentary in the trailer (only the part where the speaker can’t correctly say “suspense”. He pronounced it in the same way that retard can sometimes be incorrectly pronounced:

Awesome movie.  The Hangover I mean, it was awesome. But yea, Trigun, awesome.

Fate/Stay Night – January 23, 2010

Is this an actual trailer? I have no idea, the quality is so shitty that it’s hard to tell what it is. But, Fate/Stay Night was one of my favorite shows, despite the relatively sad ending. I hope they put dark saber in the movie. I’m actually more excited for this than pretty much any movie coming out in the forseeable future.

To round this post off nicely, I’ll end with just one more movie, Haruhi!

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya – 2010

Yea, I’m not talking about it. I’ll just say that I want them to make the movie exactly like a long anime episode, with an OP and an ED. I think that would be cool. But that’s just me. This “trailer” isn’t an actual trailer, but Yuki kicked serious ass in it, and it looked fucking awesome, so there you go.


9 thoughts on “Umm….Again? Sigh, of Glo the Legend

  1. thank you O Glo the Legend for this post. I myself is in love with Haruhi and this post is obviously made of win because the countless mention of it (is totally ignorant). I don’t even know they are making a movie for the series. Something that I look forward to obviously.

  2. Jesus. I thought I had dreamt up this Haruhi movie business. Ok, so it’s not all in my imagination. Or is the kyoani troll lurking in the shadows..giggling…

  3. TRIGUN IS FUCKING AWESOME… However, the Vash’s Japanese voice is better than the english one… I think im going to rewatch it

  4. oh also, i saw somewhere that hollywood is making a Trigun movie.. dunno if its a rumor or not tho.. i think i saw it on imdb tho… actually i dont really remember.

  5. @ zzeroparticle: I love the matrix, it’s one of my favorite movies ever. I love haruhi. Therefore, that was one of the most awesome things I’ve seen.

    @ kluxorious: Have I ever steered anyone wrong? Don’t forget, I’m the man who will be Pirate Kin- err….President.

    @ animekritik: Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows with KyoAni and their Haruhi antics.

    @ oballer: Trigun is awesome, and I think that the imdb was referring to this movie. They have anime on there too.

  6. Nooooooo! The trailer for the Trigun movie is one thing that i totally missed! Farewell for 3 weeks, man. Im going to Brazil for a vacation 😀 Long live GLO!

  7. @ Andrei: You Lucky Fucker.

    @ Bill: I’ve never seen Avatar, and I don’t really plan on it. My friend who hates anime says it’s a good show. Weird that he likes it but hates anime, and I like anime but don’t want to watch it. It’s probably good. Isn’t the movie live action? From M. Night Shamyilkonsrvuvdfon? The movie actually doesn’t look bad. Maybe if I don’t watch the show first, I won’t have expectations, and it won’t seem like a shitty adaptation.

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